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The Society for Organic Petrology (TSOP)

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ABSTRACT: An influence of crude oil on microscopically measured reflectance

Neely H. Bostick

ABSTRACT: Appalachian Basin Natural Gas Database: Distribution, composition, and origin of natural gases

Yomayra A. Román-Colón, Leslie F. Ruppert, Linda J. Bragg

ABSTRACT: Assessing the importance of pyrobitumen in unconventional reservoirs

Tim E. Ruble, Christopher D. Laughrey, Herman Lemmens, Greg Walker , Wayne R. Knowles

ABSTRACT: Characterization of gas composition evolved from different source rocks in tight-gas reservoirs in the Rocky Mountain area: Examples from Piceance Basin, Colorado, and Jonah Field, Wyoming, USA

Tingwei (Lucy) Ko, Michael D. Lewan, Nicholas B. Harris

ABSTRACT: Chemical pre-treatment of coal and its influence on extractable organic matter

Lisa Gallagher, Steve Harris, Junko Muankata-Marr

ABSTRACT: Chemical structural changes in bituminous coal in response to heating by dike intrusions as investigated by advanced solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy

Jingdong Mao, Xiaoyan Cao, Mark A. Chappell, Arndt Schimmelmann , Maria Mastalerz, Yuan Li

ABSTRACT: CO2 emissions from Illinois Basin coals and influence of their petrographic composition

Agnieszka Drobniak, Maria Mastalerz

ABSTRACT: Coalbed methane in Colombia: An overview

Adriana Gómez Prada, Sandra Liliana Rodriguez, Romeo Flores, Jorge Roballo Fuentes, Gustavo Navas Guzmán

ABSTRACT: Coalbed methane potential of carboniferous coal basins from onshore and offshore Nova Scotia and geochemistry of waters associated with coal beds

P. K. Mukhopadhyay

ABSTRACT: Comparison of Pennsylvanian age coalbed methane and shale gas resources in the Illinois and Cherokee Basins

Steven A. Tedesco, Amanda Huffer

ABSTRACT: Custom kinetics and composition of a global set of lacustrine and marine oil shales: Influence on petroleum generation characteristics

Henrik I. Petersen, Jørgen A. Bojesen-Koefoed, Anders Mathiesen

ABSTRACT: Estimated shale gas resources in the Middle Magdalena Valley and Eastern Cordillera Basins of Colombia

Maria Alexandra Aguja, Martha Liliana Sarmiento, Gustavo Navas Guzmán, Carlos Hernán Vargas

ABSTRACT: Estimating thermal maturity, generation potential and mineralogical composition of oil shale and post-pyrolysis residues using Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy

Justin E. Birdwell

ABSTRACT: Evaluation of the hydrocarbon generation potential in coals of the Caballos Formation of Cretaceous age in the Upper Magdalena Valley Basin – Colombia

Viviana María Bermúdez Cortés, Astrid Blandón Montes, Oscar Jaramillo Rúa

ABSTRACT: Fuzzy expert system applied for the color reduction of fluorescent microscopic coal images

Alejandro Restrepo-Martinez, Astrid Blandon Montes

ABSTRACT: Geochemical and petrographic features of the organic matter through a simulated maturation series: An application in the Los Cuervos source rock-Llanos Foothills, Colombia

Vladimir Blanco, Luisa Campiño, Carlos Parra, Angelo Plata

ABSTRACT: Geochemical characterization of an oil seep from the Bagua Basin, north-central Peru

Thomas Gentzis

ABSTRACT: Hartshorne coal rank applied to Oklahoma Arkoma Basin coalbed methane activity

Brian J. Cardott

ABSTRACT: Igneous intrusions in the sedimentary basins of Eastern Australia: Implications for hydrocarbon exploration

Lila W. Gurba

ABSTRACT: Influence of CO2 on organic-rich shale composition and pore structure; Example from the New Albany Shale

R.W. Lahann, M. Mastalerz, J. R. Rupp

ABSTRACT: Insights on biomarker parameters of the Tremembé Formation (Type I kerogen), Brazil, based on hydrous pyrolysis experiments

Regina Binotto, Noelia Del Valle Franco Rondón, Michael D. Lewan, Eugenio Vaz dos Santos Neto, João Graciano Mendonça Filho, André L. D. Spigolon

ABSTRACT: Locally robust Fc-factors for Utah coal

Jeffrey C. Quick

ABSTRACT: Lower organic carbon limits and upper thermal maturity limits for methane generation from Type-III kerogen in coals and fine-grained rocks

