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The Society for Organic Petrology (TSOP)

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ABSTRACT: A Baseline Study About The Unconventional Petroleum Potential Of The Brown Shale Formation, Central Sumatra Basin-­‐Indonesia: Organic Petrography And Geochemistry

Komang Anggayana, Mulyono Dwiantoro, Agus Haris Widayat

ABSTRACT: Advantages And Challenges In Drilling Horizontal Cbm Wells: A Geomechanical And Modeling Study In The San Juan Basin, USA

Thomas Gentzis

ABSTRACT: Application Of Parasequence Concept In Enhancing The Determination Of Coal Seam Correlation In AA Block, South Sumatera Basin

M.H. Firman Syah, D. Hendra Amijaya, David Ontosari Setyawan, Pande Made Oka

ABSTRACT: Application Of The Light Hydrocarbons Technique To Oil And Condensate In Taiwan

Liang‐Jian Shiau, Ching­‐Tse Chang, Jun­‐Chin Shen

ABSTRACT: A Study Of Mineral Compostion And Pore Structure Of Possible Gas Shale Reservoir In NW Taiwan

L. Tsai, J. Lin

ABSTRACT: Biomarker In Brown Coal Of The Inul Area, Sangatta Coalfield, East Kalimantan

Yulfi Zetra, Imam B. Sosrowidjojo, R. Y. Perry Burhan

ABSTRACT: Bitumen Saturation And Its Effect On A Canadian Tight Gas Reservoir Quality

H. Sanei, J.M. Wood, O. H. Ardakani, C.R. Clarkson, M.E. Curtis

ABSTRACT: Carbon And Oxygen Isotopes Of Coal And Carbon Dioxide Derived From Laboratory Coal Combustion

P.D. Warwick , L.F. Ruppert , H. Qi

ABSTRACT: Characterization Of Geochemistry And Brittleness Of The Talang Akar Shale, South Sumatera Basin, As An Unconventional Hydrocarbon Resource

Winda Novianti, Ahmad Z Al Ansori, Alfredo Di Stefano, Jasmin Jyalita, D. Hendra Amijaya

ABSTRACT: Charcoal Analysis To Estimate Palaeotemperature Of Sundoro Volcano Pyroclastic Deposit At Liyangan Archaeological Site

Nanda Ayu Safira Mariska, Agung Harijoko, Ferian Anggara

ABSTRACT: Cleat In Low-­‐Rank Coals Of The South Sumatra And Barito Basins: Geology And Coal­‐Bed Methane Reservoir Significance

David Ontosari, Fikri M. Fiqih, Gathuk Widiyanto, Sunarli Adi, Ferian Anggara

ABSTRACT: Coal-­‐Forming Flora Of The Walloon Subgroup, Surat Basin, Queensland, Australia

A. Hentschel, J. Esterle

ABSTRACT: Comparative Study On The Depositional Environments Of Carboniferous Aluminous Argillites In The Huainan Coal Basin, China

Bingyu Chen, Guijian Liu, Ruoyu Sun, Dun Wu, Biao Fu, Chao Xu

ABSTRACT: Determination Of Organic Carbon Richness Distribution Using Ai (Acoustic Impedance) Seismic Inversion Method In Talang Akar Formation Shale, South Sumatra Basin, Indonesia

Rahmat C. Wibowo, Hendra Amijaya , Djoko Wintolo , Julikah

ABSTRACT: Dike­‐Induced Thermal Alterations In Pennsylvania Coal And Adjacent Rocks

A. Quaderer, A. Schimmelmann, M. Mastalerz

ABSTRACT: Distribution And Occurrence Characteristics Of Nitrogen In Coals Of Different Density Components

Dongna Liu, Fenghua Zhao, Anchao Zhou, Changgui Song

ABSTRACT: Elemental Geochemistry Of Some Lower Carboniferous Oil Shales Of New Brunswick And Nova Scotia, Canada

F. Goodarzi, O. H. Ardakani, H. Sanei, P. K. Pedersen

ABSTRACT: Enrichment Of Rare Earth Elements And Uranium In A Late Permian Coal And Its Floor Strata From The Guxu Coalfield, Sichuan Province, China

Shifeng Dai, Colin R. Ward, Shaohui Jia, James C. Hower, Tianjie Ai

ABSTRACT: Estimation And Behavior Of The Associated Gas To Coal Seam In The Lateral Variation And Its Relationship With The Explosibility Of Coal Dust Generated. Study Case: Carbones Acevedo Mine. Formation Amagá – Colombia

