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The Society for Organic Petrology (TSOP)

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ABSTRACT: A New Mechanism for the Formation and Preservation of Dolomitic and Calcitic Hydrocarbon Reservoirs

Herschell J. McCunn, David S. Moulton

ABSTRACT: Aspects of Hydrocarbon Charge of the Petroleum System of the Yamal Peninsula, West Siberia Basin

B. J. Katz, C. R. Robison, A. Chakhmakhchev

ABSTRACT: Carbon Sequestration Potential of Coalbed Methane Reservoirs in the Black Warrior Basin: Relationship of Sorption Capacity to Coal Quality

R. E. Carroll, J. C. Pashin

ABSTRACT: Coal Models: Descriptive or Predictive? An Examination and Appraisal of Coal Petrographic Models

Stephen L. Bend

ABSTRACT: Controls on Organic Matter in Devonian-Mississippian Marine Black Shales, East-Central Kentucky: Preservation vs. Productivity

S. M. Rimmer, J. A. Thompson, T. Robl, S. Goodnight, S. Hawkins

ABSTRACT: Deepwater Source Rocks and Timing of Hydrocarbon Generation/Expulsion of Selected Jurassic-Tertiary Sediments of the Scotian Basin, Offshore Nova Scotia, Eastern Canada Using Petroleum System Concepts

P. K. (Muki) Mukhopadhyay, J. A. Wade, M. A. Kruge, A. Samoun

ABSTRACT: Determination of API Gravity from Very Small Samples of Oils, Tar Mats, and Solid Bitumens with the Rock-Eval 6 Instrument

Wallace G. Dow, John R. Allen, Clarence J. Kuhnel

ABSTRACT: Differential Coalification Exhibited by Petrographic Changes During Artificial Coalification of Taxodium-Dominated Peats from Georgia and Louisiana

A. D. Cohen, A. M. Bailey, R. B. Gibbs, W. C. Riese

ABSTRACT: Evaluation of Oil Quality in Untested Pay Zones in the Gulf of Mexico

A. N. Bishop, J. R. Castano, A. N. Fuex, D. E. McKinney, S. J. Russell, N. Utech, M. L. Weiss, J. T. Westrich

ABSTRACT: Evaluation of Source Rock Maturation Using Organic Petrography as a Tool: A Case Study from Southern Caspian Hydrocarbon Source Rocks

H. Rahimpour-Bonab, Z. Zamani

ABSTRACT: Exploration and Reservoir Heterogeneity: Implications of the Composition of Natural Gases in the Macuspana Basin, Southern Gulf of Mexico

Ernesto Caballero Garcia, Angel Francisco Callejón, Noel Holguín Quiñones, K. K. Bissada, Louis Elrod

ABSTRACT: Facies Model of the Upper Carboniferous Coal Seams in the Lower Silesian Coal Basin (SW Poland) from the Viewpoint of Microscopic Studies

Grzegorz J. Nowak

ABSTRACT: Faroe Islands: Geochemical Correlation of Hydrocarbon Seeps to NE Atlantic Margin and North Sea Oils, Seeps and Source Rocks

Scott W. Imbus

ABSTRACT: Hydrocarbon Shows and Source Rocks in Scientific Ocean Drilling

B. J. Katz

ABSTRACT: Individual Maceral Chemistry of Selected Indiana Coals: Implications for Coking Properties

R. Walker, M. Mastalerz

ABSTRACT: Lessons Learned from Coalbed-Methane Exploration

Brian J. Cardott

ABSTRACT: Morphological Analysis and the Genesis of Coal Beds in the Motru-Rovinari Basin (Romania)

Sorin Lory Buliga

ABSTRACT: New Approach to Evaluation of Coke Quality

M. Krzesińska, S. Pusz, R. Buszko

ABSTRACT: Optical Texture of Bituminous Coals – Transformations During Pyrolysis and Hydropyrolysis

S. Pusz

ABSTRACT: Organic Facies Study Of A Permian Lake-Swamp Depositional Sequence In Puxiang County, Shanxi Province, China

