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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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Special Publications of SEPM

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Introduction to Karst Systems and Paleokarst Reservoirs

Mateu Esteban

Assessment of Uncertainties in Magnetostratigraphic Dating of Sedimentary Strata

Peter J. Talling

Biogenic Magnetite: Authigenesis and Diagenesis With Changing Redox Conditions in Lake Greifen, Switzerland

Teresa B. Hawthorne

Casablanca Field, Tarragona Basin, Offshore Spain: A Karsted Carbonate Reservoir

Anthony J. Lomando

Deep-Burial Brecciation in the Devonian Upper Elk Point Group, Rainbow Basin, Alberta, Western Canada

Jeffrey J. Dravis

Description and Interpretation of Karst-Related Breccia Fabrics, Ellenburger Group, West Texas

Charles Kerans

Diagenesis of Magnetic Minerals in Lacustrine Environments as Determined From Unaltered and Altered Tephra Layers

Kenneth L. Verosub

Evidence for Paleomagnetic Dating of Diagenesis by Basinal Fluids, Ordovician Carbonates, Arbuckle Mountains, Southern Oklahoma

R Douglas Elmore

Global Paleomagnetic Correlation of the Blake Geomagnetic Polarity Episode

Emilio Herrero-Bervera

Hydrocarbons and Magnetizations in Magnetite

R. Douglas Elmore

Identification and Initial Correlation of Magnetic Reversals in the Lower to Middle Ordovician of Northern Arkansas

M. Randy Farr

Karst Breccias in the Madison Limestone (Mississippian), Garland Field, Wyoming

A. Serdar Demiralin

Magnetostratigraphic, Biostratigraphic, and Lithologic Correlations in Triassic Strata of the Western United States

Maureen B. Steiner

Magnetostratigraphy: A Powerful Tool for High Resolution Age-Dating and Correlation in the Miocene Monterey Formation of California: Results From Shell Beach Section, Pismo Basin

Sheraz Khan Omarzai

Origin and Modification of Magnetic Fabric in Fine-Grained Detrital Sediment by Depositional and Post-Depositional Processes

William J. Brennan

Paleokarst Development in Devonian Cherts in the Arkoma Basin and Black Warrior Basin

Patrick Medlock

Paleokarstic Features and Thermal Overprints Observed in Some of the Arbuckle Cores in Oklahoma

Zuhair Al-Shaieb

Paleokarst Within the Knox Group of Alabama, East Side of the Black Warrior Basin

James Lee Wilson

Paleomagnetic Dating of Sulfide Mineralization and Cap-Rock Formation in Gulf Coast Salt Domes

Wulf A. Gose

The Paleomagnetism and Rock Magnetism of Cave and Karst Deposits

Alf G. Latham

Paleostructural and Related Paleokarst Controls on Reservoir Development in the Lower Ordovician Ellenburger Group, Val Verde Basin, Texas

K.L. Canter

Regional Late Paleozoic Remagnetization of Shallow Water Carbonate Rocks in the Great Basin: The Usefulness of "Micro" - Fold Tests From Late Compaction Fabrics

Stephen L. Gillett

Sulfidization and Magnetization Above Hydrocarbon Reservoirs

Richard L. Reynolds

Thermodynamic Constraints on Anomalous Magnetization in Shallow and Deep Hydrocarbon Seepage Environments

Elizabeth A. Burton

Trenton Limestone – The Karst That Wasn't There, or Was It?

Brian D. Keith