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The Society for Organic Petrology (TSOP)

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Abstract: A comprehensive analytical study of fly ash from the main lignite-fired power plants of northern Greece

A. Iordanidis, J. Garcia-Guinea, J. Buckman, A. Asvesta

Abstract: Advanced techniques for mineralogical evaluation of Fly Ash and other coal combustion products

D. French, C. R. Ward

Abstract: Anisotropic carbon formation in semicokes from coking coals and plastic wastes

M.A. Diez, C. Barriocanal, R. Alvarez

Abstract: Application of asphaltenes for the determination of the maturity of the petroleum source rocks from La Luna Formation, Maracaibo Basin, Venezuela

L. Probst de Castro, N. del Valle Franco Rondón, L. López, S. Lo Mônaco, G. Escobar, W. Kalkreuth

Abstract: Assessment of the quality of coals for Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (IGCC) performance: Example from Indiana (Illinois Basin), USA

M. Mastalerz, A. Drobniak, J. Rupp, N. Shaffer

Abstract: Buçaco Basin (Portugal): a multidisciplinary approach on stratigraphy, structure, lithogeochemistry and organic petrology

D. Flores, L. C. Gama Pereira, M. A. Ribeiro, I. Bobos, J. Ribeiro, B. Pina, M.M. Marques, A. Pinto de Jesus

Abstract: Characteristics of hydrocarbon source rocks from Carboniferous coal measures in the Junggar Basin and gas-source correlation

J. Li, J. Dai, Y. Xia, X. Luo, D. Wang, X. Shi

Abstract: Characteristics of 13C values of alkane gases from Xujiahe coal measure, Sichuan Basin, China and its significance

J. Dai, Y. Ni, G. Hu, A. Hu

Abstract: Characterization of coal and coal combustion products from a power plant utilizing high-sulfur coal from the Northern Appalachian Basin

S. M. Swanson, D. Polyak, L. F. Ruppert, A. Kolker, H. E. Belkin, R. H. Affolter

Abstract: Chemical structure of semifusinite and fusinite from seams 505 and 505/1 of the Upper Silesian coal basin (Poland) and its changes during heating under inert conditions in the view of Micro-FTIR examination

R. Morga

Abstract: Coalbed methane potential of the Paleocene Fort Union Coals in the antelope arch, South-Central, Wyoming

T. Gentzis, G. Hampton III, G. Murrie

Abstract: Coal char temperature profile estimation using optical reflectance for a commercial-scale Sasol-Lurgi FBDB gasifier

J. Joubert

Abstract: Coal gas with significantly low 13C1 values and its formation mechanisms

Y. Ni, J. Dai, Ch. Yang, Q. Zhou, A. Hu

Abstract: Coal seam fires: Properties of oxidative and thermally altered coals from Wuda Coalfield, Inner Mongolia, China

J. Kus

Abstract: Coal seam reservoir properties of the South Sumatra Basin and CBM exploration

A. Saghafi, I. Sosrowijojo

Abstract: Combining transmission digital holographic microscopy and fluorescence microscopy for observing particles of coal palynofacies

A. Restrepo-Martínez, G. Indebetouw, R. Castañeda, A. Blandón

Abstract: Comparison between maceral and visual kerogen compositions in argillaceous rocks in Japan

M. Shimofusa, T. Kakuta, H. Maeda, Y. Ujiié

Abstract: Compositon of high-alumina fly ashes from the Jungar power plant, Inner Mongolia, China

S. Dai, L. Zhao, C-L. Chou

Abstract: Concentration and distribution of trace elements in the coal from 308 coal seam (the Orzesze beds) of the Upper Silesian Coal Basin

B. Hanak, M. Kokowska-Pawłowska

Abstract: Contact metamorphosed coal and global warming: no evidence for the release of 13C-depleted methane

L.E. Yoksoulian, S.M. Rimmer, H.D. Rowe, D.R. Gröcke

Abstract: Dependence of carbon dioxide sorption on petrographic composition of bituminous coals from the Czech part of the Upper Silesian Basin, Czech Republic

Z. Weishauptová, I. Sýkorová

Abstract: Depositional environment of a Cretaceous coal layer on top of bauxite deposits in Parnassus-Ghiona unit, Central Greece

S. Kalaitzidis, G. Siavalas, N. Skarpelis, K. Christanis

Abstract: Deposition and characterization of pyrolytic carbon in industrial coke ovens by optical microscopy and SEM

