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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Rocky Mountain Section (SEPM)

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Introduction and Overview

Mark W. Longman, Mark D. Sonnenfeld

Application of High-Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy to Evaluate Lateral Variability in Outcrop and Subsurface—Desert Creek and Ismay Intervals, Paradox Basin

G. Michael Grammer, Gregor P. Eberli, Frans S. P. Van Buchem, Gene M. Stevenson, Peter Homewood

Cyclic Deposition and Development of Porous Dolomites in the Upper Ordovician Red River Formation, Williston Basin

Mark W. Longman, Fran M. Haidl

Depositional Cycles and Sequence Stratigraphic Interpretation of the Devonian Guilmette Formation, Pahranagat Range, Nevada

Jane E. Estes-Jackson

Devonian Sequences and Sequence Boundaries, Timpahute Range, Nevada

Alan K. Chamberlain, John E. Warme

Facies Architecture of the Permian Park City Formation, Utah and Wyoming: Implications for the Paleogeography and Oceanographic Setting of Western Pangea

Michael T. Whalen

Implications of Unfilled Accommodation Space for Sequence Stratigraphy on Mixed Carbonate-Siliciclastic Platforms: An Example from the Lower Desmoinesian (Middle Pennsylvanian), Southwestern Paradox Basin, Utah

Gary L. Gianniny, J.A. Toni Simo

Influence of Highstands and Lowstands on Virgil and Wolfcamp Paleogeography in the Denver Embayment, Eastern Colorado

Elizabeth P. Rall

Lower Desert Creek Reservoirs in the Paradox Basin: Examples of Phylloid Algae Filling Depositional Lows Related to Salt Dissolution

J. Paul Matheny, Mark W. Longman

The Nisku Formation of South Alberta and Northwest Montana: Birth to Burial of an Upper Devonian Barrier-Lagoon Complex

Don L. Kissling

Paleozoic Systems of the Rocky Mountain Region; Frontmatter

Mark W. Longman, Mark D. Sonnenfeld

Permian Deposystems, Paleogeography, and Paleoclimate of the Paradox Basin and Vicinity

Russell F. Dubiel, Jacqueline E. Huntoon, Steven M. Condon, John D. Stanesco

Permian Eolian Deposits, Sequences, and Sequence Boundaries, Colorado Plateau

Ronald C. Blakey

Permian Salt in the Northern Denver Basin: Controls on Occurrence and Relationship to Oil and Gas Production from Cretaceous Reservoirs

David W. Oldham

Phosphoria Formation (Permian) Cycles in the Bighorn Basin, Wyoming, with Emphasis on the Ervay Member

Richard F. Inden, Edward B. Coalson

Quintessence of the Ordovician: From Rocky Mountain Beaches to the Depths of Nevada

Reuben J. Ross Jr.

Regional Stratigraphic and Facies Relationships in the Mission Canyon Formation, North Dakota Portion of the Williston Basin

David M. Petty

Reservoir Heterogeneity as a Function of Accumulation and Preservation Dynamics, Tensleep Sandstone, Bighorn and Wind River Basins, Wyoming

Mary Carr-Crabaugh, Thomas L. Dunn

Sedimentology and Stratigraphy of the Deadwood-Winnipeg Interval (Cambro-Ordovician), Williston Basin

Richard D. LeFever

Sequence Evolution and Hierarchy within the Lower Mississippian Madison Limestone of Wyoming

Mark D. Sonnenfeld

Stratigraphic Analysis and Interpretation of the Mississippian Copper Basin Group, McGowan Creek Formation, and White Knob Limestone, South-Central Idaho

Paul Karl Link, Ian Warren, John McAfee Preacher, Betty Skipp

Stratigraphy of Upper Pennsylvanian Cyclical Carbonate and Siliciclastic Rocks, Western Paradox Basin, Utah

Mark R. Williams

Tectonically Forced Retrogradation of the Lower Mississippian Joana Limestone, Nevada and Utah

Katherine A. Giles