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The Society for Organic Petrology (TSOP)

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ABSTRACT: A Gravimetric Method of Measuring Gas Sorption in Coal

Jeffrey R. Levine, G. Prakash, Philip Johnson

ABSTRACT: Are High Thermal Maturities in the Appalachian Basin Due to Organic-Rich Sediments?

Karen R. Cercone and Henry N. Pollack

ABSTRACT: Bireflectance of Vitrinite in Arkoma Basin Dispersed Organics: Insights for Understanding Reflectance Populations in High Thermal Maturity Regions

David W. Houseknecht, David Bensley, Lori A. Hathon, Paul H. Kastens

ABSTRACT: Characterization of the Organic Sulfur in Macerals and Chars

I. Demir, Richard D. Harvey, Keith C. Hackley

ABSTRACT: Coal Compositional Changes Along a Swamp Interior to Swamp Margin Transect in the Mary Lee Coal Bed, Warrior Basin, Alabama, U.S.A

Cortland F. Eble, Robert A. Gastaldo, Timothy M. Demko, Yuejin Liu

ABSTRACT: Coal Petrographic Classification and the Benefits of Etching

Ronald W. Stanton and Timothy A. Moore

ABSTRACT: Comparison of the Chemical and Physical Characteristics of Coal and Organic Rich Shale Demineralized with HF-HCl and HF-BF3 Maceration Techniques

Tom L. Robl and Burt H. Davis

ABSTRACT: Comparison of the Petrography, Palynology, and Paleobotany of the Stockton Bed, West Virginia

Brenda S. Pierce, Ronald W. Stanton, Cortland F. Eble

ABSTRACT: Compositional Characteristics of the Manchester Coal Bed (Lower Middle Pennsylvanian) in Eastern Kentucky

Cortland F. Eble, James C. Hower, Donald R. Chesnut Jr.

ABSTRACT: Electron Microprobe Determination of Carbon, Oxygen, and Nitrogen Content of Coal: A Novel Method for In-Situ Elemental Analyses of Macerals

R.M. Bustin, M. Mastalerz, K.R. Wilks

ABSTRACT: Elemental Composition of Holocene Tropical Domed Peat, Indonesia

Sandra G. Neuzil, C. Blaine Cecil, Supardi

ABSTRACT: Evolution of the Chemical Structure of Hat Creek Resinite During Oxidation: A Combined FT-IR Photoacoustic, NMR and Optical Microscopic Study

T Gentzis, F. Goodarzi, R.A. McFarlane, A.M. Vassallo

ABSTRACT: Fracture Morphology of Six Alabama and Wyoming Coals, Studied by Fluorescent Epoxy Impregnation

Jeffrey R. Levine

ABSTRACT: Gelification and Early Diagenesis in Peat: Implications for the Precursor Vitrinite Macerals Types

P.K. Mukhopadhyay, J.H. Calder, J.S. Esterle

ABSTRACT: Investigations into the Nature of Sink/Float Centrifugal Separations of Coal Macerals Using Density Gradient Centrifugation

Gary R. Dyrkacz, Ljiljana Ruscic, John Fredricks

ABSTRACT: New and Traditional Carbon Materials from Petroleum and Coal Sources

Harry Marsh

ABSTRACT: Optical Description of Amorphous Kerogen in both Thin Sections and Isolated Kerogen Preparations

Carolyn L. Thompson-Rizer

ABSTRACT: Optical Microscopy of Coal-Derived Activated Carbons: Preliminary Results

Susan M. Rimmer, Michael W. Thwaites, Marit Jagtoyen, John M. Stencil, Brian McEnaney, Frank Derbyshire

ABSTRACT: Organic Geochemistry of Permian Black Shales,Sudetes Region, Southwestern Poland

Shareen R. Yawanarajah, Michael A. Kruge, Wojciech Sliwinski

ABSTRACT: Organic Geochemistry of Pond Creek Coal Lithotypes, Pike County, Kentucky

Joseph T. Senftle, Leon Dzou, James C. Hower, Darrell N. Taulbee, Robert F. Rathbone, Charles T. Helfrich

