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The Society for Organic Petrology (TSOP)

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ABSTRACT: An Organic Geochemical and Organic Petrological Comparison of Coals and Associated Organic-Rich Rocks from Pennsylvanian Coal Basins. Nova Scotia: Implications for Their Depositional Environments

M.G. Fowler, W.D. Kalkreuth, M.R. Gibling

ABSTRACT: Applications of Microscopy to Cokemaking

J.F. Gransden, J.G. Jorgensen, N. Manery, J.T. Price, N.J. Ramey

ABSTRACT: Biaxial Vitrinites in the Elk Valley Coalfield Southeastern British Columbia

David Grieve

ABSTRACT: Carboniferous Lakes and Mires: Example from the Harbour Seam Interval, Sydney Coalfield, Nova Scotia

D.J. MacNeil, P.K. Mukhopadhyay, R.D. Naylor

ABSTRACT: Characterization of Westphalian Coal Seams of the Sydney Basin, Nova Scotia Using Automated Image Analysis

J. Paul, J. White, K. Pratt, W.D. Kalkreuth, M.R. Gibling

ABSTRACT: Chemical Basis of Fluorescence Alteration of Crude Oils and Kerogens: 2-Fluorescence and Infra-Red Microspectrometric Analysis of Vitrinite and Liptinite

B. Pradier, P. Landais, C. Largeau, A. Davis

ABSTRACT: Coalbeds Correlation Through Microhardness Technique

B.P. Hucka, V.J. Hucka, U.Z. Das, B.M. Das

ABSTRACT: Coalification in the Western Molasse Basin (Switzerland, France)

Roland Schegg

ABSTRACT: Coal Lithotype Composition and Variation: Gates Formation, Northeastern British Columbia

M.N. Lamberson and R.M. Bustin

ABSTRACT: Coals of Canada: Their Properties and Characteristics

A.R. Cameron and G.G. Smith

ABSTRACT: Combustion and Hydrogenation Behaviour of Canadian and German Coals in Relation to Petrographic and Chemical Properties

Monika Steller, Wolfgang Kalkreuth, Inge Kasuschke, Shadi Ganz

ABSTRACT: Composition and Depositional Environment of Eastern Canadian Oil Shales

W.D. Smith, C.St. Peter, P.K. Mukhopadhyay, R.D. Naylor, F.D. Ball, W.D. Kalkreuth, G. Macauley

ABSTRACT: Depositional Environments of the Hart Coal Zone, Willow Bunch Coalfield, Saskatchewan from Petrographic, Palynological, Paleontological, Mineralogical, and Trace Element Studies

J. Potter, W.J. McDougall, E.M.V. Nambudiri, A.P. Beaton, L.W. Vigrass

ABSTRACT: Distribution of Biogenic Silica in Peats from the Okefenokee Swamp

Arthur D. Cohen

ABSTRACT: Effect of Stratigraphy on the Spontaneous Combustion of Coal in the Gondwana Basin of the Raniganj Coalfield, India

R. Saxena, G.K.B. Navale, D. Chandra, Y.V.S. Prasad, J. Moitra

ABSTRACT: Effects of Storage Methods on Coal Sample Preservation

David C. Glick, Gareth D. Mitchell, Alan Davis

ABSTRACT: Evaluation of Organic Maturity and Hydrocarbon Source Potential of the Ringnes Formation, Sverdrup Basin, Arctic Canada

F. Goodarzi, K.R. Stewart, A.F. Embry, D.N. Skibo

ABSTRACT: Graptolite Reflectance As indicator of Thermal Maturity of Sedimentary Rocks of Ordovician to Devonian Age from the Queen Elizabeth Islands, Arctic Archipelago

Fariborz Goodarzi and Thomas Gentzis

ABSTRACT: Graptolite Reflectance in the Prehnite-Pumpellyite and Chlorite Zones of Northern Maine, U.S.A.

