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Special Publications of SEPM

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Robert J. Weimer


Donald L. Gautier


Gail M. Ashley


Romeo M. Flores

Accretion in Deep Shelf-Edge Reefs, St. Croix, U.S.V.I.

Dennis K. Hubbard

Allochthonous Carbonates of the Getaway Limestone, Upper Permian of the Delaware Basin

Paul M. Harris

Alluvial Valley Environments

Robert J. Weimer

Ammonite Record from Bridge Creek Member of Greenhorn Limestone at Pueblo Reservoir State Recreation Area, Colorado

William A. Cobban

Ancient Alluvial Fans and Fan Deltas

William E. Galloway

Aragonite Cements and their Occurrence in Ancient Limestones

Philip Sandberg

Architectural-Element Analysis: A New Method of Facies Analysis Applied to Fluvial Deposits

Andrew D. Miall

Assemblages of Biogenic Structures in Non-Marine and Marginal Marine Environments

H. Allen Curran

Biostratigraphy and Paleoecology Of Calcareous Nannofossils in the Greenhorn Marine Cycle

David K. Watkins

Biotic Patterns Across the Cenomanian-Turonian Extinction Boundary Near Pueblo, Colorado

William P. Elder

Bizarre forms of Depositional and Diagenetic Calcite in Hot-Spring Travertines, Central Italy

Robert L. Folk

Burial Cementation—Is it Important? A Case Study, Stuart City Trend, South Central Texas

Dennis R. Prezbindowski

Burial Diagenesis: Out of Sight, Out of Mind!

Peter A. Scholle

Burial Diagenetic Sequence in Deep-Water Allochthonous Dolomites, Permian Bone Spring Formation, Southeast New Mexico

William D. Wiggins

Carbonate Bedding Cycles in Cretaceous Pelagic and Hemipelagic Sequences

Alfred G. Fischer

Carbonate Cementation—A Brief Review

Paul M. Harris

Carbonate Gravity-Flow Sedimentation on Low-Angle Slopes Off the Wolfcampian Northwest Shelf of the Delaware Basin

R. G. Loucks

Carbonate Sediment-Fill of an Oceanic Shelf, Lower Cretaceous, Arabian Peninsula

T. C. Connally

Cement Distribution and Carbonate Mineral Stabilization in Pleistocene Limestones of Hogsty Reef, Bahamas

Bernard J. Pierson

Cenozoic Sediment Ation and Sequence of Deformational Events at the Southeastern End of the Furnace Creek Strike Slip Fault Zone Death Valley Region California

Ibrahim Cemen

Coal Deposits in Cretaceous and Tertiary Fluvial Systems of the Rocky Mountain Region

Romeo M. Flores

Combined Deltaic and Valley Fill Models During Sea Level Changes

Robert J. Weimer

Comparative Geochemical and Mineralogical Studies of two Cyclic Transgressive Pelagic Limestone Units, Cretaceous Western Interior Basin, U.S.

Michael A. Arthur

Comparison of Tectonic Framework and Depositional Patterns of the Hornelen Strike Slip Basin of Norway and the Ridge and Little Sulphur Creek Strike Slip Basins of California

Tor H. Nilsen

The Dakota Group and the Kiowa-Skull Creek Cyclothem in the Canon City - Pueblo Area, Colorado

Edmund R. Gustason

The Dead Sea Rift: Impact of Climate and Tectonism on Pleistocene and Holocene Sedimentation

Warren Manspeizer

Deformation and Basin Formation Along Strike-Slip Faults

Nicholas Christie-Blick

Deltaic and Interdeltaic Coastal Plain and Shoreline Environments

Robert J. Weimer

Deposition, Diagenesis and Paleostructural Control of Duperow and Birdbear (Nisku) Reservoirs, Williston Basin

James R. Ehrets

Depositional and Diagenetic Alteration of Yeoman (Lower Red River) Carbonates from Harding Co., South Dakota

