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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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South Texas Geological Society Special Publications

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Abstract: A Perspective of Fractures Allowed by the Modern Magnetic Method

J. P. Land

Abstract: Controls on Fracture Distribution in the Giddings Austin Chalk

Duane T. Wagner

Abstract: Exploration Applications of Photogeology and Landsat in Texas

C. Wright-Broughton

Abstract: Horizontal Drilling Potential in the Mid-Continent Region

Richard D. Fritz, Christopher L. Johnson

Abstract: Imaging Porosity in Consolidated Formations Establishing Reservoir Quality, Fluids and Fracture Orientation Using Conventional Seismic Surveys

Dr. Norman S. Neidell, Mr. Ernest E. Cook, Mr. W. R. Landwer, Ms. M. Smith

Abstract: Recent Case Histories of Austin Chalk Surface Geochemical Surveys: Integration of Geochemistry, Seismic, Horizontal Well Logs, and Photogeology

John Sandy

Abstract: Stockdale (Austin Chalk) Field, Wilson County, Texas: Case history of an Austin Chalk economic success.

Robert M. Knebel

Abstract: Tectonic Factors Affecting the Austin Chalk Play

Thomas E. Ewing

The Austin Chalk - Bed by Bed Through Central Texas

C. O. Durham, Jr, Shiela Burnette Hall

Austin Chalk-Give Me a Break! A Lunch Time Geological Diversion

Wilford Lee Stapp

Characteristics of Natural Fractures in the Austin Chalk Outcrop Trend

Kevin P. Corbett, M. Friedman, D. V. Wiltschko, J. Hung

The Controversy: Where to Turn Horizontal in the Austin Chalk, Pearsall Field, Texas

Richard A. Bobigian, William S. McDonald

Fracture Description in the Austin Chalk Using Cast Images

Joseph F. Goetz, Douglas D. Seiler, Charles S. Edmiston

Fracture Evaluation in the Austin Chalk

Tom Fett

Fracture Geometry and Fracture Intensity Associated with Faults and Folds in the Austin Chalk and Other Cretaceous Limestones of Central Texas

S. E. Laubach, E. W. Collins

Frontmatter: Austin Chalk: Geology, Geophysics and Formation Evaluation

Stewart Chuber

Horizontal Potential of the Austin Chalk in East Texas

Scott C. Pope

Microfacies Analysis as a Lithocorrelation Tool Applied to the Austin/Anacacho Problem: Surface and Subsurface of Bexar County

Jose F. Longoria

Old Geology, New Technology; Horizontal Drilling in Pearsall Field

John M. Long

Overview of the Rocky Mountain Fractured Niobrara Play

Gary L. Nydegger

Re-Development of Giddings Field

Gerald E. Drake

Regional Depositional Setting and Porosity Evolution of the Austin Chalk Formation, South Texas

Jeffrey J. Dravis

Reservoir Performance of the Austin Chalk Formation, Giddings Field Area, Burleson, Lee, & Fayette Counties, Texas

Michael D. McGhee

Structural Features Near the Proposed Site for the Superconducting Super Collider in Northcentral Texas

Donald F. Reaser

Tectonic Features of the Northwestern Maverick Basin

Matt Gose

Using the Circumferential Borehole Imaging Log to Identify and Orient Vertical Fractures in the Austin Chalk

Bruce R. Noblett, L. Pat Howard