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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

The Society for Organic Petrology (TSOP)

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ABSTRACT: Characterization of chemical structure evolution of heat-treated anthracite: In¬sights from HRTEM image processing and analysis techniques

Wenbin Yang, Wu Li, Yu Song

ABSTRACT: Combining organic geochemical and petrographic tools for the assessment of low-permeability reservoirs containing migrated hydrocarbons

Jaime Cesar, Omid H. Ardakani

ABSTRACT: Distribution and affinities of vanadium in the organic matter-rich Alum Shale: Implication for V exploration in Scandinavia

Leibo Bian, Hamed Sanei, Niels H. Schovsbo, Anthony Chappaz

ABSTRACT: Enrichment of Rare-Earth Elements and Yttrium in Kalimantan Coal Ash

Ferian Anggara, Kevin, Shola Aulia Wahyudina, Basuki Rahmat, S.S. Rita Susilawati, D. Hendra Amijaya, Himawan T.B.M. Petrus

ABSTRACT: Evidence for widespread wildfires and their environmental impact in the Late Cretaceous Canadian Arctic

Dane P. Synnott, Lorenz Schwark, Keith Dewing, Per Kent Pedersen, Hamed Sanei

ABSTRACT: Fluid Movement Through Tight Petroleum Reservoirs: Key Insights from Neutron Scattering

Leslie F. Ruppert, Aaron M. Jubb

ABSTRACT: Organic facies variability and paleoenvironmental conditions across the Oceanic Anoxic Event 2 in the South Iberian Paleomargin

Carolina Fonseca, Joăo Graciano Mendonça Filho, Matias Reolid, Luís Vítor Duarte, Carine Lézin

ABSTRACT: Organic Petrography and Geochemistry of the New Albany Shale in Proximity to an Igneous Intrusion

Cortland F. Eble, David C. Harris, Georgina Lukoczki

ABSTRACT: Palaeo-environmental Investigations for Permian Coals of West Bokaro Coalfield, Ramgarh, Jharkhand

Vikram Yadav, Chanchal Lakra, Bacha Ram Jha, Suresh Kumar Samad

ABSTRACT: Palynological and Petrographic Studies of Coal Bearing Horizons of Rohne-Rautpara Area in the North Karanpura Coalfield, Jharkhand, India

Neelu Tirkey, Bacha Jha, Tarit Sanga, Anup Sinha

ABSTRACT: Preparation and spectral characterization of coal-based graphene from anthracite in Qinshui coalfield, Shanxi Province

Ruiqing Li, Yuegang Tang, Qili Che, Jiangtao Fan, Pengliang Ma, Min Dong, Xin Lu

ABSTRACT: The Future of Coal Geoscientists: A Survey of TSOP Members

Leslie F. Ruppert, Cevat O. Karacan, Shifeng Dai

ABSTRACT: The Impact of Oil Extraction on Nanoporosity and Methane Adsorption Capacity for Moisture-Equilibrated Shales

Wei Li, Lee A. Stevens, Will Meredith, Clement N. Uguna, Colin E. Snape

ABSTRACT: Zooclastic kerogen of the lower Paleozoic Alum shale in Baltoscandia, northwestern Europe

Xiaowei Zheng, Hamed Sanei, Niels Hemmingsen Schovsbo, Leibo Bian

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: A comprehensive understanding of rare earth elements and yttrium in coal ash: enrichment mechanisms, speciation, and extraction techniques

Biao Fu, James C. Hower, Wencai Zhang, Hong Yao

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Atlas of wood pellet components

Zbigniew Jelonek, Agnieszka Drobniak, Iwona Jelonek, Maria Mastalerz

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Biomarker assemblages of feed coal blend and fly ashes from Bobov dol thermal power plant, Bulgaria

Irena Kostova, Denitsa Apostolova, Achim Bechtel, Maya Stefanova

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Composition of an Early Cretaceous, Eurasian, intracratonic basin peat-forming flora: Deep time assessment of climatic and environmental conditions, Inner Mongolia, China

Alexander Wheeler, Tim A Moore, Jian Shen, Ofentse M. Moroeng, Jingjing Liu, Rongkun Jia, Kun Chen, Yanqiu Zhang

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Composition of organic matter in Cretaceous sedimentary and volcano-sedimentary strata from Livingstone Island, Antarctic Peninsula

Irena Kostova, Alexander Zdravkov, Achim Bechtel, Nikola Botoucharov, Doris Groβ, Docho Dochev

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Emissions of exceptionally high fluorine from uncontrolled coal fires in Jharia, India

Robert B. Finkelman, Sukalyan Chakraborty, Wasim Akram Shaikh, Abhishek Kumar, Leah Thompson

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Environmental health of the Pamplonita River, Santander, Colombia

Carme Huguet, Jillian Pearse, Nicolás Martínez Alarcón

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Environmental study of an estuarine system affected by the harbor activity related to coal and other industries: San Balandran’s case (Avilés, Northwestern Spain)

Pelayo Tomillo, Isabel Suárez-Ruiz, Mercedes Diaz-Somoano, Dionisio Luis

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Evaluating aromatization of solid bitumen generated in the presence and absence of water

Paul C. Hackley, Aaron M. Jubb, Justin E. Birdwell, Patrick L. Smith, Ryan J. McAleer, Brett J. Valentine, Javin J. Hatcherian, Palma J. Botterell, Joshua D. Schumacher

