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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

The Society for Organic Petrology (TSOP)

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ABSTRACT: Application of Infrared Spectroscopy for the Determination of Hydrocarbon Source and Reservoir Rock Characteristics and Qualities

H. Ganz and W. Kalkreuth

ABSTRACT: Characterization of Amorphous and Other Organic-Matter Types by Microscopy and Pyrolysis-Gas chromatography

Prasanta K. Mukhopadhyay

ABSTRACT: Chemical Basis for the Industrial Application of Spectral Fluorescence Microscopy

Rui Lin and Alan Davis

ABSTRACT: Chemical Variation Associated with Volcanic Ash Layers in the C Coal Bed, Ferron Sandstone Member of the Mancos Shale (cretaceous), Utah

Sharon s. Crowley, Ronald W. Stanton, Linda J. Bragg, Charles L. Oman

ABSTRACT: Climatic Control of Stratigraphic Variation in the Petrography, Mineralogy and Palynology of Some Upper Pennsylvania Coals in the Northern Appalachian Basin

Constantine Karytsas, Alan Davis

ABSTRACT: Comparative Studies of Reflectivity of Vitrinite and Sporinite

Francis T.C. Ting and Jeffry A. Sitler

ABSTRACT: Comparison of Monterey Formation Kerogens from the Salinas Basin and Santa Barbara Channel Areas, California

M.H. Pytte

ABSTRACT: Density Gradient Separations of - 100 Mesh Coal

Steven H. Poe, Darrell N. Taulbee, Robert A. Keogh, Burtron H. Davis

ABSTRACT: Extraordinary Maturation Profiles of the Pacific Northwest

Neil S. Summer and Kenneth L. Verosub

ABSTRACT: Fluorescence Sprectral Analysis of Sporinite in the Lower Kittanning Seam: Influence of Rank and Depositional Environment

S.M. Rimmer, J.C. Crelling, C.R. Landis

ABSTRACT: Generation of Hydrocarbons from Tertiary Coals of Texas-Coal as Potential Source Rock for Liquid Hydrocarbons in a Deltaic Basin?

P.K. Mukhopadhyay, J.R. Gormly, J.E. Zumberge

ABSTRACT: Geochemical Evaluation Siljan Ring Well, Central Sweden

John R. Castano

ABSTRACT: Lateral and Vertical Variation in Plant Megafossil Assemblages in the Upper Freeport Coal Bed (Middle Pennsylvanian, West-Central Pennsylvania)

Richard B. Winston and Ronald W. Stanton

ABSTRACT: Liquefaction Residues of the Breckinridge Cannel Western Kentucky

James C. Hower and Jeffrey G. Klapheke

ABSTRACT: Micropetrographic Examination of Tropical Woody Peats from Indonesia and Malaysia

Joan S. Esterle

ABSTRACT: Organic Petrography, Palynology, and Sedimentology of the Smith and Anderson Coal Beds(Paleocene), Powder River Basin, Wyoming and Montana

T.A. Moore, R.W. Stanton, R.M. Flores, D.T. Pocknall

ABSTRACT: Organic Petrography and Chemistry of Density-Concentrated Macerals of an Upper Devonian Black Shale from Kentucky

L.S. Barron, T.L. Robl, D.N. Taulbee

ABSTRACT: Peatification and Early Coalification of Wood as Deduced by Analytical Pyrolysis and Microscopic Methods

Scott A. Stout, William Spackman, Jaap J. Boon

ABSTRACT: Petrography and Geochemistry of Organic Matter from Lead-Zinc Bearing Carboniferous Sequences of Salmon River Basin, Nova Scotia, Canada

Y.Heroux, D.Michoux, M.Desjardins

ABSTRACT: Petrography and Programmed Pyrolysis of Coal and Natural Coke Intruded by an Igneous Dike, Coal Basin, Pitkin County, Colorado

Neely H. Bostick, Bruce A. Collins

ABSTRACT: Petrography of Typical Oklahoma Coals

Brian J. Cardott

ABSTRACT: Petrology of Some California Coals

Neely H. Bostick

ABSTRACT: Pyrite Grain-Size Distribution and Pyritic Sulfur Reduction in Ohio Coals: A Statistical Relationship

Mainak Mazumdar, Richard W. Carlton, Gino A. Irdi

ABSTRACT: The Influence of Rank, Grade, and Petrographic Composition on Coal Bed Natural Gas Reservoirs

Jeffrey R. Levine

ABSTRACT: The Organic Petrology and Geochemistry of Selected Oil Shales from the Carboniferous of Eastern canada

W. Kalkreuth and G. Macauley

ABSTRACT: Transitional Characteristics and Unconventional Coalification on Middle and Late Pleistocene Buried Peat and Soft Brown Coal of Tengcong Basin, Western Yunnan, China

Jin Kuili and Qin Yong

ABSTRACT: Visual Clues of Liquid Hydrocarbon Migration (Poster Session)

Daniel L. Pearson

Organic Petrological Studies of Oil Shales

A.C. Cook