Julián Jaramillo, A. Blandón, Jorge Molina

ABSTRACT: Evolution Of Porosity With Maturation In Organic-­‐Rich Devonian/Mississippian New Albany Shale In The Illinois Basin, U.S.A.: Insights From Organic Petrology, Gas Adsorption, And Mercury Intrusion Techniques

M. Mastalerz, A. Schimmelmann, Agnieszka Drobniak, Lin Wei

ABSTRACT: Geochemical Characteristics And Genetic Interpretation Of The Laminated Shales Of The Third Member Hetaoyuan Formation In The Biyan Depression

Lai­‐yuan Guo, Zheng­‐jun Liu, Xi­‐nong Xie

ABSTRACT: Geochemical Evaluation And Pore Type Characterization Of The Carbonaceous Rich Facies, Brown Shale Formation, Central Sumatra Basin

A.K Permana

ABSTRACT: Geochemistry Of Lower Carboniferous Oil Shales Of New Brunswick And Nova Scotia, Canada

H. Sanei, C. Jiang , F. Goodarzi, O. H. Ardakani

ABSTRACT: Heterogeneityand Its Mechanism Of Gas Saturation In The No.2 CBM Reservoir Of Yan Chuan’nan Block Ordos Basin, China

Xiaoming Wang, Xinjing Wang, ShihuiHou

ABSTRACT: Hydrocarbon And Organic Matter Classification And Effect On Reservoir Characteristics: A Gordondale Shale Example

N.G. Isinguzo, H. Sanei, D. C. Jiang, C.R. Clarkson

ABSTRACT: Hydrocarbon Potential And Paleo­‐Depositional Environemt Of The Lower Cretaceous Garbutt Formation, Liard Basin, Canada

O. H. Ardakani, H. Sanei, M. McMechan, F. Ferri

ABSTRACT: Implementation Of Low Rank Coal Technologies In Indonesia: Status, Opportunities And Constraints

Bukin Daulay

ABSTRACT: Influence Of Some Geological Factor On Organic Matter Richness And Maturity In The Nanggulan Formation Shale, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

N. Adibah, D.H. Amijaya

ABSTRACT: Inheritance Of Pore Structure From Wood To Vitrain In Different Rank Coals And Their Relationship With Gas Sorption Capacity – A Case Study From New Zealand Coal

S. B. Rahmat, S. Rodrigues, T. Blach, J. Esterle

ABSTRACT: Interpreting Stable Carbon Isotope Response To Plant Succession And Climate Changes On The Goonyella Middle Seam, Bowen Basin, Queensland

Carolina Klock Campos Ferreira, Joan Esterle, Sue Golding

ABSTRACT: Isotope Geochemistry Of Sulfur In High-­‐Organic-­‐Sulfur Coals Of Late Palaeozoic From China

W. W. Li, Y.G. Tang, X. He, Q.J. Guo

ABSTRACT: Lateral Variation In The Gas Content Of A Coal Seam And Its Safety Implications In Underground Coal Mines

Astrid Blandon, Luis Caro, Jorge Molina

ABSTRACT: Lateral Variation Of Geochemistry In Coal Seam Two In The San Fernando Underground Mine And Its Relationship With The Storage And Generation Of Coalbed Methane And Coal Dust Explosibility

Luis Caro, Astrid Blandon, Julián Jaramillo, O. Jaramillo

ABSTRACT: Low Rank Coalbed Methane Desorption Characteristics From Muara Enim Formation: Effect Of Maceral Composition And Thermal Maturity

Mulyono Dwiantoro, Komang Anggayana

ABSTRACT: Metallurgical Coal Of The United States: A New Map With Geochemical, Rheological, And Petrological Data

Michael H. Trippi, Leslie F. Ruppert , Cortland F. Eble , James C. Hower

ABSTRACT: Micromorphological investigation of barite and albite in Jurassic coal from Ordos Basin, China: Implication for genesis

Xiaomei Wang, Xiaoming Wang, Yangquan Jiao

ABSTRACT: Mineral Components Inferred From Bulk Geochemical Data: A Preliminary Study Of Four Canadian Mudrocks