A. C. Kendall

Depositional Cycles in the Niobrara Formation, Colorado Front Range

Lisa K. Barlow

Depositional Environment and Diagenesis of the Red River Formation, "C" Interval, Divide County, North Dakota and Sheridan County, Montana

Douglas G. Neese

Depositional Environments, Paleoecology and Diagenesis of Selected Winnipegosis Formation (Middle Devonian) Reef Cores, Williston Basin, North Dakota

Nancy A. Perrin

Depositional History of the Graneros Shale (Cenomanian), Rock Canyon Anticline

Erle G. Kauffman

Deposition and Diagenesis of the Mississippian Charles "C" (Ratcliffe) Reservoir in Lustre Field, Valley County, Montana

Mark W. Longman

Devonian Hare Indian - Ramparts (Kee Scarp) Evolution, MacKenzie Mountains and Subsurface Norman Wells, N.W.T.: Basin-Fill and Platform Reef Development

lain Muir

Distribution and Significance of Widespread, Time-Parallel Pelagic Limestone Beds in Greenhorn Limestone (Upper Cretaceous) of the Central Great Plains and Southern Rocky Mountains

Donald E. Hattin

Eocene Strike-Slip Faulting and Nonmarine Basin Formation in Washington

Samuel Y. Johnson

Eolian Environments

Robert J. Weimer

Evidence for Rapid Fluid Migration during Deformation, Madison Group, Wyoming and Utah Overthrust Belt

Joyce M. Budai

Evidence of Resedimentation in Chalk from the Central Graben, North Sea

R. A. Schatzinger

A Field Guide to the Stratigraphy, Geochemistry, and Depositional Environments of the Kiowa-Skull Creek, Greenhorn, and Niobrara Marine Cycles in the Pueblo-Canon City Area, Colorado

Erle G. Kauffman

Foraninifera as Indicators of Water Mass in the Cretaceous Greenhorn Sea, Western Interior

Don L. Eicher

Foraninifera of the Cenomanian-Turonian Boundary Interval, Greenhorn Formation, Rock Canyon Anticline, Pueblo, Colorado

R. Mark Leckie

Geology and Geochemistry of the Toolebuc Formation, an Organic-Rich Chalk from the Lower Cretaceous of Queensland, Australia

David R. Pevear

Glossary—Strike-Slip Deformation, Basin Formation, and Sedimentation

Kevin T. Biddle

High-Resolution Stratigraphy and Paleobiology of the Hartland Shale Member: Analysis of an Oxygen-Deficient Epicontinental Sea

B.B. Sageman

High Resolution Stratigraphy and Depositional History of the Greenhorn Regressive Hemicyclothem, Rock Canyon Anticline, Pueblo, Colorado

Linda N. Glenister

Hydrocarbons in Fluvial Deposits of the Gulf Coast Region

William E. Galloway

Influence of Sea Level Changes on Depositional Patterns

Robert J. Weimer

The Interaction of Natural Organic Matter with Grain Surfaces: Implications for Calcium Carbonate Precipitation

Richard M. Mitterer

Interpretation of Early Diagenesis in Ancient Marine Sediments

Donald L. Gautier

Isotope Geochemistry of Regionally Extensive Calcite Cement Zones and Marine Components in Mississippian Limestones, New Mexico

William J. Meyers

Isotopic and Sedimentological Study of the Lower Niobrara Formation, Lyons, Colorado

Lisa M. Pratt

Isotopic Studies of Organic Matter and Carbonate in Rocks of the Greenhorn Marine Cycle

Lisa M. Pratt

Late Burial Diagenesis, Lower Cretaceous Pearsall and Lower Glen Rose Formations, South Texas