ABSTRACT: Paleoecological Reconstruction of a Miocene Lignite, Kalimantan, Indonesia

Thomas D. Demchuk and Timothy A. Moore

ABSTRACT: Paleoecological Reconstruction of an Early Paleocene Coal Zone, Wabamun, Alberta

Thomas D. Demchuk, A.R. Cameron, L.V. Hills

ABSTRACT: Petrographic and Chemical Changes During Early-Stage Artificial Coalification of Peats

A.D. Cohen, M.S. Rollins, A.M. Bailey, I.R. Durig

ABSTRACT: Petrographic Variation of Coal Seams of Zacler Formation (Westphalian) in the Intrasudetic Basin, Sowthwestern Poland

Grzegorz J. Nowak

ABSTRACT: Petrography and Petroleum Source-Rock Potential of Algal Deposits Along the Coast of Abu Dhabi, U.A.E

B.A. Birdwell, A.D Cohen, C.G.St.C. Kendall, E.L. Colling, A. Alsharhan

ABSTRACT: Petrography of Liquefaction Residues: Semifusinite Concentrates from a Peach Orchard Coal Lithotype, Magoffin County, Kentucky

James C. Hower, Robert A. Keogh, Darrell N. Taulbee, Robert F. Rathbone

ABSTRACT: Preserved Tonsteins in the Eocene Senakin Coal Bed, Tanjung Formation, Indonesia

Leslie F. Ruppert and Timothy A. Moore

ABSTRACT: Reassessment of the Evidence for Primary Fusinite and Degradofusinite Based on Studies on Coal Balls from the New Castle Coal Bed (Alabama, U.S.A.), the Union Coal Bed, (Lancashire, England) and the Calhoun Coal Bed (Illinois, U.S.A.)

Richard B. Winston

ABSTRACT: Reflectance Cross-Plot Analysis of Graptolites from the Anchi-Metamorphic Region of Northern Maine, U.S.A

Mary Ann L. Malinconico

ABSTRACT: Relationship of Paleoenvironment and Organic Maturity on the Hydrocarbon Potential of Permian Basin Shales

Charles R. Landis, Leon Dzou, William B. Hughes, Warren E. Neff

ABSTRACT: Secondary Macropores and Mosaic Structure in a Telemagmatic Metamorphic Coal and Their Significance in Exploration for Natural Gas, Henan, China

Yalan Tang and James C. Hower

ABSTRACT: Source Rock Characterization and Maturation of Clastic and Carbonate Rocks (Devonian-Carboniferous) from Onshore Nova Scotia, Canada-Evidences of Early Generation of Hidrocarbons

P.K. Mukhopadhyay and D.J. MacDonald

ABSTRACT: Sulfur and Carbon Isotope Geochemistry of Sapropel and Peat from Mud Lake, Florida

E.C. Spiker, A.L. Bates, P.G. Hatcher, V.J. Comer, S.A. Stout

ABSTRACT: Tectonic Significance of the Coalification Patterns of Western Pennsylvania Coals

Etuan Zhang and Alan Davis

ABSTRACT: The Effect of Deformation on Carbonization in High-Volatile Bituminous and Anthracitic Coals: Comparison Between Hydrostatic and Nonhydrostatic Experiments

M. Mastalerz, K.R. Wilks, R.M. Bustin, J.V. Ross

ABSTRACT: The Effects of Depositional Environment on Vitrinite Fluorescence

Robert F. Rathbone and Alan Davis

ABSTRACT: The Interpretation of Vitrinite Reflectance Measurements Using Rotational Polarization

D.F. Bensley and J.C. Crelling

ABSTRACT: The Relationship Between Coal Bed Methane Potential and Petrographic Characteristics of Selected Western Canadian Jurassic-Cretaceous Coals

K. Burchard and W. Kalkreuth

ABSTRACT: The Role of Shear Strain in the Graphitization Process: Insights from Deformation Experiments on High-Volatile Bituminous and Anthracitic Coals

K.R. Wilks, M. Mastalerz, R.M. Bustin, J.V. Ross