R. Barranco, J.W. Patrick, C. Snape, R.M. Poultney, M.A. Diez, C. Barriocanal

Abstract: Development of a model to estimate the CO2 storage potential of eastern Australian coals

A. Saghafi

Abstract: Development of anisotropic components and degree of bonding at the interface in cokes from different coking coals

E. Díaz-Faes, C. Barriocanal, M.A. Diez, R. Alvarez

Abstract: Distribution of trace elements of the seams and behaviour of mercury during combustion test of coals the Cesar – Ranchería Basin (Colombia)

I. Carmona López, W. A. Morales Yepes

Abstract: Evaluation of the oil generation potential in the Santos Basin integrating petrological and geochemical parameters with sequence stratigraphical concepts

M. Balbinot, M. Blanco, W. Kalkreuth

Abstract: Fossil Fuel Program via optical microscopy: C. Hilgers demonstration

C. Hilgers

Abstract: Gas content derivative data versus diffusion coefficient

C. F. Rodrigues, M.A.P. Dinis, M.J. Lemos de Sousa

Abstract: Gas diffusion coefficient: The calculation of the tangent slope accuracy through inflection point determination

C. F. Rodrigues, M.A.P. Dinis, M.J. Lemos de Sousa

Abstract: Gas seeps and mud volcanoes in southwestern Taiwan: implication for hydrocarbon potential

C-H. Sun, C-L. Kuo, S-C. Chang, J-C. Wu, S-H. Wu

Abstract: Genesis and rank distribution of Upper Carboniferous coal basins in the Cantabrian Mountains, Northern Spain

J. R. Colmenero, I. Suárez-Ruiz, J. Fernández-Suárez, P. Barba, T. Llorens

Abstract: Genesis of Indian Tertiary lignites— Palyno-petrological evidences

A. Singh, B. D. Singh

Abstract: Geochemical characterization of Jurassic source rocks from Cuba

M. Blanco González, W. Kalkreuth

Abstract: Geochemistry and petrography of Oligocene bituminous coal from the Jiu Valley, Petrosani basin (southern Carpathian Mountains), Romania

H. E. Belkin, S. J. Tewalt, J. C. Hower, J. D. Stucker, C. A. Tatu, G. Buia

Abstract: Geothermal regime of the West Siberian sedimentary basin

N. V. Pronina, M. V. Golitsin, E. A. Shitova

Abstract: Infrared spectrum of an individual fossil pollen grain measured as an organic maturation index

T. Aizawa, T. Ohbuchi, Y. Ujiié

Abstract: Intrusion confusion: does contact metamorphism of coal produce different maturation relationships than burial maturation?

S. M. Rimmer, L. E. Yoksoulian, J. C. Hower

Abstract: Maceral analysis of mineral-rich coals under white light and UV light: differences and suggestions

Z. Carretta Corrêa da Silva

Abstract: Methane and carbon dioxide adsorption experiments on bituminous coal samples from the Ostrava-Karviná Coal District, Upper Silesian Basin, Czech Republic

P. Weniger, A. Busch, B. M. Krooss, J. Francu, E. Francu

Abstract: Methodology utilized for the petrography study of the particulate material originating from the contamination of the air

A. Blandón, A. Restrepo

Abstract: Microwave energy as a potential technology for coke manufacture

M. Mediero, E. Lester, S. Kingman

Abstract: Mineralogy, petrography and elemental contents of Orhaneli coals, Bursa-Turkey

U. O. Yerin, A. I. Karayigit

Abstract: Mineralogy of ash deposits in super-heater surface from coal-fired power plants

J. Zhang, Y. Zhao, Q. Gao, Z. Guo, H. Li, C. Zheng

Abstract: Mineral transformation during typical high aluminum coal combustion

Y. Zhao, J. Zhang, F. Ding, H. Yan, Ch. Zheng

Abstract: Mode of occurrence of mineral matter in South African bituminous coals and Canadian lignites

M. Raghoo, R. H. Matjie, C. R. Ward, D. H. French, Z. Li

Abstract: Molecular and organic petrological characteristics of Permian bituminous coals in the Boskovice Basin, eastern Bohemian Massif

E. Francu, J. Francu, I. Sýkorová

Abstract: Occurrence of gagate (jet) in the vicinity of Bolesławiec (Upper Cretaceous- Lower Silesia)

B. Kwiecinska, B.Jarema

Abstract: Occurrence of non-mineral inorganics in macerals of low-rank coals from Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and Thailand