R.E. Woronick

Meandering Streams -- Modern and Ancient

William E. Galloway

Mechanisms of Organic/Inorganic Interactions in Sandstone/Shale Sequences

Ronald C. Surdam

Modelling Fluctuations in Water Depth During the Cretaceous

C. G. A. Harrison

Modern Alluvial Fans and Fan Deltas

Frank G. Ethridge

Modern Deep-Water Carbonates Along the Blake-Bahama Boundary

Henry T. Mullins

Morphology and Composition of Non-Marine Carbonate Cements in Near-Surface Settings

Henry S. Chafetz

Multiple-Channel Bedload Rivers

Andrew D. Miall

Neotectonics of a Strike-Slip Restraining Bend System, Jamaica

Paul Mann

The Niobrara Transgressive Hemicyclothem in Central and Eastern Colorado: The Anatomy of a Multiple Disconformity

Cynthia G. Fisher

The Nonacho Basin (Early Proterozoic), Northwest Territories, Canada: Sedimentation And Deformation In A Strike-Slip Setting

Lawrence B. Aspler

Oil- and Gas-Bearing Upper Cretaceous and Paleogene Fluvial Rocks in Central and Northeast Utah

Thomas D. Fouch

Organic and Inorganic Constituents of the Niobrara Formation in Weld County, Colorado

William F. Precht

Origin of Upper Cambrian Flat Pebble Conglomerates in the Northern Powder River Basin, Wyoming

Michael D. Wilson

Paleogene Strike-Slip Deformation and Sedimentation Along The Southeastern Margin of the Ebro Basin

Pere Anadón

Paloceanographic Events and Lithologtc/Geochemtcal Facies of the Greenhorn Marine Cycle (Upper Cretaceous) Examined Using Natural Gamma-Ray Spectrometry

Frederick B. Zelt

Pennsylvanian Carbonate Slope and Basin Deposition, Palo Duro Basin

Paul D. Crevello

Pennsylvanian Phylloid-Algal Mound Production at Tin Cup Mesa Field, Paradox Basin, Utah

Wilson H. Herrod

Pericollisional Strike Slip Faults and Synorogenic Basins, Canadian Cordillera

G. H. Eisbacher

The Piaui Basin: Rifting and Wrenching in an Equatorial Atlantic Transform Basin

Pedro V. Zalan

Preservation of Internal Reef Porosity and Diagenetic Sealing of Submerged Early Holocene Barrier Reef, Southeast Florida Shelf

Robin G. Lighty

Prevention of Carbonate Cementation in Petroleum Reservoirs

Charles T. Feazel

The Problem of Submarine Cement in Classifying Reefrock: An Experience in Frustration

Gerald M. Friedman

Proglacial Eolian Environment

Gail M. Ashley

Proglacial Fluvial Environment

Norman D. Smith

Proglacial Lacustrine Environment

Norman D. Smith

Radiaxial Fibrous Calcite: A Reappraisal

Alan C. Kendall

Regional Facies Distribution in Temperate Continental-Glacier Deposits

Gail M. Ashley

Regional Setting of Cretaceous Basin

Robert J. Weimer

Relative Reactivity of Skeletal Carbonates During Dissolution: Implications For Diagenesis

Lynn M. Walter

A Releasing Solitary Overstep Model for the Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous (Wealdian) Soria Strike-Slip Basin (Northern Spain)

Michel Guiraud

Reservoir Characteristics of Ancient Fluvial Deposits with Emphasis on Rocky Mountain and Mid Continent Regions

Frank G. Ethridge

Rival, North and South Black Slough, Foothills and Lignite Oil Fields: Their Depositional Facies, Diagenesis and Reservoir Character, Burke County, North Dakota

Robert F. Lindsay

The Role of Cementation in the Diagenetic History of Devonian Reefs, Western Canada

Richard A. Walls

Sandstone Reservoirs

Robert J. Weimer

Section Four: Introduction

Nahum Schneidermann

Section One: Introduction

Nahum Schneidermann

Section Three: Introduction

Nahum Schneidermann

Section Two: Introduction

Nahum Schneidermann

Sedimentary Facies and Biota of Early Permian Deep-Water Allochthonous Limestone, Southwest Reagan County, Texas

John P. Hobson Jr.

