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The Society for Organic Petrology (TSOP)

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ABSTRACT: Application of Small Angle Scattering of X-rays and Neutrons in Coal Studies

A. P. Radlinski

ABSTRACT: Applications of Microprobe Techniques for Improved Source Rock Evaluation, Timor Sea Region, Australia

M. Faiz, N. Sherwood, R. Wilkins, N. Russell, C. Buckingham

ABSTRACT: A Show of Methane from Shallow Low-rank Coal in the Gulf Coast of Texas, and its Implications for Basin-Wide Commercial Potential

J. R. Sanfilipo, P. D. Warwick, C. E. Barker, L. R. H. Biewick, R. W. Stanton

ABSTRACT: Assessment of Potential Mobility of Metals in Wetland Sediments by Sequential Extraction: Indiana Dunes National Lakeshore

N. L. Dollar, G. M. Filippelli, C. J. Souch, M. Mastalerz

ABSTRACT: Association of Organic Matter and Metals, Relevance to Ore-Grade Mineralisation: Application of Electron Microscopical and Microanalytical Techniques

M. Glikson

ABSTRACT: Biomarkers Composition in Petrographic Constituents of Various Rank Coals

F. Czechowski, R. P. Philp, M. Mastalerz, H. Kidawa

ABSTRACT: Brecciated and Mineralized Coals in Union County, Western Kentucky Coal Field

J. C. Hower, D. A. Williams, C. F. Eble, T. Sakulpitakphon

ABSTRACT: Characteristics of Kerogens in Oils: Possible Indicator as Oil-Source Rock Correlation

Y. Suping, J. Kuili

ABSTRACT: Coal Petrology and Coalbed Methane Occurrence in the Gloucester Basin, NSW, Australia

L. W. Gurba and C. R. Weber

ABSTRACT: Cuticle Chemotaxonomy of Carboniferous Pteridophyllous Foliage: Is Cuticular Biochemistry Genetically Dependent?

E. L. Zodrow, M. Mastalerz, C. J. Cleal

ABSTRACT: Depositional Effects On Coal Rank Indicators in the San Juan Basin (USA) -Comparison to Australian Coal Basins

L. W. Gurba, C. R. Ward, J. E. Fassett

ABSTRACT: Diagenesis of Carboniferous Sandstones in Drogomysl IG-1 Borehole in the Upper Silesian Coal Basin (Poland)

Z. Adamczyk

ABSTRACT: Fluorescence Spectral Analysis of a Rank Series of Coals Using Violet-blue Light Excitation

Z. Han, Y. Zhou, J. C. Crelling

ABSTRACT: Geochemical and Organic Petrographic Variations in Devonian-Mississippian Marine Black Shales of East-Central Kentucky as Indicators of Paleoenvironmental Conditions

S. M. Rimmer

ABSTRACT: Geochemical Fingerprints and Biomarkers of Naturally Occurring Petroleum Seeps and Waters, Illinois Basin, South-Central Indiana

S. R. Pietraszek-Mattner, L. M. Pratt

ABSTRACT: Geochemistry of The Manchester Coal Bed, Clay County, Kentucky

T. Sakulpitakphon, J. C. Hower, W. H. Schram

ABSTRACT: Geologic and Palynologic Reconnaissance of Lower and Middle Pennsylvanian Strata in the Western Kentucky Coal Field

C. F. Eble, S. F. Greb, D. A. Williams

ABSTRACT: Hydrogen Sulphide Sorption on Coal with Comparisons to Methane, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrogen and Hydrogen Sorption: Implications for Acid Gas Sequestering and Co-production of Methane

R. M. Bustin

ABSTRACT: Integration of Surface Geochemical Data with Subsurface Geology and Seismic Data with Examples

S. Tedesco

ABSTRACT: Intracellular Preservation of Diatom-Derived Oil Globules Associated with Chlorophyll a-Derived Alteration Products within Recent Laminated Sediments, Sannich Inlet, British Columbia, Canada

