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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

The Society for Organic Petrology (TSOP)

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ABSTRACT: A Discussion of TSOP VR Round-Robin Analysis

Rui Lin

ABSTRACT: A Fluorescence Microprobe for Organic Petrology

John R. Wilmshurst

ABSTRACT: Albian-Cenomanian (Nanushuk Group) Wetland Environments of the North Stope of Alaska Region

Michelle N. Lamberson, Judith Totman Parrish, Robert A. Spicer

ABSTRACT: A Minimal Response to Contact Metamorphism by the Devonian Buchan Group Limestones, Buchan Trough, Victoria, Australia-Evidence from Impsonite Reflectance, Isotopic Composition and Fluid Inclusions

C.E. Barker and Yvonne Bone

ABSTRACT: Analysis of Megascopic (Lithotype) and Microscopic (Maceral) Variations in the Pond Greek Coal Seam, Eastern Kentucky

P. Daniel Vogler and Susan M. Rimmer

ABSTRACT: Assessing the Use of Solid Hydrocarbons in Petroleum Exploration

Charles R. Landis and John R. Castano

ABSTRACT: Characterization and Maturation of Cretaceous/Jurassic Source Rocks and Light Oils/Condensates from the Scotian Basin, Canada and Interpretation on Possible Oil-Oil and Oil-Source Rock Correlation

Prasanta K. Mukhopadhyay, John A. Wade, Michael A. Kruge, and Martin G. Fowler

ABSTRACT: Comparison of Predictions from a Vitrinite Reflectance Geothermometer and a Kinetic Model of Vitrinite Reflectance Evolution: Examples from the Late Cretaceous Mesaverde Formation, Wind River Basin, Wyoming

C.E. Barker and B.L. Crysdale

ABSTRACT: Comparison of the Petrography, Palynology, and Paleobotany of the Little Fire Greek Coal Bed, Southwestern Virginia

Brenda S. Pierce, Cortland F. Eble, Ronald W. Stanton

ABSTRACT: Detection of Natural Weathering from Profiles of Woodford Shale and Upper McAlester Coal in Oklahoma

H.B. Lo and B.J. Cardott

ABSTRACT: Effecacy of Oil Agglomeration for Beneficiation of Ultrafine and Micronized Coals

Kenneth W. Kuehn, James C. Hower, Garry D. Wild, and B.K. Parekh

ABSTRACT: Electron Microscopy of Organic Materials and Their Role in Shale Diagenesis

Siva Sivalingam

ABSTRACT: Geocatalytic Properties of Clay Minerals in the Source Rocks of the Permian Basin

Siva Sivalingam

ABSTRACT: Geochemical Factors Effecting Oil in the Pool

E.V. Soboleva and B.K. Dzhaikiev

ABSTRACT: Geochemical Types of Oils in the Timano-Petchorsky Basin

T.K. Kirjukhina

ABSTRACT: Geological and Physicochemical Constraints on Methane and C6+ Hydrocarbon Generating Capabilities and Quality of Carboniferous Coals, Cumberland Basin, Nova Scotia, Canada

P.K. Mukhopadhyay, J.N. Calder, P.G. Hatcher

ABSTRACT: Geology-Geochemical Conditions of Hydrocarbon Fields Formation of the East of the Pre-Caspian Depression

B.A. Soloviev and E.A. Nekrasova

ABSTRACT: Hydrocarbon and Water Fluids in JUK-10 Stratum Pool of Krasnoleninsky Vault Talinsk Oil Field in Western Siberia

A.N. Guseva and T.K. Petrovskay

ABSTRACT: Identifying and Understanding Suppressed Vitrinite Reflectance Through Hydrous Pyrolysis Experiments

Michael D. Lewan

ABSTRACT: Inter-Laboratory Comparisons of Petrography of Liquefaction Residues from Three Argonne Premium Coals

James C. Hower, Ken B. Anderson, Glenda Mackay, Manuel J. Lemos de Sousa, Henrique Pinheiro, and Deolinda Flores

ABSTRACT: Laser Microfusion: A Rapid Technique for the Fusibility Assessment of Coals

Ronald W.T. Wilkins, John R. Wilmshurst, Carol P. Buckingham

ABSTRACT: Maceral Precursors in the Paleocene Saskatchewan Lignite

E.M.V.Nambudiri and Stephen L.Bend

ABSTRACT: Microscopic and Microscopic Analysis of Coal/Spar Contact Textures and Structures to Determine the Origin and Distribution of Rock Spar Bodies in Cretaceous Coals of Western Colorado and Central Utah

