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David M. Rubin

Introduction - Classification Of Marine Evaporites

B. Charlotte Schreiber

Active Tectonic Control on Alluvial Architecture

Jan Alexander

An Analysis of Coastal Recession Models: North Carolina Coast

Orrin H. Pilkey

Anatomy of a Gravelly Meander Lobe in the Saskatchewan River, Near Nipawin, Canada

Janet E. Campbell

Application of Results

David M. Rubin

An Application of Statistical Modelling to the Prediction of Hydrocarbon Recovery Factors in Fluvial Reservoir Sequences

Christopher R. Fielding

Back-Barrier Response to Sea-Level Rise, Eastern Shore of Virginia

Kenneth Finkelstein

Brahmaputra River: Channel Migration and Deposition

Charles S. Bristow

Bromine Distribution in Marine Halite Rocks

Omer B. Raup

Carbonate Reservoir Description

Daniel Jardine

Channel and Floodplain Facies in a Wandering Gravel-Bed River

Joseph R. Desloges

Classification of Bedforms and Cross-Bedding

David M. Rubin

Coarse-Grained Low-Sinuosity River Deposits: Example From Plio-Pleistocene Valdarno Basin, Italy

Paolo Bill

Computation of Initial Well Productivities in Aeolian Sandstone on the Basis of a Geological Model, Leman Gas Field, U. K.

K. J. Weber

Computer Images

David M. Rubin

Computer Model

David M. Rubin


David M. Rubin

Continental Shelf Evolution in Response to a Rise in Sea Level

Craig H. Everts

Continuous Subaqueous Deposition of the Permian Castile Evaporites, Delaware Basin, Texas and New Mexico

Walter E. Dean

Contrasting Architecture of two Alluvial Suites in Different Structural Settings

Mary J. Kraus

Cyclicity and Facies Characteristics of Alluvial Sediments in the Upper Paleozoic Monongahela-Dunkard Groups, Central West Virginia

Santosh K. Ghosh

Deepwater Evaporites in the Bell Canyon Formation, Delaware Basin, West Texas

Wayne M. Ahr

Deltaic Depositional Processes in a Glacier-Fed Lake: A Model for the Fluvial/Lacustrine Interface

Jim Bogen

Depositional Environments of Evaporite Deposits

Gerald M. Friedman

Depositional Modelling of the Upper Mannville Lower Cretaceous East Central Alberta Implications for the Recognition of Brackish Water Deposits

Daryl M. Wightman

Dipmeter Interpretation of Turbidite Channel Reservoir Sandstones Indian Draw Field New Mexico

Sandra Phillips

Effects of Sea-Level Rise on Deltaic Sedimentation in South-Central Louisiana

John T. Wells

Electromagnetic Detection of Pebble Transport in Streams: A Method for Measurement of Sediment-Transport Waves

Stephen G. Custer

Environments of Subaqueous Gypsum Deposition

B. Charlotte Schreiber

Evaluation of Wave-Generated Longshore Current Velocities and Sand Transport Rates on Beaches

Paul D. Komar

Evaporites as Source Rock For Petroleum

Gerald M. Friedman

Evaporite Sedimentation in the Permian Yates Formation, Central Basin Platform, Andrews County, West Texas

G. Allan Crawford

Evaporites of Coastal Sabkhas

D. J. Shearman

Evolution of Drainage Systems in Response to Acadian Deformation: The Devonian Battery Point Formation, Eastern Canada

David A. Lawrence

Evolution of Fluvial Styles in the Eocene Wasatch Formation, Powder River Basin, Wyoming

Peter D. Warwick

Facies Changes From Fluvial Conglomerate to Braided Sandstone of the Early Proterozoic Eldorado Formation, Welkom Goldfield, South Africa

Charles S. Kingsley

Facies Relationships on a Barred Coast, Kouchibouguac Bay, New Brunswick, Canada

Robin G. D. Davidson-Arnoit

Flow Dynamics at River Channel Confluences: Implications for Sediment Transport and Bed Morphology

