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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

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James W. Schmoker

An Approach to Exploration for Naturally Fractured Reservoirs, with Examples from the Austin Chalk

M. Friedman, D.V. Wiltschko

The Bakken Formation - An Integrated Geologic Approach to Horizontal Drilling

Wayne J. Carlisle, Lorraine Druyff, Monte S. Fryt, Jim S. Artindale, Hans Von Der Dick

Comparison. of Production from Horizontal and Vertical Wells in the Austin Chalk, Niobrara, and Bakken Plays

James R. Stell, Charles A. Brown

Controls on Performance of Nonconventional Wells in the West End Area of Prudhoe Bay Field, Alaska

Edward C. Cazier, Dianna M. Hilliard

Does Bakken Horizontal Drilling Imply a Huge Oil-Resource Base in Fractured Shales?

Leigh C. Price, Julie A. LeFever

Evaluating Naturally Fractured Reservoirs Targeted for Horizontal Drilling

R.A. Skopec

Evaluation of San Juan Basin Fractured Reservoirs from Surface Data

Stephen W. Dart Jr.

Fractured Niobrara of Northwestern Colorado

Richard R. Vincelette, Norman H. Foster

Fractured Reservoir Characterization Using Multicomponent Seismic Surveys

Thomas L. Davis, Robert D. Benson

Fracture Networks in Selected Cretaceous Sandstones of the Green River and San Juan Basins, Wyoming, New Mexico, and Colorado

Stephen E. Laubach

Fracture Systems of the Austin Chalk, North-Central Texas

Edward W. Collins, Susan D. Hovorka, Stephen E. Laubach

A Geologist's Perspective on Horizontal Drilling in a Pinnacle Reef, Rainbow Basin, Alberta

Gregory S. Jones

Geometry of Fluvial Point-Bar Sandstones and Application to Horizontal Drilling

Christopher J. Schenk

Horizontal Drilling in the Williston Basin, United States and Canada

Julie A. LeFever

Horizontal Drilling Potential of the Cane Creek Shale, Paradox Formation, Utah

C.D. Morgan

Horizontal Well Development in the Upper Miocene 26R Stevens Pool, Elk Hills Field, Naval Petroleum Reserve No. 1, San Joaquin Basin, California

Jonathan G. Kuespert, Stephen A. Reid, George S. McJannet

Measurement and Analysis of Fractures in Core

John C. Lorenz, Robin E. Hill

Natural Fractures, Composition, Cyclicity, and Diagenesis of the Upper Cretaceous Niobrara Formation, Berthoud Field, Colorado

Richard M. Pollastro

Perspectives on Horizontal Drilling in Canada

Robert G. Farquharson, Lawrence M. Spratt, Peter C.M. Wang

Perspectives on Horizontal Drilling in Western North America

Philip H. Stark

Perspectives on Horizontal Wells in the Rocky Mountain Region

S.L. Lacy, W.Z. Ding, S.D. Joshi

Tight-Gas Reservoir Exploitation Using Horizontal and Slant-Hole Drilling

Charles W. Spencer, John C. Lorenz, Charles A. Brown