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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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Special Publications of SEPM

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Ancient Continental Slope Sequences and Their Value in Understanding Modern Slope Development

Harry E. Cook

Application of Convective-Diffusion Models to Diagenetic Processes

James R. Wood

Benthic Foraminiferal Ecology and Paleocology: A Review of Concepts and Methods

Robert G. Douglas

The Biota and Biological Processes of the Continental Slope

Gilbert T. Rowe

Catskill Delta Slope Sediments in the Central Appalachian Basin: Source Deposits and Reservoir Deposits

J. Douglas Glaeser

Clay Mineral Assemblages as Low Grade Metamorphic Geothermometers: Application to the Thrust Faulted Disturbed Belt Of Montana, U.S.A

Janet Hoffman

Conodont Color Alteration, an Organo-Mineral Metamorphic Index, and its Application to Appalachian Basin Geology

Anita G. Harris

Continental Slopes

Arnold H. Bouma

Currents in Submarine Canyons and Other Types of Seavalleys

Francis P. Shepard

Deep Carbonate Bank Margin Structure and Sedimentation in the Northern Bahamas

Henry T. Mullins

Depositional Environments and Diagenesis of the Tensleep Sandstone, Eastern Big Horn Basin, Wyoming

David Mankiewicz

Depositional Mechanics of Thick-Bedded Sandstones at the Base of A Submarine Slope, Tourelle Formation (Lower Ordovician), Quebec, Canada

Richard N. Hiscott

Deposition and Diagenesis of Tertiary-Holocene Volcaniclastics, Guatemala

David K. Davies

Diagenesis as it Affects Clastic Reservoirs—Introduction

Paul R. Schluger

Diagenesis of Frontier Formation Offshore Bar Sandstones, Spearhead Ranch Field, Wyoming

Roderick W. Tillman

Diagenesis of Volcanic Sandstones

Ronald C. Surdam

Diagenetic Control of Reservoir Quality in Arc-Derived Sandstones Implications for Petroleum Exploration

William E. Galloway

Diagenetic Processes in Sandstones

Harvey Blatt

Early Diagenesis of High Plains Tertiary Vitric and Arkosic Sandstone, Wyoming And Nebraska

K. O. Stanley

Ecology and Paleoecology of Planktic Foraminifera

Jere H. Lipps

Ecology of Large, Shallow-Water, Tropical Foraminifera

Charles A. Ross

Fluid Inclusion Evidence on the Environments of Sedimentary Diagenesis, A Review

Edwin Roedder

Foraminiferal Ecology and Paleoecology

Jere H. Lipps

Geotechnical Properties of Continental Slope Deposits Cape Hatteras to Hydrographer Canyon

George H. Keller

Idetermination of Diagenetic Paleotemperature—Introduction

Peter A. Scholle

Levels of Graphitization of Kerogen as A Potentially Useful Method of Assessing Paleotemperatures

William E. Harrison

Man's Activities on the Continental Slope

Harold D. Palmer

The Measurement of Species Diversity

Martin A. Buzas

Microscopic Measurement of the Level of Catagenesis of Solid Organic Matter in Sedimentary Rocks to Aid Exploration for Petroleum and to Determine Former Burial Temperatures—A Review

Neely H. Bostick

Oxygen Isotope Geothermometry of Diagenetically Altered Shales

Eric V. Eslinger

Paragenesis of Diagenetic Minerals in the St. Peter Sandstone (Ordovician), Wisconsin and Illinois

I. Edgar Odom

Petroleum Potential of Passive Margin Slopes

Mahlon M. Ball

Petrology and Diagenesis of Deep-Water Sandstones, Ouachita Mountains, Arkansas and Oklahoma

Robert C. Morris

Petrology and Diagenetic Effects of Lithic Sandstones Paleocene and Eocene Umpqua Formation Southwest Oregon

Lary K. Burns

Porosity Diagenesis and Productive Capability of Sandstone Reservoirs

Edward D. Pittman

Preservation of Foraminifera

W. H. Berger

Problems in Zeolite Facies Geothermometry, Geobarometry and Fluid Compositions

Edward D. Ghent

Quantitative Biofacies Analysis

Martin A. Buzas

Quaternary Sedimentation on the Tectonically Active Oregon Continental Slope

L. D. Kulm

Recent History of Mass Wasting on the Upper Continental Slope Northern Gulf of Mexico as Interpreted from the Consolidation States of the Sediment

James S. Booth

Regional Diagenetic Trends in the Lower Cretaceous Muddy Sandstone Powder River Basin

William R. Almon

A Review of Mass Movement Processes Sediment and Acoustic Characteristics, and Contrasts in Slope and Base-of-Slope Systems Versus Canyon-Fan-Basin Floor Systems

T. R. Nardin

The Role of Secondary Porosity in the Course of Sandstone Diagenesis

Volkmar Schmidt

Sandstone Diagenesis—The Hole Truth

John B. Hayes

Sand Transport Through Channels Across an Eocene Shelf and Slope in Southwestern Oregon U. S. A.

R. H. Dott Jr.

Santa Cruz Basin, California Borderland: Dominance of Slope Processes in Basin Sedimentation

T. R. Nardin

Sedimentation on the Antarctic Continental Slope

John B. Anderson

Sedimentation on the Eastern United States Continental Slope

Larryj Doyle

Sediment Facies of Platform-Basin Transition, Tongue of the Ocean, Bahamas

Wolfgang Schlager

Sediment Gravity Flows: Their Classification and Some Problems of Application to Natural Flows and Deposits

Donald R. Lowe

Slope and Basin Benthic Foraminifera of the California Borderland

Robert G. Douglas

Slope Sediments in Small Basins Associated with a Neogene Active Margin, Western Hokkaido Island, Japan

George Devries Klein

Small-Scale Slumps and Slides and Their Significance for Basin Slope Processes, Southern California Borderland

Michael E. Field

Some Geotechnical Engineering Problems of Upper Slope Sites in the Northern Gulf of Mexico

Leland M. Kraft Jr.

Stable Isotopes in Foraminifera

W. H. Berger

Structure of the Continental Slope off the Eastern United States

John S Schlee

Texture and Recognition of Secondary Porosity in Sandstones

Volkmar Schmidt

Thermal History of Sedimentary Basins Fission-Track Dating of Subsurface Rocks

C. W. Naeser