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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Special Publications of SEPM

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1-D Stratigraphic Analysis

Charles Kerans

2-D Correlation and Stratigraphic Analysis

Charles Kerans

3-D Analysis and Model Construction

Charles Kerans


Charles Kerans

Anatomy of a Deep-Water Coral Reef Mound from Stjernsund, West Finnmark, Northern Norway

André Freiwald

Basin-Wide fluid Movement in a Cambrian Paleoaquifer: Evidence from the MT. Simon Sandstone, Illinois and Indiana

Neil S. Fishman

Bryozoan Stable Isotope Survey From the Cool-Water Lacepede Shelf, Southern Australia

Yvonne Bone

Carbonate-Hosted Mineralization Of The Lower Ordovician Ogdensburg Formation: Evidence For A Paleozoic Thermal Anomaly in the St. Lawrence-Ottawa Lowlands of New York and Ontario

Kathleen Counter Benison

Carbonate Cements as a Tool for Fluid Flow Reconstruction: A Study in Parts of the Eastern Alps (Austria, Germany Slovenia)

Stefan Zeeh

Celleporid (Bryozoan) Thickets from the Upper Pliocene of the Island of Rhodes, Greece

Nils Spjeldnaes

The Cenozoic Neritic Record in Southern Australia: The Biogeohistorical Framework

Brian Mcgowran

Constraints on Paleofluid Compositions in the Travis Peak Formation, East Texas: Evidence From Microanalyses of Oxygen Isotopes in Diagenetic Quartz

Lynda B. Williams

A Cool-Water Carbonate Ramp With Bryozoan Mounds: Late Cretaceous-Danian of the Danish Basin

Finn Surlyk

Cool-Water Carbonate Sedimentation During the Terminal Quaternary Sea-Level Cycle: Lincoln Shelf, Southern Australia

Noel P. James

Diagenetic Indicators of Meteoric Flow in the Pannonian Basin, Southeast Hungary

János Mátyás

Evaporite Sedimentology and the Origin of Evaporite-Associated Mississippi Valley-Type Sulfides in the Cadjebut Mine Area Lennard Shelf, Canning Basin, Western Australia

John K. Warren

Evidence and Modeling of Large-Scale Groundwater Convection in Precambrian Sedimentary Basins

Jeff P. Raffensperger

Evolution of an Arctic Open-Shelf Carbonate Platform, Spitsbergen Bank (Barents Sea)

Rüdiger Henrich

Fluid Flow, Hydrochemistry and Petroleum Entrapment in Devonian Reef Complexes, South-Central Alberta, Canada

Benjamin J. Rostron

Geochemical Comparisons of Modern Cool-Water Calcareous Biota, Lacepede Shelf, South Australia, With Their Tropical Counterparts

Hossain Rahimpour-Bonab

High-Resolution Stratigraphy of the Lexington Limestone (Late Middle Ordovician), Kentucky, U.S.A.: A Cool-Water Carbonate-Clastic Ramp in a Tectonically Active Foreland Basin

Michael C. Pope

Hydrotectonic Models of Burial Diagenesis in Platform Carbonates Based on Formation Water Geochemistry in North American Sedimentary Basins

Ezat Heydari

Ion Microprobe Investigation of Diagenetic Carbonates and Sulfides in the Devonian Nisku Formation, Alberta, Canada

Hans G. Machel

Kaolinitization of Upper Triassic-Lower Jurassic Sandstones of the Tampen Spur Area, North Sea: Implications for Early Diagenesis and Fluid Flow

Mohit Khanna

Mass Transfer During Burial Diagenesis in the Gulf of Mexico Sedimentary Basin: An Overview

Lynton S. Land

Microfossil Paleoenvironments and Sequence Stratigraphy of Tertiary Cool-Water Carbonates, Onshore Gippsland Basin, Southeastern Australia

Guy Holdgate

Mid-Late Tertiary Deep-Water Temperate Carbonate Deposition, Offshore Gippsland Basin, Southeastern Australia

Thomas Bernecker

Mixed Siliciclastic Skeletal Carbonate Facies on Wanganui Shelf, New Zealand: A Contribution to the Temperate Carbonate Model

Jeanette L. Gillespie

Permian (Artinskian Kazanian) Cool-Water Carbonates in North Greenland, Svalbard and the Western Barents Sea

Lars Stemmerik

Permian Warm-to Very Cold-Water Carbonates and Cherts in Northwest Pangea

Benoit Beauchamp

Predicting Diagenetic Effects of Groundwater Flow in Sedimentary Basins: A Modeling Approach With Examples

Ming-Kuo Lee

Pressure-Dissolution and Cementation in an Oligo-Miocene Non-Tropical Limestone (Clifton Formation), Otway Basin, Australia

Stelios Nicolaides

Regional and Local Controls of Diagenesis Driven by Basin-Wide flow System: Pennsylvanian Sandstones and Limestones, Cherokee Basin, Southeastern Kansas

Krzysztof M. Wojcik

The Role of Mixing and Migration of Basinal Waters in Carbonate Minerai Mass Transport

John W. Morse

Secondary Porosity and Late Diagenetic Cements of the Upper Knox Group, Central Tennessee Region: A Temporal and Spatial History of Fluid Flow Conduit Development Within the Knox Regional Aquifer

Isabel P. Montañez

Sedimentary Facies Control of Fluid Flow and Mineralization in Cambro-Ordovician Strata, Southern Missouri

Zhenhao He

Sequence Stratigraphic Concepts

Charles Kerans

Slope Sedimentation and Shelf to Basin Sediment Transfer: A Cool-Water Carbonate Example from the Otway Margin, Southeastern Australia

Victoria Passlow

Southeastern Australia: A Sea-Level Dependent, Cool-Water Carbonate Margin

Marie A. Ferland

Substrate-Slope and Temperature Controls on Carbonate Ramps: Revelations from Upper Miocene Outcrops, Se Spain

Evan K. Franseen

Temperature-Stratified Mississippian Carbonates as Hydrocarbon Reservoirs-Examples from the Foothills of the Canadian Rockies

William Martindale

Upper Cretaceous Temperate-Type Open Shelves from Northern (Sardinia) and Southern (Apennines-Apulia) Mesozoic Tethyan Margins

Gabriele Carannante

Upwelling, Thermoclines and Wave-Sweeping on an Equatorial Carbonate Ramp: Lower Carboniferous Strata of Western Canada

Richard T. Brandley

Variable Fluid and Heat Flow Regimes in Three Devonian Dolomite Conduit Systems Western Canada Sedimentary Basin: Isotopic and Fluid Inclusion Evidence/Constraints

Eric Mountjoy

Warm-Water Platform and Cool-Water Shelf Carbonates of the Abrolhos Shelf, Southwest Australia

Lindsay B. Collins

Warming-Upward Subtidal Cycles in Mid-Tertiary Cool-Water Carbonates, St. Vincent Basin, South Australia

Basim Shubber