James L. Best

Fluvial-Sandstone Architecture and Thrust-Induced Subsidence, Northern Green River Basin, Wyoming

Mark W. Shuster

Fluvial Response to Eocene Tectonism, the Bridger Formation, Southern Wind River Range, Wyoming

Patricia E. Groll

Fluvial Sandstone Bodies as Hydrocarbon Reservoirs in Lake Basins

Yinan Qiu

Fluvio-Paludal Deposits in the Lower Kekiktuk Formation (Mississippian), Endicott Field, Northeast Alaska

John Melvin

Formation and Diagenesis of Salt-Dome Cap Rock, Texas Gulf Coast

Shirley P. Dutton

Geologic Facies Analysis for Enhanced Oil Recovery Bartlesville Sandstone Greenwood County Kansas

Douglas W. Jordan

Geology in Enhanced Oil Recovery

W. J. Ebanks

Global Sea-Level Changes During the Past Century

Vivien Gornitz

Gravel Counterpoint Bars: Examples from the River TYWI, South Wales

Simon A. Smith

Holocene Neotectonics and the Ramapo Fault Zone Sea-Level Anomaly: A Study of Varying Marine Transgression Rates in the Lower Hudson Estuary, New York and New Jersey

Walter S. Newman

Interaction of Biological and Geological Processes in the Beach And Nearshore Environments, Northern Padre Island, Texas

Gary W. Hill

Jurassic Evaporites of the U.S. Gulf Coast: The Smackover-Buckner Contact

P. M. Harris

Large-Scale Flood Deposits Associated with the Formation of Coarse-Grained, Braided Terrace Sequences

Judith K. Maizels

Late Quaternary Sea-Level Changes in Maine

Daniel F. Belknap

Late Quaternary Sea-Level Fluctuations and Depositional Sequences, Southwest Louisiana Continental Shelf

John R. Suter

Late Quaternary Sea-Level Fluctuations and Sedimentary Phases of the Texas Coastal Plain and Shelf

Robert A. Morton

Lateral Accretion Surfaces in Ephemeral-Stream Point Bars, RIO Puerco, New Mexico

Russell G. Shepherd

Location-Dependent Sediment Sorting in Bedforms Under Waning Flow in the RIO Grande, Central New Mexico

David W. Love

Lower Cretaceous Ferry Lake Anhydrite, Fairway Field, East Texas: Product of Shallow-Subtidal Deposition

R. G. Loucks

Meandering River Point Bar Lithofacies Models: Modern and Ancient Examples Compared

Derald G. Smith

Miocene Fluvial Facies and Vertebrate Taphonomy in Northern Pakistan

Anna K. Behrensmeyer

Numerical Simulation of Gold Distribution in the Witwatersrand Placers

M. Nami

Off-Reef Salina Deposition (Silurian), Southern Michigan Basin Implications For Reef Genesis

J. Frederick Sarg

Paleohydrology of Some Ogallala (Neogene) Streams in the Southern Panhandle of Nebraska

R. G. Goodwin

Permian Facies Sequences and Evaporite Depositional Styles, Texas Panhandle

C. Robertson Handford

Primary Features in a Potash Evaporite Deposit, the Permian Salado Formation of West Texas and New Mexico

Tim Lowenstein

Recent Developments in the Study of Fluvial Facies Models

Andrew D. Miall

Recent Evaporites from the Abu Dhabi Coastal Flats

G. P. Butler

Recent Relative Sea-Level Change in Eastern North America

Barbara V. Braatz

Recognition of Primary Facies Characteristics of Evaporites and the Differentiation of These Forms from Diagenetic Overprints

B. Charlotte Schreiber

A Reconnaissance of Sedimentation on the Kosi Alluvial Fan of India

Neil A. Wells

Relations Between Cross-Bedding, Bedforms, and Flow

David M. Rubin

Relative Sea-Level Changes in Atlantic Canada: Observed Level and Sedimentological Changes Vs. Theoretical Models

D. B. Scott

Role of Vortices in Surf Zone Prediction: Sedimentation and Wave Forces

Robert L. Miller

Sabkha Anhydrite: The Supratidal Facies of Cyclic Deposition in the Upper Minnelusa Formation (Permian) Rozet Fields Area, Powder River Basin, Wyoming

C. W. Achauer

Sand Fountains in the Surf Zone

Benno M. Brenninkmeyer

Sea-Level Change and the Preservation Potential of Wave-Dominated and Tide-Dominated Coastal Sequences

Richard A. Davis Jr.

