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Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists

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Frontmatter: Oil and Gas Fields of Colorado 2014

James P. Rogers, James J. Milne, Stephen P. Cumella, Dean DuBois, Paul G. Lillis

Adena Field

John C. Harms

Andy’s Mesa Field

Edward B. Coalson

Archer Field

James P. Rogers

Arrowhead Gas Field

James P. Rogers

Banta Ridge Field

George F. Coryell, Thomas R. McCarthy, Robert L. Bayless

Bear River Field

Catherine Campbell, Robert L. Bayless

Beecher Island Field

Jane Estes-Jackson

Bijou Field

Ank Webbers

Bledsoe Ranch

Robert T. Sellars, Jr.

Bonny Field

Jane Estes-Jackson

Boxer Field

William R. Berg

Buck Peak Field

Jim Minelli

Campo Field

Lawrence O. Anna

Clyde Field

John W. Oty

DJ Basin Horizontal Niobrara Play: Niobrara and Codell Tight Oil Accumulation, a New Era of Oil Production from Horizontal Wells, DJ Basin of Northern Colorado

James J. Milne, Stephen P. Cumella

Florence Field

Will Duggins

Great Plains Field

D. Scott Stapp

Grover Field

Dean DuBois

Hamilton Creek Field

Matthew H. Davis

Harker Ranch

David W. Bowen

Ignacio Blanco Field

Edward B. Coalson

Island Butte Field

Mark Longman, Laura Johnson

Lilli Field

Steven M. Goolsby

Mayfield Field

Jim Milne

McClean (“Cutthroat”) Field

Edward B. Coalson, Laura A. Johnson

Mildred Field

Jane Estes-Jackson

Papoose Canyon Field

Edward B. Coalson

Piceance Basin Niobrara-Mancos: Piceance Basin Niobrara-Mancos Gas Accumulation

Stephen P. Cumella, Erik Graven, Paul Weimer, Nathan Rogers

Rangely Field: (Mancos/Niobrara pool)

Donna S. Anderson

Rangely Field: (Weber Sand Unit)

Donna S. Anderson

Rangely Southwest Field: (Mancos B pool)

Donna S. Anderson

Raton Basin: Raton Basin Coal Bed Methane Gas Field, Colorado and New Mexico

Shannon L. Osterhout, Brian W. Rothkopf, Hadi Soetrisno

Saber Field

Robert Chesson, Arthur Koepsell

San Juan Basin: Oil and gas resources of the San Juan Basin, New Mexico and Colorado

James E. Fassett

Second Wind Field

David W. Bowen

Pedro and Solo Lobo Fields

Edward B. Coalson, Peter Moreland

Spelunker Field

William T. Goff, Emily Hundley-Goff

Spenson Field

Dean P. DuBois

West Side Canal Field

Edward B. Coalson

Yellow Creek Field

Edward B. Coalson, Jerry Cuzella