Sedimentology and Petrology of Profundal Lacustrine Sediments, Mahogany Zone of the Green River Formation, Piceance Creek Basin, Northwest Colorado

George J. Grabowski Jr.

Sedimentology and Reservoir Characteristics of the Niobrara Formation (Upper Cretaceous), Kansas and Colorado

Peter A. Scholle

Sedimentology of a Carbonate Source Rock: The Duvernay Formation of Alberta Canada

F. A. Stoakes

Shallow Marine Shelf Environments

Robert J. Weimer

Sparry Calcite Marine Cement in Upper Jurassic Limestones of Southeastern Wyoming

Bruce H. Wilkinson

Stratigraphic and Structural Predictions From A Plate-Tectonic Model Of An Oblique-Slip Orogen: The Eureka Sound Formation (Campanian-Oligocene), Northeast Canadian Arctic Islands

Andrew D. Miall

Stratigraphy and Paleobiology of the Lincoln Limestone Member, Greenhorn Limestone, Rock Canyon Anticline, Colorado

B.B. Sageman

Stratigrapity and Depositional Environments of the Bridge Creek Limestone Member of Tille Greenhorn Limestone at Rock Canyon Anticline Near Pueblo, Colorado

William P. Elder

Strike-Slip Faulting and Related Basin Formation in Zones of Tectonic Escape: Turkey as a Case Study

A. M. C. Şengör

Structural Styles, Plate-Tectonic Settings, And Hydrocarbon Traps of Divergent (Transtensional) Wrench Faults

T. P. Harding

Subglacial and Ice Marginal Environments

John Shaw

Submarine Cements—The Peloidal Question

Ian G. Macintyre

Submarine Fan and Channel Environments

Robert J. Weimer

Subsidence and Thermal History of Small Pull Apart Basins

W. C. Pitman III

Subsurface Sedimentology of the Miocene-Pliocene Kingshill Limestone, St. Croix, U.S.V.I.

Ivan Gill

Surface and Subsurface Methods of Investigation and Classification of Fluvial Systems

Frank G. Ethridge

Tectonically Controlled Freshwater Carbonate Cementation in Chalk

Ya'acov Mimran

Tectonic Evolution and Carbonate Sedimentary Environments During the Mesozoic at Reforma-Jalpa Area, Southeast Mexico

J. E. Aguayo C.

The Tertiary Strike-Slip Basins and Orogenic Belt of Spitsbergen

Ron Steel

Timing of Hydrocarbon Migration: Evidenced From Fluid Inclusions in Calcite Cements, Tectonics and Burial History

Robert C. Burruss

The Types and Role of Stepovers in Strike Slip Tectonics

ATilla Aydin

Ullin-Fort Payne, A Mississippian Shallow to Deep Water Carbonate Transition in a Cratonic Basin

Jerry A. Lineback

Upper Jurassic and Lower Cretaceous Deep-Water Buildups, Abenaki Formation, Nova Scotia Shelf

Peter M. Ellis

Upper Jurassic Subsurface Cements: A Case History

Clyde H. Moore

The Vienna Basin: A Thin-Skinned Pull-Apart Basin

Leigh H. Royden

Walker Lake Basin, Nevada: An Example of Late Tertiary (?) to Recent Sedimentation in a Basin Adjacent to an Active Strike-Slip Fault

Martin H. Link

Water-Rock Interactions in Sedimentary Basins

Yousif K. Kharaka

Whole-Rock, Insoluble Residue, and Clay Mineralogies of Marl, Chalk, And Bentonite, Smoky Hill Shale Member, Niobrara Formation Near Pueblo, Colorado—Depositional and Diagenetic Implications

Richard M. Pollastro