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The Society for Organic Petrology (TSOP)

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ABSTRACT: Alginite in Ermelo Coals

P. Mahooana, O. Moroeng, N. Wagner

ABSTRACT: Alkyl Lipid Influences on Methane Sorption in Coals

Clayton R. Magill, Fengshuang Han, Andreas Busch

ABSTRACT: Analysis of Charcoal Fragments from a Wildfire in Portugal: A Preliminary Petrographic Characterization

M. Carvalho, P. A. Gonçalves, D. Flores

ABSTRACT: A New Approach to Coke Strength and Reactivity Prediction

I. Jelonek, K. Kruszewska, Z. Jelonek, S. Czudek

ABSTRACT: Application of SVM-Based Macerals Identification Method

Yuanzhe Wu, Yan Liu, Yunpeng Fan, Tingxiang Zeng

ABSTRACT: Assessment of Beach Pollution by Solid Wastes Based on Sieve, Optical, and Petrographic Analysis

S. Kuś, I. Jelonek, Z. Jelonek, E. Sierka

ABSTRACT: Assessment of CO2 Storage Capacity of Different Macerals of Coal /Shale from Lower Gondwana Formation, India

Priyanka Shukla, Vinod Atmaram Mendhe, Shashanka Pandey

ABSTRACT: Broadening the Perspectives of Organic Petrology: Implications of Analysis of Sedimentary Organic Matter for Evolving Questions

Debra A. Willard

ABSTRACT: Carbon Isotopic Excursions in Palaeocene Organic Matter from India

Dinesh Kumar, Tushar Adsul, Santanu Ghosh, Asmita Datta, Rupayan Sen, Bodhisatwa Hazra, Atul Kumar Varma

ABSTRACT: Carbon Isotopic Fully Reversal of Tight Sandstone Gas and its Implication in the Shixi Gas Field, Eastern Margin of the Ordos Basin

C. Liu, B. L. Sun, M. Y. Lei

ABSTRACT: Coalbed Gas in Colombia: Current Status

Jorge E. Mariño, Tim A Moore

ABSTRACT: Coalbed Methane Resources of Mongolia

B. Erdenetsogt, T. Moore, B. Sunjidmaa, O. Munkhnasan, M. Friederich, D. Dagvasuren, D. Altantungalag, Kh. Batsukh, D. Tserenkhand

ABSTRACT: Comparative Study of Multinomial Logistic Regression (MLR) and Deep Fully Connected Neural Network (DNN) Techniques in Predicting the Coal Structure Based on Geophysical Logging Data

Zihao Wang, Yidong Cai, Dameng Liu, Feng Qiu, Fengrui Sun, Yingfang Zhou

ABSTRACT: Content and Isotopic Composition of Lithium with Different Occurrence States in Two Li-Rich Coals from the Pennsylvanian-Age Taiyuan Formation, Shanxi Province, China

Beilei Sun, Yanlei Kong, Chao Liu

ABSTRACT: Cooper Basin Gas Shales after CO2 Storage or Acid Reactions: Metal Mobilisation and Methane Accessible Pore Changes

J. K. Pearce, G. K. W. Dawson, G. Southam, D. J. Paterson, S. D. Golding, T. Blach, J. Bahadur, Y. B. Melnichenko

ABSTRACT: Depositional Environments for the A and B Coal Seams, Ermelo Coalfield: Insights from Petrology, Mineralogy and Stable Isotopes

S. Mukatuni, N. J. Wagner, O. M. Moroeng

ABSTRACT: Effect of Geological Depths on Mechanical Properties of Anthracite Containing Methane

Bin Zhang, Beilei Sun, Chao Liu

ABSTRACT: Effects of Hydrogen Peroxide Treatment on the Solubilization of Macerals of a Lignite and Biomethane Production

Z. Huang, W. Zhang, H. He, D. Zhang

ABSTRACT: Effects of Igneous Intrusions on the Biomarker Distribution Present in the Bituminous Shales of Irati Formation, Parana Basin - Brazil

Rafaela L. Lenz, Taís F. Silva, Marleny B. González

ABSTRACT: Entering the Green Economy: An Opportunity with Critical Elements for New Zealand

Tim A Moore, James Pope, Shifeng Dai

ABSTRACT: Evaluation of Lead Contamination Derived from Coal Mining in Lenguazaque, Colombia

C. Huguet, D. Widory

ABSTRACT: Evaluation of Solid Bitumen Created from Bituminite in Pakistan Oil Shale Under Hydrous and Anhydrous Pyrolysis Conditions

