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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

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3-D Seismic Investigation of the D Sand Play, Hydrocarbon Saturated Window, D-J Basin, Colorado

Dean R. Gackle, Robert C. Flook, Stewart G. Squires

African Swallow Field: Complex Muddy Sandstone Marine Transgressive Stratigraphic Trap in the Deep Powder River Basin, Wyoming

J.M. Perkins, L.F. Kuhmichel, B.E. Winkelman, P.M. Loftin

Almond Formation Reservoir Characterization and Sweet Spot Analysis in Siberia Ridge Field, Wyoming

Stephen D. Sturm, Lesley W. Evans, Barbara F. Keusch, William J. Clark

Application of Log-Derived Geochemical Properties to Estimate the Gas-Storage Capacity of the Upper Cretaceous Lewis Shale, Sand Wash Basin, Colorado

John H. Doloff, James R. Lancaster

Basin-Margin Gas in the Rocky Mountains and Adjacent Great Plains

George W. Shurr

Correlation of the El NiƱo-Southern Oscillation (ENSO) Cycle with U.S. Gas Demand

Michael S. Wilson

Delineation of Jonah field Using Seismic and Sonic Velocity Interpretations

Ronald C. Surdam, John Robinson, Zun Sheng Jiao, Nicholas K. Boyd III

Development of the Echo Springs-Standard Draw Field Area: Using Technology to Enhance an Infill PRogram, Washakie Basin, Wyoming

Brian W. Horn, Russ A. Schrooten

Enhanced Recovery from A Tight Gas Sand Through Hydraulic Refracturing: Codell Formation, Wattenberg Field, Colorado

T.J. Birmingham, D.M. Lytle, R.N. Sencenbaugh

Hanging Rock Deveopment Area, Utah: Improved Technology Adds New Life to An Old Play

Steven W. Shefte, Jane E. Estes-Jackson

An Integrated Model fo Efficient Exploitation of J Sandsone Reservoir, Wattenberg Field, Denver Basin

Guonong Hu, Jeffrey C. Simmons

New Reserves in An Old Field: The "Dakota" (Plainview) Play in the Wattenberg Field, Colorado

John H. Ladd

An Overview and Development History of the Wattenberg Field

John H. Ladd

An Overview of Remaining Rocky Mountain Natural Gas Resources

John B. Curtis

Rocky Mountain Gas Market

David M. Posner

Searching for Overpressured Frontier Formation Gas in the Washakie Basin, Wyoming

Roger G. Dickinson

Stagecoach Draw Field: Gas Production from the Westernmost Marine-Influenced Deposits of the Lewis Seaway Transgression into Southwestern Wyoming

Paul L. Kovach, Julia L. Caldaro-Baird, Peter J. Wynne

Structural and Stratigraphic Controls on Sites of Shallow Biogenic Gas Accumulations in the Upper Cretaceous Belle Fourche and Second White Specks-Greenhorn Formations of Southern Alberta, Saskatchewan and Northern Montana

J.L. Ridgley, D.H. McNeil, C.F. Gilboy, S.M. Condon, J.D. Obradovich

Ute Dome I: Multidisciplinary Integration Defines Dakota Reservoir Compartments

B.S. Hart, S. Ralser, S.P. Cooper, M. Herrin, K. Nikolaissen, R.S. Balch

Ute Dome II: 3-D Seismic Attribute-Based Detection of Fracture-Swarm Sweet Spots in Paradox Basin (Pennsylvanian) Carbonates

B.S. Hart, M. Herrin, K. Nikolaissen, S. Ralser, S.P. Cooper, R.S. Balch