Sea-Level History and Quaternary Evolution of River Mouth–Associated Beachridge Plains Along the East–Southeast Brazilian Coast: A Summary

Jose M. L. Dominguez

Sedimentologic Model and Production Characteristics of Hartzog Draw Field Wyoming a Shannon Shelf Ridge Sandstone

R. W. Tillman

Sedimentologic Reservoir Study of a Steam-Drive Project in Deltaic River Sands, East Tia Juana Field, Venezuela

C. Kruit

Sedimentology and Facies Architecture of Overbank Deposits of the Mississippi River, False River Region, Louisiana

Kathleen M. Farrell

Sedimentology and Subsurface Geology of Deltaic Facies, Admire 650' Sandstone, EL Dorado Field, Kansas

R. W. Tillman

Sedimentology of the Mcmurray Formation on the Sandalta Project Study Area Northern Alberta and Implications for Oil Sands Development

James A. Rennie

Sedimentology of the White Channel Gravels, Klondike Area, Yukon Territory: Fluvial Deposits of a Confined Valley

Stephen R. Morison

Sedimentology of Volcanism-Induced Aggradation in Fluvial Basins: Examples from the Pacific Northwest, U.S.A.

Gary A. Smith

Selection of Illustrations

David M. Rubin

Short-Term Sea-Level Changes and Coastal Erosion

Paul D. Komar

Some Uses of Stable Isotopes of Carbon, Oxygen, and Sulfur in Solving Problems Related to Evaporite Deposits

Walter E. Dean

Stratigraphic Record of Quaternary Sea Levels: Implications for More Ancient Strata

James M. Demarest

Structural Controls on Fluvial Distributary Systems - The Luna System, Northern Spain

Gary J. Nichols

The Study of Natural Fractures in a Reef Complex Norman Wells Oil Field Canada

J. P. R. Irish

Swash—Groundwater—Beach Profile Interactions

Evans Waddell

Tectonic Control on alluvial Paleoarchitecture of the cretaceous and Tertiary Raton Basin, Colorado and New Mexico

Romeo M. Flores

Terrigenous Clastic and Evaporite Sedimentation in a Recent Continental-Sabkha Playa Basin, Bristol Dry Lake, California

C. Robertson Handford

A Textural Analysis of Trona and Associated Lithologies, Wilkins Peak Member, Eocene Green River Formation, Southwestern Wyoming

Stuart J. Birnbaum

Theoretical Versus Observed Successions from Evaporation of Seawater

Walter E. Dean

Three-Dimensional Facies Geometry in Pleistocene Outwash Sediments, Worcestershire, U.K.

Martin R. Dawson

Toward a Better Understanding of Bedload Transport

Ian Reid

Trace and Minor Elements in Evaporites

Walter E. Dean

The Transgressive Barrier-Lagoon Coast of Delaware: Morphostratigraphy, Sedimentary Sequences and Responses to Relative Rise in Sea Level

John C. Kraft

Transgressive Stratigraphy at Sequence-Bounding Unconformities: Some Principles Derived from Holocene and Cretaceous Examples

Dag Nummedal

Uniqueness of Results

David M. Rubin

Use of Well Logs in Evaporite Sequences

Roy D. Nurmi

Vertebrate Taphonomy Applied to the Analysis of Ancient Fluvial Systems

Emlyn H. Koster

Wave-Formed Sedimentary Structures—A Conceptual Model

H. Edward Clifton

Wave Climate Models for the Continental Shelf: Critical Links Between Shelf Hydraulics and Shoreline Processes

Victor Goldsmith

Wave Modeling and Hydrodynamics

J. Ian Collins

Weather Patterns and Coastal Processes

William T. Fox