Xibo Wang, Hamed Sanei, Shifeng Dai, Omid Haeri Ardakani, Danielle Kondla, Zhuoheng Chen, Yuegang Tang

ABSTRACT: Mineralogical Changes In South African Coals During Pulverised­‐Fuel Combustion Tests

Ratale H. Matjie, Zhongsheng Li, Colin R. Ward, Johan Kosasi, John R. Bunt, Christien A. Strydom

ABSTRACT: Mineralogy And Trace Elements Released During Extraction Of Alumina From High Aluminum Fly Ash In Inner Mongolia, China

Bengen Gong, Yongchun Zhao, Chong Tian, Jihua Qiu, Junying Zhang

ABSTRACT: North Sumatra Basin Organic Content Estimation Using Anisotropic Rock Physics Modeling Based On Core, Log And Seismic Data

R. Ryacudu, T. S. Priantono, P. M. O. Iriana, G. W. Purnama, D. Risdianto

ABSTRACT: Organic Composition Of Light Oil In The Keban Area, South Sumatra Basin

A. Ramadhan, D.H. Amijaya

ABSTRACT: Organic Geochemistry Of Bituminous Coal From Yantang Mine, Xuanwei, China

Jingsen Fan, Yanheng Li, Juan Wang

ABSTRACT: Organic Petrographic And Geochemical Characteristics Of Eo­‐Oligocene Kasiro Shales, Southern Sumatra, Indonesia

Nana Suwarna, Muhammad Iqbal, Heri Hermiyanto, Rian Koswara,

ABSTRACT: Organic Petrology And Geochemistry Of Tertiary And Cretaceous Strata In Southern Louisiana, Gulf Of Mexico Basin, U.S.A.

Brett J. Valentine, Ciel Elizalde, Catherine B. Enomoto, Paul C. Hackley

ABSTRACT: Organic Petrology And Rock-­‐Eval Analysis Of Lower Carboniferous Oil Shales Of New Brunswick, Canada

F. Goodarzi, O. H. Ardakani, H. Sanei, P. K. Pedersen

ABSTRACT: Paleotectonics‐Based Classification Of SE Asia Miocene Coalbed Methane Systems “Something Old, Something Borrowed, Something New”

R.M. Flores, T.A. Moore, M. Friederich

ABSTRACT: Paleo­‐Mire Study Of Balikpapan Coal In Sangatta, East Kalimantan Based On Maceral Analysis

M. J. Perdana, N. Qadaryati, H. Amijaya, F. Anggara

ABSTRACT: Petrological, Mineralogical, And Geochemical Compositions Of The Middle Jurassic Coals In The Heshituoluogai Coalfield, Xinjiang, China

Yaofa Jiang, Lei Zhao, Xibo Wang, Guoqing Zhou, Lixin Zhao, Jianpeng Wei, Hongjian Song

ABSTRACT: Petrology, Mineralogy, And Geochemistry Of Coal From The Jungar Coalfield, Inner Mongolia, North China

A. Bo Liu, B. Xinguo Zhuang , C.Jing Li

ABSTRACT: Pore Characteristics Of Subbituminous Coal Samples, Powder River Basin, USA: Relationships To Microbial Gas Content, Depth, And Moisture

Sharon M. Swanson, Maria D. Mastalerz, Gary D. Stricker ret., Brett J. Valentine, Arthur C. Clark ret., Leslie F. Ruppert

ABSTRACT: Potential Of The Batu Ayau Formation As A Shale Gas Reservoir, Upper Kutei Basin, East Kalimantan, Indonesia: A Field Study

Winda Kurniawati, Nailul Marom, M. Rizki Asy’ari, Hendra Amijaya

ABSTRACT: Potential Source Of Rare Earth Elements (Ree) From Sangatta Coal, Kutai Basin, Indonesia

Ferian Anggara, Himawan T.B.M. Petrus

ABSTRACT: Recent Production Trends And Research In U.S. Gas Shale

Leslie F. Ruppert, Douglas W. Duncan

ABSTRACT: Relationship Between Organic Matter And Mineralogy On Rock Fracturability (Brittleness) In Estuary-­‐Shallow Marine Shale: A Case Study Of The Eocene Nanggulan Shale, Kulon Progo, Yogyakarta

A. Ansori, N. Adibah, J. Jyalita, A. Stefano, W. Novianti, H. Amijaya

ABSTRACT: Response Of Ancient Plants To Atmospheric Co Levels And Associated Climatic Changes: An Example From The Late Permian Fort Cooper Coal Measures, Bowen Basin, Queensland.