Paul C. Hackley, Aaron M. Jubb, Margaret M. Sanders, Bonnie McDevitt, Javin J. Hatcherian, Imran Khan

ABSTRACT: Evaluation of the Quality of Portuguese Wood Pellet Fuels through Reflected Light Microscopy

B. Cruz, P. A. Gonçalves, D. Flores

ABSTRACT: Evidence of Marine Transgression and its Significance for the Source Rock Formation of Lower Triassic Xujiahe FM. In Sichuan Basin, SW China

Yumin Liu, Xiaomin Xie, Lei Zhang, Xu Hu, Yin Zhao, Da Wu

ABSTRACT: Evolution of Facies Development of the Knurów Deposit (USCB) Based on the Microlithotypes Analysis

Piotr Sosnowski, Iwona Jelonek

ABSTRACT: Floristic Composition and Palaeoenvironment of the Wolfang Basin Coal Measures (Early Permian, Australia)

Alexander Wheeler, Ulrich Heimhofer, Eleanor Gow, Joan S. Esterle, Ralf Littke

ABSTRACT: Geochemical and Petrological Data Exploration of Selected Samples from Coal Polluted Beaches in the Castrillón Municipality (Asturias, Spain)

P. Tomillo, I. Suárez-Ruiz, M. Díaz-Somoano, J. Ribeiro, D. Luis

ABSTRACT: Geoscience for the Future – There is a Future, Right?

L. Stalker

ABSTRACT: Hydrothermal Fluid and Biological Activity Contributed for the Formation of Cherts in South China during the Ediacaran- Cambrian Transition

Zhanghu Wang, Xiaomin Xie, Zhigang Wen

ABSTRACT: I Am Generating but Not Yet Producing

S. Rodrigues, S. Golding, J. Esterle, X. Mao, A. A. Coffa

ABSTRACT: Identification of Milankovitch Cycles and Calculation of Net Primary Productivity of Paleo-Peatlands Using Geophysical Logs of Coal Seams

Longyi Shao, He Wen, Xiangyu Gao, Baruch Spiro, Xuetian Wang, Zhiming Yan, David J Large

ABSTRACT: Kerogen Extraction Potential of Different Petrographic Constituents of Banded Coal and Shale from Talcher Basin, India

Shashanka Pandey, Vinod Atmaram Mendhe, Srikanta Murthy, Priyanka Shukla

ABSTRACT: Lithium in Chinese Coal-Bearing Strata: Occurrence, Mineralization, and Resource Potential

L. Zhao, X. Wang, S. Dai, D. French, I. Graham

ABSTRACT: Lithotype and Mineralogial Composition of Coal Seams of Dhori Area, Jharkhand, India

Vikram Yadav, Bacha Ram Jha

ABSTRACT: Micromechanical Properties of Varied Rank Coals by Nanoindentation: A New Perspective

Yidong Cai, Ding Jia, Dameng Liu, Yingfang Zhou

ABSTRACT: Mineralogy and Geochemistry of the CS-Rich Coal from Donghuai Mine, Baise Coalfield, Guangxi Province, Southwest China

Xiaoyun Yan, Shifeng Dai, Qiang Yao, Jiankun Zhuo

ABSTRACT: Optical Photothermal Infrared Spectroscopy Reveals Nanoscale Chemical Heterogeneity in Tasmanites Driven by Burial Stress

Aaron M. Jubb, Paul C. Hackley, M. Rebecca Stokes, Ryan J. McAleer

ABSTRACT: Organic Matter Characterization of the Early Toarcian Record in the SW German Basin

C. Fonseca, J. G. Mendonça Filho, C. Lézin, L. V. Duarte

ABSTRACT: Organic Petrology and Geochemistry of Immature Cretaceous Hue Shale from the Jago River Outcrop, Northeastern Alaska

Margaret M. Sanders, Palma J. Botterell, Katherine J. Whidden, Richard O. Lease, Brett J. Valentine

ABSTRACT: Organofacies Characterization by Means of Unsupervised Clustering Applied on Raman Spectra: The Case History of the Paris Basin (France)

A. Schito, N. A. Vergara Sassarini, M. Gasparrini, Pauline Michel, S. Corrado

ABSTRACT: Palaeoenvironmental Study of Upper Gondwana of Rajmahal Basin, Jharkhand