Z. Li, C. R. Ward, L. W. Gurba

Abstract: Oil shale vs. coal products from Puertollano basin (Spain) obtained by pyrolysis in closed-system. A maturity evaluation

N. Franco, S. Barrionuevo, M.L. Kern, M.C. Peralba, W. Kalkreuth, A.G. Borrego

Abstract: Organic petrology and mercury speciation: Results from the Mackenzie River Basin, Northwest Territories, Canada

J. Carrie, H. Sanei, F. Goodarzi, G. Stern, F. Wang

Abstract: Organic petrology and mineralogy of coal waste piles on spontaneous combustion from Douro coalfield basin

J. Ribeiro, D. Flores

Abstract: Organic petrology application for quaternary evolution of coastal peatlands, E. Spain

A. M. Lopez-Buendia, M. K.G.Whateley, J. Bastida

Abstract: Organic petrology of subbituminous carbonaceous shale samples from Chalāw, Kabul Province, Afghanistan: implications

P.C. Hackley, J. R. SanFilipo, G. P. Azizi, S. W. Starratt

Abstract: Palaeoenvironmental significance of pyritic nodules in the Cenomanian-Turonian sequence of lower Benue Trough, Nigeria

O. A. Ehinola, S. Qin, A.A. Onibonoje

Abstract: Particle-induced oxidative damage of indoor PM10 from homes in the lung cancer area in Xuanwei, China

L. Shao, Y. Yang, M. Wu, Z. Xiao, L. Zhou

Abstract: Petrographic assessment of organic material associated to Pectolite deposits in Dominican Republic, implications for its genesis

J. A. Espí, Á. G. Borrego

Abstract: Petrographic characteristics of some Romanian high volatile bituminous coals and solid byproducts resulted during their pulverized combustion in a power plant

C. Panaitescu, G. Predeanu, M. Miu

Abstract: Petrographic characteristics of the Stephanian coals of the Cantabrian Mountains (NW Spain)

I. Suárez-Ruiz, T. Llorens, J. R.Colmenero, J. Fernández-Suárez, P. Barba

Abstract: Petrographic research applied to small size xylites briquetting

G. Predeanu, C. Panaitescu

Abstract: Petroleum and source rock characterization correlation based on C7 light hydrocarbon technique: Example from Neogene coal strata in Northwestern Taiwan

L.-H. Lin, C.-T. Chang, S.-H. Wu

Abstract: Petrological and geochemical study of the central sector of the Lusitanian Basin (Portugal)

D. Flores, A. Guerner Dias, R. Silva, J.G. Mendonça Filho, M.M. Marques

Abstract: Petrological implications in the development of Coal Bed Methane pools in India

K. Verma, R. Saxena

Abstract: Petrologic properties of low rank coals in Biga Peninsula, Turkey

M. Maral, B. Besbelli, F. Suner

Abstract: Preliminary characterization of Eocene Pesca tar sands, Colombia

O. P. Gómez Rojas, Á. G. Borrego

Abstract: Preliminary coal petrographic analyses of the Neogene Achlada lignite deposits (NW Greece)

I. Oikonomopoulos, G. Kaouras, P. Antoniadis

Abstract: Preliminary results of high-pressure CH4 and CO2 sorption tests on Permian age coals from the Paraná Basin, Brazil

W. Kalkreuth, J. Levandowsky, M. Holz, A. Busch, B. Krooss

Abstract: Preliminary study of coal petrology and organic geochemistry of Tertiary coal in the East field, Bogovina Basin, Serbia

D. Životić, B. Jovančićević, J. Schwarzbauer, O. Cvetković, I. Gržetić, M. Ercegovac, K. Stojanović, A. Šajnović

Abstract: Quantification and source of emitted carbon particles in soils and sediments from the downtown Prague exposed areas

I. Sýkorová, M. Havelcová, V. Machovič, B. Kříbek, H. Trejtnarová, P. Matysová, M. Vašíček

Abstract: Research on the relationship between the petrography of the coal from the Riosa area (Central Asturian Coal Basin) and its methane adsorption capacity

J. Sastre Álvaro, I. Suárez-Ruiz, A. Arenillas González, M.A. Zapatero Rodríguez

Abstract: Sedimentology, petrography and depositional environments of the coals of the Palomos Mine, Amagá Formation (Colombia)

I. Carmona López, C. A. Guzmán López

Abstract: Separation of macerals using columns of flotation

A. Blandón, J. M. Barraza, J. L. Piñeres

Abstract: Sequence stratigraphy and coal accumulating model of paralic coal measures