L. D. Stasiuk, H. Sanei

ABSTRACT: Maceral and Elemental Abundances in Lithotype Separates from a Column of Herrin Coal, Illinois Basin

C. L. Chou

ABSTRACT: Mapping Metal Distribution in Fluid-Deposited Graphite - Use of The Synchrotron X-ray Microprobe

C. B. Dissanayake, J. P. Boudou, P. Chevallier

ABSTRACT: Marine Flooding Events and Coal Bed Sequence Architecture in Southern West Virginia

J. R. Staub

ABSTRACT: Nitrogen in Karelian Shungite (Shunga Mine)

J. P., Boudou, I. B. Volkova

ABSTRACT: Nitrogen Isotopic Composition of Ammonium - Bearing Illite/Muscovite in Meta-Anthracites from Eastern Pennsylvania and in Semi-Graphites from Moongyeong Coalfield

J. P. Boudou, M. Ader, E. J. Daniels

ABSTRACT: Organic Petrography of Late Devonian Black Shales: What's in it for Sedimentologists?

J. Schieber

ABSTRACT: Petrographic Comparison of an Artificially Coalified Taxodium-Bay Peat from the Okefenokee Swamp of Georgia and a Taxodiaceae-rich, Paleocene Lignite from North Dakota

A. D. Cohen, A. M. Bailey, R. Gibbs, W. C. Riese

ABSTRACT: Petrology and Chemistry of Organic Matter from Silurian Shales in The Barrandian Basin

I. Sykorova, V. Suchy, V. Melka, J. Safanda, V. Machovic, P. Dobes

ABSTRACT: Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs) in the Environment: Origin and Occurrence

M. A. Kruge

ABSTRACT: Predominance of Terrestrial Kerogens in Marine Albian - Maastrichtian (Cretaceous) Sequences of Far East Asia

T. Hasegawa

ABSTRACT: Quality of Selected Coal Seams from Indiana; Implications for Carbonization

R. Walker, M. Mastalerz, P. L. Padgett

ABSTRACT: Re-Os Isotopic Studies of Organic-Rich Proterozoic Argillites, Midcontinent Rift System, Minnesota

E. M. Ripley, Y. R. Park, D. D. Lambert, L. R. Frick

ABSTRACT: Rolls in the Danville (VII) Coal Member of the Dugger Formation(Pennsylvanian-Illinois Basin): Small-Scale Geologic Anomalies and Their Association with Coal Quality and Mineability

P. L. Padgett

ABSTRACT: Separation and Characterization of Pseudovitrinite

J. C. Crelling

ABSTRACT: Solid Emissions from The Atmospheric Fluidized-Bed Combustion of Czech Lignite

I. Sykorova, V. Bouska, J. Smolik, J. Schwarz, L. Dzumbova, J. Kucera, V. Havranek

ABSTRACT: Sulfur and Organic Carbon Relationships within the Mississippian Stanley Formation, Ouachita Mountains, Arkansas

E. R. Elswick

ABSTRACT: Summary of Key Hydrogeologic Factors Affecting Coalbed Methane Producibility And Resource Assessment

A. R. Scott

ABSTRACT: Thermochemical Sulfate Reduction as a Source of Sedimentary H2S

M. B. Goldhaber

ABSTRACT: The Use of Peatlands in Monitoring Contaminant Heavy Metals in the Environs of Point Sources-Methods, Advantages, and Future Approaches

M. I. Hawke, R. M. Bustin, F. Goodarzi

ABSTRACT: Thick and Delicious: The Story of the Low Ash Greymouth Coal Seams

Z. Li, T. A. Moore, S. D. Weaver, G. R. Gillard

ABSTRACT: Using Hydraulic Conductivity and Micropetrography to Assess Water Flow Through Peat-Containing Wetlands

A. M. Rizzuti, A. D. Cohen

ABSTRACT: Vitrinite Reflectance of Shales Hosting Pb-Zn-Cu Mineralization in Western Cuba: Evidence for Syngenetic Mineralization

J. B. Maynard, E. R. Elswick, J. C. Hower