Mary Ann L. Malinconico

ABSTRACT: Hydrocarbon Generation and Maturation of Jurassic-Cretaceous Sediments from the Scotian Shelf: Comparison of Organic Petrographic/Geochemical Analysis and Numerical Modelling

P.K. Mukhopadhyay, J.A. Wade, L.R. Snowdon, M.G. Fowler, M.P. Avery

ABSTRACT: Hydrocarbon Generation of Coals from Two Sedimentary Environments of Texas and Nova Scotia

J.H. Calder, P.G. Hatcher, P.K. Mukhopadhyay, J.R. Gormly

ABSTRACT: Identification of Indigenous Vitrinites for Improved Thermal Maturity Evaluation

H.B. Lo

ABSTRACT: Image Analysis Characterization of Coal: Reflectance Distributions, Particle Shape, Composition and Fractal Dimension

K.C. Pratt

ABSTRACT: Infrared Microspectroscopy: An Efficient Tool for Micro-Scale Characterization of Organic Matter

P. Landais and A. Rochdi

ABSTRACT: Low Intensity Fluorescence Spectroscopy, (LIFS), of Coal Macerals

David F. Bensley and John C. Crelling

ABSTRACT: Microscopic Properties of Organic Matter Related to Variations in Source Rock Facies

S.C. Teerman, R.J. Hwang, P. Sundararaman, M. Schoell

ABSTRACT: Molecular Structure of Reactive Coals During Oxidation, Carbonization and Hydrogenation with Reference to Age and Depositional Environment

Fariborz Goodarzi, Thomas Gentzis, Richard McFarlane

ABSTRACT: Observation of the Organic Matter In Situ in the Source Rocks with Backscattered Electron Imaging

S. Belin

ABSTRACT: Occurrence of Selected Elements in Coals and Related Sediments from the N.W.T.,Canada: Environmental Implications of Resource Use

N.R. Hart, M.A. Powell, W.S. Fye, F. Goodarzi, A.R. Cameron

ABSTRACT: On the Use of Lasers in the Characterization of Coals and Kerogens

Scott A. Stout and Rui Lin

ABSTRACT: Organic Geochemical Analyses of Microscopycally Characterized Liptinite Macerals in the Permian Kupferschiefer of the Lower Rhine Basin, FRG

L. Schwark, H. Heppenheimer, M Wolf, W. Puttmann

ABSTRACT: Organic Matter as a Guide to Mineralization: Four Mississippi Valley-Type Case Histories

Y. Heroux, R.N. Randell, A.L. Henry, J.S. Leventhal

ABSTRACT: Organic Maturation in the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin

R.M. Bustin

ABSTRACT: Organic Maturation Trends in the Ohio Shale, Eastern Kentucky

Susan M. Rimmer, D.J. Cantrell, Patrick J. Gooding

ABSTRACT: Organic Petrography and Geochemistry of the Lower Jurassic "Nordegg Member", Alberta and British Columbia

C.L. Riediger and F. Goodarzi

ABSTRACT: Organic Petrology, Palynology and Depositional Environments of Barachois Group Coals (Westphalian A-C), Southwestern Newfoundland

Richard S. Hyde, Wolfgang D. Kalkreuth, John Utting

ABSTRACT: Palynological Zonation and Thermal Maturity of Lower Carboniferous (Tournaisian) Rocks in Nova Scotia

J. Utting, A.P. Hamblin, J.D. Keppie, P.S. Giles

ABSTRACT: Petrographic Methods for the Comparison of Modern Peats and a Miocene-Age Lignite, Kalimantan, Indonesia

T.A. Moore

ABSTRACT: Petrography, Geochemistry, and Palynology of the Path Fork Coal Bed, Southeastern Kentucky

A.R. Hatton, J.C. Hower, C.T. Helfrich, J.D. Pollock, G.D. Wild

ABSTRACT: Petrology of the Hydrogenation Residues of a Subbituminous Coal

J.G. Prado, A. Mastral, M.T. Izquierdo, B. Rubio

ABSTRACT: Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Peats from Various Depositional Settings: Development of a Peat Sample Bank

