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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

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ABSTRACT: 100% of the Wells, 100% of the Time: Visualization of Thin-Bedded Onshore Gas Reservoirs

R. William Keach II

ABSTRACT: 3-D Seismic Impacts Resource Plays – An Overview

Jim Thorson

ABSTRACT: Acquiring Seismic Data In An Era Of Resource Plays And Increasing Energy Prices

Stuart Wright

ABSTRACT: A Critique of the Hubbert Model for Historic U. S. Oil Production with Implications for World Oil Production

Jeremy Boak

ABSTRACT: An Evaluation of the Potential for State Climate Change and Clean Energy Initiatives to Facilitate a Sustainable U.S. Energy Economy

Kevin L. Doran

ABSTRACT: A New Classification for North American Shale Gas Play Evaluation

Wayne K. Camp

ABSTRACT: An Overview of Shale Gas Exploration and Current U.S. Plays

John B. Curtis

ABSTRACT: Azimuthal variations in PP reflection seismic: signals on in-situ stress fields &/or vertical aligned fractures

Heloise Lynn

ABSTRACT: China and India's Ravenous Appetite for Natural Resources - Their Potential Impact on Colorado

Vincent Matthews

ABSTRACT: Commingling of Production Utilizing Petroleum Systems in the West Tavaputs Field, Uinta Basin, Utah.

Greg Hinds

ABSTRACT: Comparison of Producing and Prospective Shale Gas Plays in the U.S.A. and Canada

Dan Jarvie

ABSTRACT: Consequences of the disparity in geographic distribution of global gas petroleum systems and demand centers

Donald L. Gautier

ABSTRACT: Defining Reservoir Details with Cross-well Seismic in Pinedale Field, Wyoming

Sally G. Zinke

ABSTRACT: Depositional, Diagenetic, and Original (Inorganic) Compositional Influences on Thermogenic Shale Gas Production, Western North America

S. Robert Bereskin, John A. Kieschnick

ABSTRACT: Estimating shale gas potential from confined pyrolysis experiments

Ronald J. Hill, Etuan Zhang, Yongchun Tang, Barry Katz

ABSTRACT: Evaluating Tight Gas, Shale Gas and Coal Bed Methane Wells using Mudlogging Methods

William S. Donovan

ABSTRACT: Gas-Bearing Sandstone Trends Within Pennsylvanian Strata Of The Paradox Basin, Colorado And Utah

Donald L. Rasmussen

ABSTRACT: Geochemical Assessment Of Shale Gas And Shale Oil Potential In Rocky Mountain Basins, U.S.A. And Canada

Daniel M. Jarvie, Richard Inden

ABSTRACT: Geophysical Technologies improve success in development of Jonah Field, Sublette County Wyoming

Nancy J. House, David Uhl

ABSTRACT: Geophysics Cracks the Piceance Basin

Steven Natali

ABSTRACT: Howard Ranch: Hunting For Overpressured Plumbed Structures In The Wind River Basin, Wyoming

Gary C. Stewart

ABSTRACT: Hydrocarbon-source-rock data and gas-well completions, Woodford Shale and Caney Shale, Oklahoma

Brian J. Cardott

ABSTRACT: Imagined Global Unconventional Natural Gas Resources and a Real Basin Center: Producing Example in the Middle East

Thomas S. Ahlbrandt

ABSTRACT: Integrated Electrodialysis For Cost-Effective Cbm Produced Water Demineralization

Thomas D. Hayes, Paula Moon, Seth Snyder

ABSTRACT: Integrated Fracture Analysis Utilizing 3D Seismic Attributes in the Natural Buttes Gas Field, Uinta County, Utah

Robert Kidney, Jim Parsons

ABSTRACT: Modeling the Colorado Oil and Gas Industry: an Applied General Equilibrium Approach

Edward J. Balistreri, Lauren M. Davis

ABSTRACT: Mud Gas Isotope Analysis of a Shale Gas Deviated Well

Kevin Ferworn, John Zumberge, Stephen Brown, Wally Dow

ABSTRACT: Natural Gas Exploration in Washington State: High Risk, No Reward – Yet!