Ritika Tudu, Bacha Ram Jha

ABSTRACT: Palynofacies Analysis of Lower-Middle Jurassic Sediments from the Lusitanian Basin (Portugal)

A. Ortiz-Loaiza, P. A. Gonçalves, J. G. Mendonça Filho, D. Flores

ABSTRACT: Palynology, Petrography and Geochemistry of the Springfield Coal in Proximity to the Galatia Paleochannel System, Illinois Basin, USA

Cortland Eble, John Nelson, Scott Elrick, Stephen Greb, William DiMichele

ABSTRACT: Petrographic Facets of Coal/Shale Deposits of Korba Coalfields of India for Coalbed Methane and Shale Gas Exploration

Vivek Kumar Mishra, Vinod Atmaram Mendhe

ABSTRACT: Preliminary Evaluation of ION Milling-Induced Porosity in Dispersed Organic Matter

B. Valentine, P. Hackley

ABSTRACT: Properties of Solid Bitumen Created from Amorphous Organic Matter during Pyrolysis of Kimmeridge Clay

Paul C. Hackley, Amin Ghanizadeh, Simon Emmanuel, Justin E. Birdwell, Javin J. Hatcherian, Aaron M. Jubb, Ryan J. McAleer, Margaret M. Sanders, Brett J. Valentine

ABSTRACT: Rare Earth Elements and Yttrium in Late Permian Coals from SW China

Qingfeng Lu, Shenjun Qin, Wenfeng Wang

ABSTRACT: Residential Gasification of Solid Biomass: Can Petrographic Analysis Predict the Emissions?

A. Drobniak, Z. Jelonek, M. Mastalerz, I. Jelonek

ABSTRACT: Residual Oil in a Depleted Oilfield Considered for CO2 Storage, Danish North Sea

H. I. Petersen, A. Rudra, H. Sanei

ABSTRACT: Response of Mechanical Properties and Structure in Anthracite Vitrinite at the Nanometer-Scale Using Atomic Force Microscopy-Based Infrared Spectroscopy

Bin Zhang, Beilei Sun, Chao Liu

ABSTRACT: Selected Critical Raw Materials in Polish Coal Deposits and Coal Ashes

B. Bielowicz

ABSTRACT: SEM Petrography of Dispersed Organic Matter in Black Shales

B. Liu, M. Mastalerz, J. Schieber

ABSTRACT: Stable Carbon and Nitrogen Isotopic Characteristics of Talcher Coal: Its Implications on Palaeodepositional Environment

Mahima Panda, Sk. Md. Equeenuddin, Debadutta Mohanty

ABSTRACT: The Eocene-Recent Paleoclimate Records Inferred from Carbon Stable Isotope (δ13C) Values in Coal Sequences and Peat Deposit, Kalimantan, Indonesia

F. Anggara, J. Esterle, T. A. Moore, D. H. Amijaya, A. A. Patria

ABSTRACT: Thermal Effect by Igneous Intrusions on the Organic Matter of the Vaca Muerta FM, Neuquén Basin, Argentina

Juan A. Pineda, Juan Spacapan, Marcos Comerio, Lucrecia Frayssinet, Barbara Lapcak

ABSTRACT: Thermal Evolution of Graptolite and Solid Bitumen Composition at High Maturity under Natural and Artificial Conditions

Jianyang Song, Paul C. Hackley, Margaret M. Sanders, Aaron M. Jubb, Qingyong Luo

ABSTRACT: Thermal Maturity and Burial Data from the Maruszyna IG-1 Deep Borehole (Pieniny Klippen Belt, Western Carpathians)

M. Zielińska, P. Gedl, P. Jirman, D. Botor

ABSTRACT: The Role of Organic Matter in Petrophysical Properties of Shale

Amirsaman Rezaeyan, Andreas Busch

ABSTRACT: The Use of Petrography in Reflected Light in the Study of Mineral Aggregates from Mining Waste from Hard Coal Mining

J. Szlugaj, I. Jelonek

ABSTRACT: Upshots of Stable Isotope and Rare Earth Elements for Depositional Milieu Budding for Hydrocarbon Generation in L. Permian Sediments, India

Divya Kumari Mishra, Neha Agrawal, Shailesh Agrawal, Pawan Govil, Anupam Sharma, Atul Kumar Varma, Vinod Atmaram Mendhe

FRONTMATTER: Abstracts of the 38th Annual Meeting of The Society for Organic Petrology

Tim A. Moore, Carme Huguet, Ofentse M. Moroeng, Carol I. Sule