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Facies development of coal seams in the Knurów deposit (Upper Silesia, Poland)

Piotr Sosnowski, Iwona Jelonek

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Gas hydrate deposits in Danube paleodelta: new heat flow approach

Atanas Vasilev, Emanuil Kozhuharov, Nikola Botoucharov, Ivan Genov, Rositsa Pehlivanova, Petar Petsinski, Eva Marinovska

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Geochemical and petrological study of dump samples from Troyanovo-3 Mine (Maritsa Iztok Coalfield, Bulgaria) after a short (3 years) period of weathering

Magdalena Misz-Kennan, Monika J. Fabiańska, Zlatka Milakovska, Georgi Vladislavov

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Geochemical characteristics comparison of artificially expelled and residual oil from Tasmanian oil shale, Australia

Fenting Wu, Xiaomin Xie, Yaohui Xu, Jingwen Lin, Lei Zhang, Jin Xu, Zhongliang Ma

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Geochemical characterization of kerogen density fractions and artificial mixtures of purified macerals from the Eocene Huadian oil shale, NE China

Xiaomin Xie, Jin Xu, Jianzhong Qin, Fenting Wu, Jingwen Lin

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Geochemical features of altered carbonaceous mudstones from Troyanovo-3 Mine borehole (Maritsa Iztok lignite field, Bulgaria)

Zlatka Milakovska, Maya Stefanova, Georgi Vladislavov, Stefan P. Marinov

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Geochemistry of Se in bituminous-coal-derived fly ashes: distribution, speciation, and partitioning mechanisms

Biao Fu, James C. Hower, Yongda Huang, Jun Zhou, Hong Yao

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Lithium, other trace elements and REE occurrence in selected coal seams from the Pennsylvanian-age Taiyuan Formation, Shanxi Province, China

Beilei Sun, Fangui Zeng, Tim A Moore

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Maturation study of vitrinite from carbonaceous shales and coal: Preliminary insights from hydrous pyrolysis

Divya K. Mishra, Paul C. Hackley, Aaron M. Jubb, Shailesh Agrawal, Atul K. Varma

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Molecular indicators for coal-forming vegetation of Oranovo coal, Oranovo-Simitli Basin, Bulgaria

Denitsa Apostolova, Irena Kostova, Achim Bechtel, Maya Stefanova

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Occupational health hazard index for mining plants based on petrographic analysis of coal

Iwona Jelonek, Piotr Sosnowski

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Ombrotrophic peatlands as atmospheric microplastic archives

O. Hagelskjær, G. Le Roux, J. Sonke

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Organic composition and source rock quality of Miocene coals, Hanoi Trough, onshore northern Vietnam

Henrik I. Petersen, Michael B. W. Fyhn, Hans Peter Nytoft, Lars Henrik Nielsen

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Organic petrology and geochemistry of the Los Molles Formation (Middle Jurasic) in the Picún Leufú area, Neuquén Basin

Fernando Larriestra, Georgina Erra, Marcos Comerio, Juan Pineda, Alejandro Gómez Dacal, Santiago Genta Iturreria, Eduardo G. Ottone

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Organic petrology of the Potrerillos-Cachueta source rocks in the Triassic Cuyo Basin, west-central Argentina

Juan Pineda, Georgina Erra, Joaquín Salduondo, Marcos Comerio, Eduardo G. Ottone

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Oxygen: the most likely binding site for organically associated trace elements in coal

Qiang Wei

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Peat-forming depositional environments within the Oligocene Bobov dol Basin, SW Bulgaria

Alexander Zdravkov, Achim Bechtel, Doris Groβ, Ksenija Stojanović

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Potential source rocks, hydrocarbon migration and reservoir rocks of gas hydrates in the Bulgarian part of Western Black Sea basin - 3D Neozoic model

Eva Marinovska, Rositsa Pehlivanova, Nikola Botoucharov, Atanas Vasilev

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Preliminary study of selected Late Cretaceous – Paleocene paleomires in the Guaduas Formation, Colombia

Tim A Moore, Shifeng Dai, Joan S Esterle, Carme Huguet, Rongkun Jia, Jingjing Liu, Jill Pearse

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Quality testing of charcoal-based grilling fuels: A novel application for reflected light microscopy

Agnieszka Drobniak, Zbigniew Jelonek, Maria Mastalerz, Iwona Jelonek

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: Raman Spectroscopy of Reflectance Suppression in Artificial Source Rock

Margaret Sanders, Aaron Jubb, Paul Hackley, Ken Peters, Andrew Pomerantz

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: The effect of Igneous Intrusion on the Mineral Matter in Coal, Moatize Bain, Mozambique

Tianjiao Yu, Sandra Rodrigues, Joan Esterle

EXTENDED ABSTRACT: The group component and isotopic compositions of artificially expelled oil and retained oil from Tasmanian oil shale in Australia

Jingwen Lin, Xiaomin Xie, Zhigang Wen, Fenting Wu, Jin Xu, Zhongliang Ma, Lei Zhang

Workshop: Blue Gem Geochemistry

James Hower

Workshop: Distribution of Rare Earth Elements (REE) in coals and fly ash: Examples from Kentucky mines and power plants and from pilot-scale beneficiation and extraction

James Hower