S.A. Ayaz, J.S. Esterle, S.D. Golding

ABSTRACT: Role Of Non-­‐Mineral Inorganic Elements In Low Rank South­‐East Asian Coals During Pulverised Fuel Combustion

R.A. Creelman, C.R. Ward, T. Dixon, D. French

ABSTRACT: Sedimentary Coal­‐Bearing Basins Of SE Asia: A Regional Review

M. Friederich, R.M. Flores , R.P. Langford

ABSTRACT: Sedimentary Environments And Processes Recorded In The Strata Of Kao­‐Ping Area Revealed By Biomarkers

Liang-­Jian Shiau, Jun­‐Chin Shen, Jing-Hung Hsu, In-Tian Lin, Hui-­Jane Mo, Suh-Huey Wu, Da-Ren Wen

ABSTRACT: Silification Of Coal In Balikpapan Formation, West Kutai, East Kalimantan

D. H. Amijaya, A.D. Febrianti

ABSTRACT: Source Rock­‐Oil Correlation In An Abandoned Oil And Gas Field, Central Sumatra Basin

Rico Kuncoro Winisudo, Muhlash H. Firmansyah, Adhitya Warman, D. Hendra Amijaya

ABSTRACT: Stable Isotopic Composition Of Gas Produced During Methanogen Culturing Experiments Associated With Coal

Rita Susilawati, Suzanne D. Golding, Joan S. Esterle, Tennille E. Mares, Kim A. Baublys

ABSTRACT: The Correlation Between Coal Swelling And Permeability: A Case Study From Kushiro Low Rank Coal

Ferian Anggara, Kyuro Sasaki, Yuichi Sugai

ABSTRACT: The Effect Of Particle Size On Pyrolysis Behaviors Of Bark Coal

Shaoqing Wang, Yuegang Tang, Shen Su, Yibo Sun

ABSTRACT: The Graptolite-­‐Derived Organic Matter In The Wufeng-­‐Longmaxi Formations (Upper Ordovician-­‐Lower Silurian) From Southeast Of Chongqing: Implications For The Gas Shale Evaluation

Qingyong Luo, Wang Zhang, Ran Liu, Na Dai, Ningning Zhong

ABSTRACT: The Latrobe Valley Lithotype Cycle –How Applicable Is It To German Brown Coal

Guy Holdgate, Matilda O’Connor

ABSTRACT: The Modern Mahakam Delta: An Analogue For Trangressive-­‐Phase Deltaic Sandstone Reservoirs On Low Energy Coastlines

Joseph J Lambiase, Salahuddin Husein

ABSTRACT: The Oligocene Coal Seams Of The Montalat Formation: Microfractures And The Role For CBM Potential, Ampah Area, Barito Basin, Central Kalimantan

Hermes Panggabean, Rachmat Heryanto

ABSTRACT: Thermal Alteration Index (Tai), Vitrinite Reflectance, And Tmax Through Maturation

M. Mastalerz, L. Hampton, A. Drobniak

ABSTRACT: The Role Of Coaly Materials As Oil And Gas Source Rocks (Conventional And Unconventional) In The Kutai Basin, Indonesia

Eddy A. Subroto

ABSTRACT: The Steele/Niobrara Shales In South­‐Central Wyoming, USA: A Potentially Major Unconventional Gas Resource Play

Thomas Gentzis

ABSTRACT: Unconventional Reservoir Characterization Of Organic­‐Rich Middle Triassic Strata In The Canadian Arctic

D. Kondla, H. Sanei, C. R. Clarkson , O. H. Ardakani , X. Wang, C. Jiang

ABSTRACT: Vitrinite Reflectance Indicatrix Of Post­‐Coalification Tectonic Deformed Balikpapan Formation Coals In Sangatta, East Kalimantan

N. Qadaryati, H. Amijaya

ABSTRACT: Zircon Fission-­‐Track Thermochronology: Implications For Tectonothermal Events In The Xishan Coalfield, Shanxi, China

B.L. Sun, F.G. Zeng, C. Liu

Field Trip Guide to Ancient & Modern Organic-Rich Environments in Kalimantan Timur (Borneo), Indonesia

Edited by Tim Moore