Ron Teissere

ABSTRACT: Perception versus reality in assessing the 21st century global petroleum outlook

Thomas A. Petrie

ABSTRACT: Permitting and Regulations on Federal Lands

Alan Rabinoff

ABSTRACT: Petroleum Generation History of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin, Based on a 4-D Petroleum Systems Model

Debra K. Higley, Michael D. Lewan, Laura N.R. Roberts, Mitchell Henry

ABSTRACT: Petroleum Systems of the Utah-Wyoming Thrust Belt: Paradigms, Myths, and New Frontiers

David A. Wavrek, Daniel D. Schelling

ABSTRACT: Pinedale Anticline Offers Both Challenges and Opportunities to Operators

Diana O. Hoff

ABSTRACT: Relative Permeability Damage in Undersaturated Reservoirs

Monty E. Hoffman

ABSTRACT: Replacing Myth with Reality: Oil and Gas Prices, Consumption, Production Issues and How to Discuss Them Effectively with Facts

Kate H. Baker

ABSTRACT: Reserve Growth in Canadian Oil and Gas Pools

Mahendra K. Verma, Mitchell E. Henry

ABSTRACT: Rocky Mountain Natural Gas: Rising Stature

Michael F. Farina

ABSTRACT: Rocky Mountain Natural Gas Market Price Dynamics

Scott Moore

ABSTRACT: Stress and fracture characterization in a shale reservoir, North Texas

Yves Simon

ABSTRACT: The Challenges in Defining Natural Gas Petroleum Systems

Ronald J. Hill

ABSTRACT: The Fayetteville Shale Play: A Project Overview

Phillip Shelby

ABSTRACT: The Role of Lake Levels in Oil Shale Distribution

Yuval Bartov, Nick B. Harris, Dag Nummedal

ABSTRACT: Three Shallow Gas Systems on the Eastern Margin of the Williston Basin

George W. Shurr

ABSTRACT: Timing of Microbial Gas Generation in Upper Cretaceous Reservoirs, Montana and Canada - Interpretation from 129I/I ratios

Jennie Ridgley

ABSTRACT: Use of Geochemical Analyses to Evaluate Shale Gas Plays

Janell Edman, Dan Jarvie

ABSTRACT: Wattenberg Field: A Giant in Our Own Backyard1

Thomas J. Birmingham

ABSTRACT: West Tavaputs, SW Uinta Basin – A Story of Persistence

Roy Roux

Case Study: Greater Wamsutter Field, Wyoming - Tight Gas Reservoir

Tony McClain, G. Earl Norris

Cave Gulch Field, Natrona County, Wyoming:Focus Returns to the Deep Objectives

Fred Le Grand, Ken Parrott, Ted Enterline

Coalbed Methane Production From Ferron Coals in East-Central Utah

Robert A. Lamarre

Discovery and Development of a Giant Coalbed Methane Resource,Raton Basin, Las Animas County, Southeast Colorado

Dennis R. Carlton

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Madden Field: A Growing Giant in the Wind River Basin, Wyoming

Connie M. Hawkins, Ronald A. Baugh

Greater Natural Buttes Field, Uinta Basin, Utah

Jerome J. Cuzella, Steven G. Stancel

Horizontal Drilling in the Williston Basin – Proven and Possible Targets

Julie LeFever

Jonah Field, Sublette County, Wyoming:Where Has It Been and Where Is It Going?

Dean P. Dubois, Debra K. Nishida, Aaron J. Fisher, Nancy J. House

Niobrara Biogenic Natural Gas in the Eastern DJ Basin, Colorado, Kansas, and Nebraska

Bruce S. Kelso, Joseph D. Stewart, Kori K. Norberg, Thomas A. Hewett

Overview of a Giant Basin-Centered Gas Accumulation,Mesaverde Group, Piceance Basin, Colorado

Stephen P. Cumella

A Review of Deep Basin Gas Reservoirs of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin

Brian A. Zaitlin, Thomas F. Moslow

A Review of the Powder River Basin Coalbed Methane Play

Eric Stenberg, Tom Doll

Revitalizing the Moxa Arch: Exploiting a Significant Resource Play

Mark G. Lehrer

The San Juan Basin: A Complex Giant Gas Field, New Mexico and Colorado

James E. Fassett

Shallow Gas in the Milk River Formation: The First Western Canadian Gas Discovery

Kelly Young, Paul Gagnon, James Lee, Brian McKinstry, Rich Wade

Unlocking the Potential of a Tight Gas Sand Giant:Pinedale Field, Wyoming

Stephen R. Kneller, Sally G. Zinke, Robert W. McDermott, Troy G. Graham, Sarah E. Shearer