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The Society for Organic Petrology (TSOP)

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ABSTRACT: Age, Correlation, and Environment of Wyoming and North Dakota Coals

Jack D. Burgess and Harry A. Leffingwell

ABSTRACT: A Preliminary Study of Coal-Formating Environments During Deposition of the Paleocene Fort Union Formation, Wind River Basin, Wyoming

Ronald C. Johnson, Romeo M. Flores, Richard Szmajter, Thomas M. Finn

ABSTRACT: A Regional Coalification Study of Cretaceous and Tertiary Coals in the Central Rocky Mountain Foothills of Alberta, Canada

K. Burchard, F.M. Dawson, W. Kalkreuth, C.W. Langenberg

ABSTRACT: Characteristics of Lithotype Thickness and Sequential Association of Some Kentucky Coals

Zhengping Wang, James C. Hower, John C. Ferm, Garry C. Wild

ABSTRACT: Coalbed Methane Potential of the Stellarton Basin, Nova Scotia, Canada Emphasis on its Relationship with Maturity and CO2 Surface Area

Prasant K. Mukhopadhyay, D. Jack MacDonald, John H. Calder

ABSTRACT: Coal Combustian Under Conditions of Blast Furnace Injection

John C. Crelling

ABSTRACT: Comparison of Maturity and Source Rock Geochemistry of Selected Rocks from the Schei Point Group and Ringnes Formation, Arctic Canada

P.K. Mukhopadhyay, F. Goodarzi, M.A. Kruge, M.H. Alimi

ABSTRACT: Correlation Between Reservoired Oils and Subsurface Waltman Shale Source Rock, Wind River Basin, Wyoming

Barry J. Katz, Louis M. Liro, James G. Palacas

ABSTRACT: Distribution of Environmentally Sensitive Trace Elements in Coal Beds of the Powder River Basin, Wyoming and Montana

Sharon S. Crowley and Ronald W. Stanton

ABSTRACT: Fine-Scale Variation in the Distribution of Organic Matter in Devonian Black Shale

Jennifer A. Thompson and Susan M. Rimmer

ABSTRACT: Formation Features of Thermally Metamorphosed Coals from the Souther Donbass

Galina Jernovaja

ABSTRACT: High Reflecting and Low Reflecting Solid Hydrocarbons (Bituminites) in North German Evaporites

Martin J. Reinhardt, Katja Hindenberg, Silke Mehlboro

ABSTRACT: Integrated Geochemistry, Organic Petrology, and Sequence Stratigraphy of the Trassic Shublik Formation, Tenneco Phoenix #1 Well, North Slope, Alaska

Vaughan D. Robison, Louis M. Liro, Coleman R. Robison, William C. Dawson, John W. Russo

ABSTRACT: Maturity Indicators: Do they Indicate Maturity?

Ganjavar Khavari Khorasani, Johan K. Michelsen, Susan E. Palmer

ABSTRACT: Modern Pearl River Delta and Permian Huainan Coal Field, China: A Comparative Study

Suping Peng and Romeo M. Flores

ABSTRACT: Paragenetic Perplexity: Causes and Cures for a Carbonate Concretionary Zone, Beulah-Zap Coal, Williston Basin, North Dakota

C.W. Keighin, R.M. Flores, T. Rowland

ABSTRACT: Petrographic and Chemical Variation Due to Segregation During Crushing/Sizing of Coal Blends

Alan Davis and Paul C. Orban

ABSTRACT: Quality and Petrographic Characteristics of Paleocene Coals from the Hanna Basin, Wyoming

Brenda S. Pierce

ABSTRACT: Sedimentary Organic Matter Associated Pyrite: The Comparative Petrology of SOM from Microbially Populated Subsurface Sediments

C.D. Gullett

ABSTRACT: Structural and Thermal History of the Paleocene Fort Union Formation, Central and Eastern Wind River Basin, with Emphasis on Petroleum Potential of the Waltman Shale Member

Vito F. Nuccio and Thomas M. Finn

ABSTRACT: The Expulsion Efficiency of Oil from Coal and Other Terrestrial Organic Matter

