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The Society for Organic Petrology (TSOP)

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ABSTRACT: Coke Carbon Form Analysis as a Means for Understanding Maceral Behavior and Coal Carbonization

Dennis D. Kaegi and Hardarshan S. Valia

ABSTRACT: Computer Methods for the Petrographic Prediction of the Coking and Blending Potential of Selected Ohio Coals

D.R. Blesing and W.A. Kneller

ABSTRACT: Crude Oil Destruction and Bitumen Precipitation in Deep Carbonate Reservoirs of the Smackover Formation

Roger Sassen

ABSTRACT: Diachronous Alleghanian Deformation of Coal-Bearing Strata in Pennsylvania, Interpreted from Patterns of Coal Rank and Reflectance Anisotropy

Jeffrey Ross Levine

ABSTRACT: Evolution of the West Siberian Basin and its Effects on Petroleum Generation

George F. Hart and John D. Grace

ABSTRACT: Fluorescence Alteration, Its Appearance and Its Value for Bituminization

Karl Ottenjann

ABSTRACT: Fluorescent Spectral Types of the Liptinite Macerals from Selected Colorado Bituminous Coals and Their Implications on Coalification Patterns

Mark A. Pasley

ABSTRACT: Fluorogeochemistry of Coal Macerals

Rui Lin and Alan Davis

ABSTRACT: Geochemical Significance of Resinite Fluorescence

J.T. Senftle and S.R. Larter

ABSTRACT: Influence of Coal Characteristics on the Free-Swelling Properties of Selected Ohio Coals

William A. Kneller, Ned R. Dunkin Jr., James A. Harrell

ABSTRACT: Microspectrofluorescence Results from Sample Exchange Studies

Carolyn L. Thompson-Rizer and Roger A. Woods

ABSTRACT: Petrographic Analysis of Tertiary Wilcox Lignites in Calhoun County, Mississippi

Jerome A. Gnoose Jr. and Franz Froelicher

ABSTRACT: Petrographic Variability in the Wyodak-Anderson Coal Bed (Paleocene), Powder River Basin, Wyoming

P.D. Warwick and R.W. Stanton

ABSTRACT: Petrography and Programmed Pyrolysis of Coking Coal Intruded by an Igneous Dike, Coal Basin, Colorado

N.H. Bostick and B.A. Collins

ABSTRACT: Petrology of the Pond Creek Coal in Eastern Kentucky

James C. Hower, Jeffrey G. Klapheke, James D. Pollock

ABSTRACT: Photometric Methods for Measuring the Thermal Maturity on Strew-Mounted Kerogen Slides

H.B. Lo

ABSTRACT: Physical and Chemical Properties of Micronized Coals

Kenneth W. Kehn, William G. Lloyd, John T. Riley

ABSTRACT: Recent Developments in Automated Coal Reflectance Analysis

Hope D. Huntington

ABSTRACT: Some British Mississippian and Pennsylvanian Hot Spots

Duncan Murchison

ABSTRACT: The Fluorescence Intensity of Macerals and the Use of Light-Emitting Diodes as Fluorescence Standards

David Bensley and Alan Davis

ABSTRACT: The Occurrence and Properties of Pseudovitrinite

John C. Crelling

ABSTRACT: Thermal Evolution of the West Siberian Basin as a Control on Hydrocarbon Generation

George F. Hart and John D. Grace

ABSTRACT: Variations in Vitrinite Reflectance and Their Relation to the Sedimentary Development of the Upper Carboniferous Coal Measures in the Wells Hengevelde-1 and Joppe-1 (The Netherlands)

Willem J.J. Fermont