Michael D. Lewan

ABSTRACT: Middle Pennsylvanian age (Atoka and Cherokee Group) carbonaceous shales in the Denver Basin

Steven A. Tedesco, Neil Sharp

ABSTRACT: Mineralogical Changes in the high rank coals of the South Walker Creek Area, Northern Bowen Basin

Asep K. Permana, Colin R. Ward

ABSTRACT: Mineralogy and geochemistry of individual coal seam subsections in the Sydney Basin, Australia

Lei Zhao

ABSTRACT: Organic facies characterization of a sedimentary section from the Santa Catarina Coalfield

J.G. Mendonça Filho, M. Guerra Sommer, M. Cazzulo Klepzig, M. Kern, J.O. Mendonça, T.F. Silva, T.R. Menezes, D.E. Bongiolo

ABSTRACT: Organic geochemistry and petrology of the Pearsall Formation as a potential shale gas resource, Maverick Basin, south Texas

Paul C. Hackley, Kristin O. Dennen, Peter D. Warwick, Sharon M. Swanson

ABSTRACT: Paleozoic lacustrine shales of Northeast Greenland: Characteristics and petroleum potential

Jørgen A. Bojesen-Koefoed, Henrik I. Petersen, Stefan Piasecki, Lars Stemmerik

ABSTRACT: Partitioning of trace elements in feed coals and coal combustion products from a power plant in the Colorado Plateau, USA

Sharon M. Swanson, Ronald H. Affolter, Mark A. Engle

ABSTRACT: Petrographic applications in prediction of combustion behavior of inertinite rich coal and char and fly ash formation

Atul Kumar Varma, Mrityunjay Kumar, Vinod Kumar Saxena, Ashish Sarkar

ABSTRACT: Petrographic Characteristics of coals from the Cuervos Formation in the Cesar Basin, Colombia

Tatiana Juliao, Oscar Jaramillo Rúa, Astrid Blandón Montes

ABSTRACT: Petrography of subbituminous Tertiary Colombian coals and their evaluation in pyrolysis, activation and petroleum source processes

Oscar Javier Jaramillo Rua

ABSTRACT: Preliminary evaluation of the rhenium-osmium geochronology of Phosphoria Oils, Big Horn Basin, Wyoming

Paul G. Lillis, David Selby

ABSTRACT: Review on the origin of oil and hydrocarbon gases within our solar system - biogenic and abiogenic?

Prasanta K. Mukhopadhyay, David J. Mossman, James M. Ehrman

ABSTRACT: Sedimentary records of organic matter and Hg as influenced by change in depositional environment in recent sediments of thermokarst lakes from the Mackenzie River Delta, Canada

Hamed Sanei, P.M. Outridge, A. Dallimore, P.B. Hamilton

ABSTRACT: Shale gas: From resources and reserves to carbon isotope anomalies

John B. Curtis

ABSTRACT: Spontaneous combustion possibilities from piles of subbituminous coals from Amaga Formation

Astrid Blandón Montes

ABSTRACT: Stability Analysis of two horizontal CBM wells in the deep Mannville coals in the Alberta Basin, Canada

Thomas Gentzis

ABSTRACT: Systematic characterization of kerogen using advanced solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance

Jingdong Mao, Arndt Schimmelmann, Maria Mastalerz, Klaus Schmidt-Rohr

ABSTRACT: Technological characterization of selected coal seams for estimation of potentiality of coalbed methane: Case studies from East and West Bokaro Coalfields, Jhakhand, India

Vinod Kumar Saxena, Atul Kumar Varma, Nilesh Ahirwar, Vinod Atmaram Mendhe

ABSTRACT: The occurrence, distribution and influence of authigenic clays in reservoir rocks of Agbada Formation, Niger Delta

Olugbenga A. Ehinola, Olusola R.Yussuf

ABSTRACT: The origin and the composition differences of coalbed methane and shale gas in the eastern part of the Illinois Basin

Ling Gao, Agnieszka Furmann, Maria Mastalerz, Arndt Schimmelmann

ABSTRACT: Thermal maturity trends in the Mowry Shale in the Bighorn Basin, Wyoming and Montana

Thomas M. Finn, Mark J. Pawlewicz

ABSTRACT: Variation of coal flow properties with probe gas, composition

Leye Adeboye, R. Marc Bustin