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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

The Society for Organic Petrology (TSOP)

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ABSTRACT: A Scientific Investigation into the Methodology for the Centrifugal Sink/Float Separation of Coal Macerals

Gary R. Dyrkacz, John Fredricks, Ljiljana Ruscic

ABSTRACT: Carbon and Nitrogen Isotopic Biogeochemistry of a Saline Alkaline Lacustrine Sequence:Green River Formation (Eocene). Western United States

James W. Collister and J.M. Hayes

ABSTRACT: DGS Concentration and Characterization of Granular Micrinite: Preliminary Report

D.N. Taulbee, S.F. Greb, J.C. Hower

ABSTRACT: Electron Microprobe Analysis of Coal Macerals

C.H. Harrison

ABSTRACT: Geochemistry of Lacustrine Source Rocks and Associated Oils

Andre van der Meulen

ABSTRACT: How Well Can Artifical Coalification Simulate the Natural Maturation Trend?

H.B. Lo

ABSTRACT: Influence of Kerogen Isolation Methods on Petrographic and Bulk Chemical Composition of Woodford Shale Round Robin Sample: Report of the TSOP Research Committee

J.T. Senftle

ABSTRACT: Interpreting the Diagenetic Histiry of Coal Seams from Clay Mineral Analyses

Eric J. Daniels and Stephen P. Altaner

ABSTRACT: Investigation of Artificially Coalified Peats by Petrography and Combined Pyrolysis GC/MS and Pyrolysis GC/FT-IR/FID Analysis

M. Rollins, A. Cohen, A. Bailey, J. Durig

ABSTRACT: Lithotype Variation in Lower Cretaceous (Albian) Gates Formation Coal Seams, Northeastern British Columbia, Canada

M.N. Lamberson, W.D. Kalkreuth, R.M. Bustin, K.C. Pratt

ABSTRACT: Lower Kittanning Seam Revisited: Role of Maturity on Molecular Composition and its Implication for Petroleum Exploration

R.A. Noble, L. Dzou, J.T. Senftle

ABSTRACT: Low Temperature Carbonization Yields of Facies of the Wyodak-Anderson Coal Bed, Powder River Basin, Wyoming

R.W. Stanton, P.D. Warwick, S.S. Crowley

ABSTRACT: Metagenic Alteration of Sedimentary Organic Matter

T.A. Abrajano Jr., B.D. Holt, M. Averill, G.R. Dyrkacz

ABSTRACT: Microspectrofluorimetry Applied to Organic Petrology of Source-Rocks: A New Calibration Procedure for Fluorescence Measurement of Oil and Kerogen

R. Baranger, L. Martinez, J.L. Pittion, J. Pouleau

ABSTRACT: Observation of Coal Porosity by Rhodamine Dye Impregnation

Daniel J. Soeder

ABSTRACT: Operation and Composition of the Penn State Coal Sample Bank and Data Base

David C. Glick and Alan Davis

ABSTRACT: Organic Matter of a Metal-Rich New Albany Shale of Indiana

E.M. Ripley, N.R. Shaffer

ABSTRACT: Particulate Organic Matter Variations in Transgressive and Regressive Shales: Implications for Use of Organic Petrology in Stratigraphic Interpretations

Mark A. Pasley, William A. Gregory, George F. Hant

ABSTRACT: Petrography of Permian "Gondwana" Coals from Boreholes in Northwestern Bangladesh

Neely Bostick and Q.M. Arifur Rahman

ABSTRACT: Petrology of Liquefaction Residues: Maceral Concentrates from a Pond Greek Durain, Eastern Kentucky

James C. Hower, Robert A. Keogh, Darrell N. Taulbee

ABSTRACT: Photochemistry of Secondary Resinites in Permian Basin Shales

Charles R. Landis

ABSTRACT: Quality and Chemistry of Devonian Coals from Prince Patrick Island, Canadian Arctic Archipelago

F.Goodarzi, T.Gentzis, Q.Goodbody

ABSTRACT: Results of the Maceral Analysis Round-Robin: Precise or Dismal Science

James C. Hower, Kenneth W. Kuehn, Gary D. Wild

ABSTRACT: Some Petrographic Applications to Coal, Coke and Carbons

Ralph J. Grey

ABSTRACT: Thermal Maturity Assessment in Organic Petrology. A Comparison Between Reflectance and Fluorescence Based on Case Studies of Sedimentary Basins

B. Pradier, P. Bertrand, L. Martinez, F. Laggoun-Defarge, P. Fourmont

ABSTRACT: Toward a Standardization of Random Vitrinite Reflectance

Brian J. Cardott, David F. Bensley

ABSTRACT: Variation of Organic Sulfur in Macerals of Selected Illinois Basin Coal

Ilham Demir and Richard Harvey

ABSTRACT: Vitrinite Reflectance, Infrared Spectroscopy and Illite Crystallinity Measurements in Southern Bolivia

M. Reinhardt

ABSTRACT: Volcanic Ash in the Wyodak-Anderson Coal Bed, Powder River Basin, Wyoming

D.M. Triplehorn, R.W. Stanton, L.F. Ruppert, S.S. Crowley