Johan K. Michelsen and Ganjavar Khavari Khorasani

ABSTRACT: The Insulating Effect of Coals and Black Shales in the Appalachian Basin of Western Pennsylvania

Karen Rose Cercone, Henry Pollack, David Deming

ABSTRACT: The Modern Maceral Analysis: One Size Fits All

Brian J. Cardott

ABSTRACT: Variations in Source Potential and Maturation of New Zealand Coals, Based on Relationships Between Conventional Coal Chemistry, Rock-Eval Pyrolysis, and GCMS Biomarkers

Jane Newman, Leigh C. Price, Jim H. Johnston

ABSTRACT: Vitrinite Reflectance Variations in Paleocene and Eocene Coals of the Powder River, Williston, Hanna, Bighorn, and Bull Mountain Basins,U.S.A.

James Pontolillo and Ronald W. Stanton

ABSTRACT: Volcanic Ashfall Material in the Chemard Lake Lignite, Naborton Formation, Desoto and Red River Parishes, Louisiana

Leslie F. Ruppert and Peter D. Warwick

Case Study of Compositional Partitioning in Fine Coals Subject to Commercial-Scale Column Flotation

Kenneth W. Kuehn, James C. Hower, B.K. Parekh, and William J. Peters

Comparative Study of Activated Carbons Produced from Eastern Kentucky Liptinite-rich Coals

Chris Toles and Susan M. Rimmer

Experimental Coalification Of Indonesian Peat and Buried Wood

J.C. Shearer, T.A. Moore, W.H. Orem, H.E. Lerch, S.G. Neuzil, C.B. Cecil

Experimental Study of Vitrinite Maturation Kinetics: Effects of Temperature, Time, Pressure, Water, Hydrogen Index, and Other

Wuu-Liang Huang

Functional Relationships of Proximate, Ultimate and Petrographic Data with Rock-Eval Pyrolysis Parameters from Coal

J.D. Yeakel

Inorganic Geochemistry of Lignite in the Ione Formation from the Vicinity of the Mother Lode Gold Deposit, Amador County, California

Robert B. Finkelman, Neely H. Bostic, Roger D. Congdon

Laramide Tectonism and Paleogeography: Their Effects on Quality and Hazardous Air Pollutant Trace Element Trends in Rocky Mountain Province Paleocene Coals

Gary D. Stricker and Margaret S. Ellis

Laser Micro-Pyrolysis: Morphology to Molecular Structure of Discrete Kerogen Components

Lorraine B. Eglinton

Mouldering or Smouldering? Oxidised Plant Material in the Palangkaraya Peat Deposit

T.A. Moore, J.C. Shearer, S.L. Miller

A New Pyrolysis Technique Using Diamond Anvil Cell: In-Situ Visualization of Kerogen Maturation

Wuu-Liang Huang

Organic-Inorganic Interactions During Vitrinite Maturation: Constraints from Hydrous Pyrolysis Experiments

Jeffrey S. Seewald and Lorraine B. Eglinton

Palynological Biostratigraphy in the Lower Tertiary of Wyoming Foreland Basins

D.J. Nichols

Petrography, Geochemistry, and Geology of the San Miguel Lignite, Jackson Group (Eocene), South Texas

Peter D. Warwick, Sharon S. Crowley, Leslie F. Ruppert, James Pontolillo

Petrography of Pyrolysis and Pyrolysis-Steam Retorted Residues from the Alpha Torbanite and the Alpha Coal

Adrian C. Hutton, Uschi M. Graham, James Hower, Robert F. Rathbone, Thomas L. Robl

Raised Understanding of a Domed Bog, Nava Scotia: A Modern Analog for Temperate Coal Deposits

Catherine Chague-Goff and Timothy A. Moore

Tertiary Coal Basins of the Wyoming Rockies: Events and Processes

Romeo M. Flores

Vitrinite Reflectance of Whole-Rock Versus Dispersed Organic Matter Concentrate Mounts: Whats the Difference?

Charles E. Barker