Neely H. Bostick, John K. Hardie, and William J. Betterton

ABSTRACT: Microscopy of Formed Activated Carbons from Bituminous Coal

Robert Rathbone, Vincent Verheyen, Marit Jagtoyen, and Frank Derbyshire

ABSTRACT: Morphological and Chemical Variations within the Alga Gloeocapsamorpha Prisca: Evidence for Separate Species

Jack D. Burgess and David A. Wavrek

ABSTRACT: New Developments in Micro-fluorescence Srectroscopy of Petroleum Source Rocks

Ganjavar Khavari Khorasani and Johan K. Michelsen

ABSTRACT: Observation of Shale Source Rock Fabric and Discussion of Implications in Hydrocarbon Expulsion

J.T. Senftle, N.R. O'Brien, and R.M. Slatt

ABSTRACT: Observations on the Petrology of Sapropelic Coals

Zhiwen Han and John C. Crelling

ABSTRACT: Organic Petrology and Geochemistry of Cretaceous (Albian-Turonian) Black Shales from the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin

Barbara Mosle, Martin G. Fowler, Wolfgang D. Kalkreuth

ABSTRACT: Origin of Clay Partings in the Herrin (No.6) Coal of the Illinois Basin and Relationship of the Partings to Petrography of the Coal

Suzanne J. Russell

ABSTRACT: Paleofloral and Paleoclimate Influences on the Properties of Cretaceous and Eocene New Zealand Coals

Jane Newman, Elizabeth M. Kennedy, Ian L. Daniel, and Malcolm D. Warnes

ABSTRACT: Petrographic and Palynilogic Characteristics Across the Cretaceous-Tertiary Boundary in the Sugarite Coal Bed, New Mexico

Brenda S. Pierce and R. Farley Fleming

ABSTRACT: Petrographic Characteristics of Metamorphosed Coals the South Donbass Region

Galina Jernovaja

ABSTRACT: Pyrolysis-Gas Chromatography and Scanning Electron Microscopy of Artificially Matured Samples of Pseudoplexaura Porosa

Alfredo Galvez-Sinibaldi, R. Paul Philp, W. Chissoe

ABSTRACT: Pyrolysis Processing Characteristics of Kentucky Cannel Coals

U.M. Graham, J.C. Hower, R.F. Rathbone, M.M. Spears

ABSTRACT: Should Fluorescence Alteration Replace Vitrinite Reflectance as a Major Tool for Thermal Maturity Determination in Oil Exploration?

Ronald W.T. Wilkins, John R. Wilmshurst, George Hladky, Michael V. Ellacott, Carol P. Buckingham

ABSTRACT: Source Rock/Dispersed Organic Matter Characterization

Stan Teerman

ABSTRACT: Stepwise Compositional Variations in Solutions Released from Peats During Laboratory Coalification Experiments

Alan M. Bailey and Arthur D. Cohen

ABSTRACT: The Application of Reservoir Geochemistry in Central Oklahoma: The Prairie Gem Field, Lincoln Co

R.P. Philp, A.N. Bishop, J. Allen, H.D. Wang, and K. Rottmann

ABSTRACT: The Effect of a Minor Igneous Intrusion on the Petroleum Potential of a Jurassic Shale, Isle of Skye, Scotland

A.N. Bishop and G.D. Abbott

ABSTRACT: The Relation of Macerals and Palynomorphs to Volcanic Ash Partings in a Western Interior Coal Bed

Sharon S. Crowley, Debra A. Dufek, and Ronald W. Stanton

ABSTRACT: Thermomechanical Properties (TMA) of the Ohio Shale from the Bellefontaine Outlier, Bristol Ridge, Logan County, Ohio

William A.Kneller and Jian Chen

ABSTRACT: Uinta Basin Wurtzilite: A Product of Natural Vulcanization

Tim E. Ruble, R. Paul Philp, Alfredo Galvez-Sinibaldi, James R. Maxwell, Wayne N. Harrison

ABSTRACT: Variations in the Occurrence of Pyrite and Total Sulfur in Peats at the Confluence of Carbonate and Peat-forming Environments

Katherine E. McKay and Arthur D. Cohen

Calibration of Kinetic Models with Data from Geologically Matured Organic Matter: Estimation of the Kinetics of Thermal Degradation of Individual Oil-generating Macerals

Johan K. Michelsen and Ganjavar Khavari Khorasini

Effects of Overpressuring on Organic Maturation and Vitrinite Reflectance

Susan M. Rimmer

The Geochemistry of Lignite: New Approaches to Old Problems

Stephen L. Bend and E.M.V. Nambudiri