Zhiwen Han, Qi Yang, Zhigui Pang

ABSTRACT: Organic Petrographic Studies of the Early Mesozoic Newark Rift Basin-- (1) Thermal History Using Borehole and Surface Vitrinite Reflectance and (2) Organic Sedimentation Patterns in Orbitally Forced under Filled Lake Cycles

MaryAnn Love Malinconico

ABSTRACT: Organofacies and Source Potential of the Middle Ordovician Winnipeg Formation Within Southern Saskatchewan

Christopher Seibel, Stephen Bend

ABSTRACT: Origin, Character, and Stratigraphic Hierarchy of Organic-Rich Siltstones in Deep-Water Facies, Upper Permian (Guadalupian) Brushy Canyon Formation, West Texas

R. Locklair, B. Sageman

ABSTRACT: Oxfordian-Kimmeridgian Diyab Formation as a Major Source Rock Unit in Southern Arabian Gulf

A. S. Alsharhan

ABSTRACT: Palynofacies and Sequence Stratigraphy of an Upper Aptian Section from Almada Basin, Brazil

Valéria Cerqueira Conde, Carla Viviane Araujo, José Botelho-Neto, Elisabete Pedrão

ABSTRACT: Petrographic and Geochemical Characterization of Source Rock Variability in the Carpathian Region of Poland: Implications for Oil Generation

I. Matyasik, A. Steczko, M. Mastalerz, S. C. Brassell

ABSTRACT: Petrography of the Coal from the Oranovo-Simitli Basin, Bulgaria

Anton Sotirov, Jordan Kortenski

ABSTRACT: Petrography of the Neogene Lignites from the Sofia Basin, Bulgaria

Jordan Kortenski, Anton Sotirov

ABSTRACT: Petrology of the Organic Matter in the Kremikovtsi Siderite Iron-Formation, West Balkan Mountain, Bulgaria

Zhelyazko Damyanov, Margarita Vassileva, Jordan Kortenski, Anton Sotirov

ABSTRACT: Predicted CO2 Content of Maceral Concentrates From Kentucky and Illinois Coals

Tanaporn Sakulpitakphon, James C. Hower, Darrell N. Taulbee

ABSTRACT: Pyrite Framboid Size and Size Distribution: Indicators of Anoxia During Deposition of Devonian-Mississippian Black Shales

Sarah Hawkins, Susan M. Rimmer

ABSTRACT: Regional Geochemistry and Maturity Modeling for the Northern Deepwater Gulf of Mexico

E. L. Colling, A. N. Bishop, V. D. Robison, R. J. Alexander, R. L. Phair, K. D. McVey, M. Q. Ye

ABSTRACT: Relationship Between Reservoir Fluid Properties and Oil Geochemistry

Kevin Ferworn, John Zumberge

ABSTRACT: Role of Coals and Carbonaceous Shales in the Generation of Oil in the Eastern Venezuela Basin: A “Petroleum System Approach"

Angel Francisco Callejon, K. K. Bissada

ABSTRACT: Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide in Low-Rank Coals

R. W. Stanton, R. M. Flores, P. D. Warwick, H. J. Gluskoter

ABSTRACT: Source Rock and Oil Geochemistry of the Lower Triassic Montney Formation, Central Alberta, Canada

Rory C. Hankel, Cynthia L. Riediger

ABSTRACT: Studies on Petrology and Geochemical Characteristics of Lacustrine Condensed Sections in Dongying Sag, Bohaiwan Basin, East China

Shiqi Zhang, Ji Youliang

ABSTRACT: The Deep and ultra-Deep Great Campos: A Frontier for New Giant Hydrocarbon Accumulations in the Brazilian Sedimentary Basins

M. R. Mello, J. M. Macedo, C. Schiefelbein, A. Requejo

ABSTRACT: The Distribution of Xylite in the Coal Beds of Motru-Rovinari Basin (Romania)

Sorin Lory Buliga

ABSTRACT: The Rôle of Macroscopic Texture in Determining Coal Bed Methane Variability in the Anderson-Wyodak Coal Seam, Powder River Basin, Wyoming

T. A. Moore, R. M. Flores, R. W. Stanton, G. D. Stricker

ABSTRACT: Trace Element Distribution in an Organic-Rich Wetland at the Savannah River Site, South Carolina

T. M. Williams, A. D. Cohen