L. Shao, J. Lu, H. Wang, P. Zhang

Abstract: Soil contamination from the coking process in an experimental plant: trace elements

M. Díaz-Somoano, M. Calvo, M. A. López-Antón, S. Suárez, R. García, S. R. Moinelo, I. Suárez- Ruiz, M. R. Martínez-Tarazona

Abstract: Study of coal surface characteristics for CO2 geological storage

D. Charrière, Z. Pokryszka, P. Behra

Abstract: The characterisation of biomass/coal blends and their subsequent chars using microscopy and thermogravimetric analysis

E. Lester, C. Avila

Abstract: The geochemical characteristic and correlation of gas seepages in Chiayi-Tainan Foothill, Taiwan

S-H. Wu, R. Chen, C-L. Kuo, J-C. Wu, C-H. Sun, T-Y. Wu

Abstract: The in situ preservation and paleoenvironmental assessment of Taxodiacea foosil woods in the Bükkalja Lignite Formation, Bükkábrány open cast mine, Hungary

M. Hámor-Vidó

Abstract: The maturity of organic matter and the source potential of Datta formation to generate oil in the Potwar sub-basin, Pakistan

N. Wali Khan

Abstract: The mineralogy of some coals and associated sediments from the South Wales Coalfield, U.K.

S. R. Hassan Baqri

Abstract: The origin of natural gas and the hydrocarbon charging history of Yulin gas field in Ordos Basin, China

G. Hu, C.Ma, Z. Hang, Q. Song, W. Liu

Abstract: The petrographic assessment of anomalies in coals

N. Wagner, R. Falcon

Abstract: Thermal altered coals in self-combusted mine dump from Upper Silesia coal basin

B. Hanak, J. Nowak

Abstract: Thermal maturity of coal and associated hydrocarbons in the SW Upper Silesian coal basin

J. Francu, P. Weniger, E. Francu, B. M. Krooss

Abstract: Thermal maturity pattern in the Stephanian rocks of the Sabero coalfield (NW Spain)

D. Botor

Abstract: Thermal transformation of organic matter in coal waste from Rymer Cones (Upper Silesian Coal Basin, Poland)

M. Misz-Kennan, M. Fabiańska

Abstract: Thermodynamic and Kinetic High Pressure Sorption Behaviour of CH4 and CO2 on Chinese Coals

D. Li, Q. Liu, B. M. Krooss, A. Busch

Abstract: The specific properties of Mesozoic coal formation in Western Trans-Baikal region

I. E. Stukalova, Y. G. Tsekhovsky

Abstract: The Steele/Niobrara shales in Wyoming: could they become a major unconventional gas play in the Rockies?

T. Gentzis, G. Murrie, G. Hampton III

Abstract: The stratigraphic distribution of Inertinite

C. F. K. Diessel

Abstract: The TGA and DMA studies of blends from very good coking Polish bituminous coal and various porous carbons additives

M. Krzesińska, U. Szeluga, Ł. Smędowski, J. Zachariasz, S. Pusz, S. Czajkowska, B. Kwiecińska

Abstract: Towards an ICCP classification of Fly Ash components

I. Suárez-Ruiz, B. Valentim, A.G. Borrego, A. Bouzinos, D. Flores, S. Kalaitzidis, M. L. Malinconico, M. Marques, M. Misz-Kennan, J. R. Montes, G. Predeanu, G. Siavalas, N. Wagner

Abstract: Transformation of a coke structure during a reaction with CO2

S. Pusz, M. Krzesinska, Ł. Smędowski, B. Pilawa, B. Kwiecińska

Abstract: Use of petrographic investigations in prediction of combustion behaviour of inertinite rich coal and char and flyash formation

A. Kumar Varma, M. Kumar, V. Kumar Saxena, A. Sarkar

Abstract: Variation of anthracite structure during oxy-combustion in a drop tube reactor at different burnout

A. J. Martín, A. G. Borrego

Abstract: Variations in mercury and unburned carbon content of fly ash from a power plant burning inertinite rich subbituminous coal deposited in a freshwater depositional environment

J. Reyes, F. Goodarzi

Extended Abstract: Do carbon isotopes in coal reflect palaeoclimates? - the carbon-isotope and floral record for the mid-Cenozoic in SE Australia

G. R. Holdgate, T. Fromhold, B. E. Wagstaff, S. J. Gallagher, M. W. Wallace

Extended Abstract: Polish bituminous coals – a petrological study

K. Kruszewska, I. Jelonek