Michael S. Roilins, Arthur D. Cohen, James R. Durlg

ABSTRACT: Preliminary Study of the Extraction Techniques in Oil Shales

C.G. Blanco, J.G. Prado, M.D. Guillen, A.G. Borrego

ABSTRACT: Probability Statistics in the Analysis of Coal Blends

David E. Pearson

ABSTRACT: Recognition of Tertiary Deltaic and Lacustrine Organic Facies Based on Molecular, Isotopic and Kerogen Composition

Rui Lin and Joseph A. Curiale

ABSTRACT: Recovery, Characterization and Utilization of Ponded Coal Fines

Kenneth W. Kuehn and C. Edward Beane

ABSTRACT: Regional Maturation of Sedimentary Rocks in the Beaufort-Mackenzie Basin

J. Dixon, F. Goodarzi, D. Issler, L.R. Snowdon

ABSTRACT: Relationships Between Data from Rock-Eval Pyrolysis and from Proximate, Ultimate, Petrographic, and Physical Analysis of 150 Diverse U.S. Coals

Neely Bostick, Ted Daws

ABSTRACT: Relationships Between Palynofacies, Coal Petrographic Facies and Depositional Environments

A.R. Sweet and A.R. Cameron

ABSTRACT: Secondary Pores in Coal: Their Formation and Relationship to Coal Macerals, Pingdingshan-Jiaosuo Coal Fields, China

Tang Yalan and Jeffrey R. Levine

ABSTRACT: Sedimentary Basin Evolution and Tectonic Control on Organic Facies Distribution; A Comparitive Study of Dispersed Organic Matter from Intracratonic and Foreland Basin Settings

L.D. Stasiuk, F. Goodarzi, T. Gentzis, K.G. Osadetz

ABSTRACT: Study of Petroleum Generation by Compaction Pyrolysis

Nobuyori Takeda, Hiroshi Kurita, Hideki Matsubayashi

ABSTRACT: Successional Changes in Peat Facies Within Tertiary Coal Seams, Waikato Coal Region, New Zeland

R. Sykes

ABSTRACT: Syn-Deformational Coalification in the Cadomin-Luscar Coalfield, Alberta

C.W. Langenberg and W. Kalkreuth

ABSTRACT: The Assessment and Nature of Elements with Organic Affinities in Coals

D.J. Swaine

ABSTRACT: The Influence of Physical and Chemical Parameters on Organic Maturation- Application to the Shei Point Group in the Sverdrup Basin, Arctic Canada

D.N. Skibo, F. Goodarzi, K.R. Stewart, A.F. Embry

ABSTRACT: The Ohai Coalfield, One of Many in New Zeland

Jane Shearer

ABSTRACT: The Relationship Between Coal Petrography and Depositional Environments- A Status Report on Canadian Research

J.H. Calder, W.D. Kalkreuth, M.N. Lamberson, D.L. Marchioni, R.D. Naylor

ABSTRACT: Thermal Maturation of Source Rocks in the St. Lawrence Lowlands and in Neighboring Basins and Outliers Around the Southeastern Part of Canadian Shield

Rudolf Bertrand

ABSTRACT: Thermal Maturation of Structureless Organic Matter: Its Petrographic Expression

John R. Castano, Peter R. Johnson, Albert K. Killi

ABSTRACT: Thermal Maturity and Source Potential of the Sedimentary Succession from Hecla Hydrocarbon Field, Southwestern Sverdrup Basin

Thomas Gentzis and Fariborz Goodarzi

ABSTRACT: Variation of Elements in Western Canadian Coals

F. Goodarzi, M.A. Powell, E. Van der Flier-Keller, W.S. Fyfe, A.P. Beaton

ABSTRACT: Vitrinite Reflectance Beyond Rmax and Rm

Ward E. Kilby