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Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

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3D Seismic Facies Classification on CPU and GPU HPC Clusters

Sergio Botelho, Vishal Das, Davide Vanzo, Pandu Devarakota, Vinay Rao, Santi Adavani

A Comparative Study of Machine Learning Model Results and Key Geologic Parameters for Unconventional Resource Plays

Jeff Bowman, Hamed Tabatabaie, Julie Anna Bowman

A Flexible Biomimetic Superhydrophobic and Superoleophilic 3D Macroporous Polymer-Based Robust Network for the Efficient Separation of Oil-Contaminated Water

Fahd I. Alghunaimi, Norah W. Aljuryyed, Saleh A. Tawfik

A Machine Learning Approach to Benchmarking: A New Perspective Utilizing Factor Contribution Analysis

Hamed Tabatabaie, Toby Burrough, Camilo Rodriguez Cadena

A Model Ranking Approach for Liquid Loading Onset Predictions

Hao Jia, Jianjun Zhu, Guangqiang Cao, Yingda Lu, Bo Lu, Haiwen Zhu

A Modelling Study on the Application of the Bentonites in Plugging Carbon Dioxide Injection Wells

Hossein Dashti, Mohammad Sedaghat, Mahshid Firouzi, Suzanne Hurter

A New Hydration Index and Mineral Content Curve Based Shut-In-Time Optimization Approach for Multi-Fractured Horizontal Wells in Shale Gas Reservoirs

Shuanghan Luo, Hao Su, Ge Jiang, Chao Hu, Zhihong Zhao, Yuhang Zhao, Liang Tao, Jianchun Guo, Xianan Deng, Geng Li, Xin Zhang

A Novel Completion System and CO2 Fracturing Fluid Unlock The Ultratight but Critically Important S1/H8 Formations in China's Yanbei Gas Field

Hua Hai Yang, Kevin Mullen, Yi Liu, Ge Hong Kan, Chi Tian You, Hong Man Wang, Jun Tian Yu, Bo Yong Cao

A Novel Methodology for Predicting Micro-Proppant Screenout in Hydraulic Fracturing Treatments

Nathan J. Di Vaira, Łukasz Łaniewski-Wołłk, Raymond L. Johnson Jr., Saiied M. Aminossadati, Christopher R. Leonardi

A Porothermoelastic Model Considering the DynamicTemperature-Perturbation Boundary Effect for Borehole Stability in Fractured Porous Rocks

Jiajia Gao, Hai Lin, Jin Sun, Xiuping Chen, Huixiang Wang, Xianfeng Liu

A Practical Workflow for Determining the Individual-Stage Fracture Network Using Flowback Dynamics and Microseismic Data: A Case Study

Linkai Li, Yue Wang, Xiao Guo, Zhendong Gao

A Water-Base Drilling Fluid for Controlling Deep-Reservoir Extreme Conditions in an Abu Dhabi Gas Shale Play

Gabe Manescu, Balazs Veer, Panamarathupalayam Balakrishnan, Carmelo Arena, Benoit Allias, Clotaire Eyaa

Advanced Testing Protocol and Evaluation for Shale OCTG Connections

Wesley Lyman Ott, Scott Landon Granger, David James Marmolejo, Darren Richard Santeler, Nora Brahmi

An Approach to Include Scale-Dependent Surface Roughness in Hydraulic Fracturing Simulation

Abbas Movassagh, Saeed Salimzadeh, Elaheh Arjomand, Manouchehr Haghighi

An Efficient Approach for Optimising Well Spacing in Coalbed Methane Assets

Gladys Chang, Zana Williams, Sam Guiton, Colin Chan, Fabian Brandimarte

An Iteratively Coupled Model for Flow, Deformation, and Fracture Propagation in Fractured Unconventional Reservoirs

Harun Rashid, Femi Olorode, Chukwudi Chukwudozie

Application of D-Limonene as the Green High Viscosity Friction Reducer in Hydraulic Fracturing

Aminah Qayyimah Mohd Aji, Wan Nor Farahana Wan Nadhari, Cindy Dhevayani Savitri, Dzeti Farhah Mohshim, Belladonna Maulianda, Arvindraj Krishnan

Application of Multi-Scale Fracture Detection from Borehole Microresistivity Image and Dipole Shear Wave Reflection Imaging in Shale Gas Horizontal Wells: A Case Study in Changning Gas Field

DE Heng, He Fa Yao, Ran Wen, Bin Lin, Qi Cheng Fan, Yan Hui Fu,

Application of Novel Stabilized Zone Simulation and Flow Diagnostics for the Interpretation of the SRV and Assessment of Multiwell Interference

Ching-Hsien Liu, Kenta Nakajima, Michael J. King

Application of Physics Informed Neural Networks to Compositional Modelling

Thelma Anizia Ihunde, Olufemi Olorode

Application of Principal Component Analysis Biplots to Reservoir Characterisation and Classification for Low Permeability Carbonate Reservoirs in the Middle East

Liang Sun, Hang Zhao, Fan Liu, Penghui Su, Kun Liu

Application of Simulation of Coupled Hydraulic Fracture Propagation by Implementing Natural Fracture Modeling in Shale Oil Reservoir - A Case Study from Junggar Basin, China

Yanyan Ding, Yu Liang, Tingfeng Zhao, Mingwei Ma, Xingning Huang

Applications of Indirect Hydraulic Fracturing to Improve Coal Seam Gas Drainage for the Surat and Bowen Basins, Australia

Raymond Leslie Johnson Jr., Honja Miharisoa Ramanandraibe, Ayrton Ribeiro, Matthew Ramsay, Kaa Tipene, William Corbett

Assessment of Rate Normalization and Pressure Deconvolution Techniques to History-Match and Forecast Production of Tight-Oil Reservoirs Using a Physics-Based Rate-Time Model

Leopoldo M. Ruiz Maraggi, Larry W. Lake, Mark P. Walsh

Automated Well Performance Diagnostics in Unconventional Reservoirs: A Multi Basin Study for Early Time Production Optimization

Darryl Tompkins, Oladapo Adejare, Marci Kerls, Adam Swartley, Christina Costello

Averaging Predictions of Rate-Time Models Using Bayesian Leave-Future-Out Cross-Validation and the Bayesian Bootstrap in Probabilistic Unconventional Production Forecasting

Leopoldo M. Ruiz Maraggi, Larry W. Lake, Mark P. Walsh

Azimuthal Hold Technology Implementation in Vaca Muerta

Oscar Sanchez, Francisco Javier Mela, Rodrigo Martin

Can ISIP Really Tell Closure Pressure? - Case Study of Consecutive DFITs in the Eagle Ford

Shintaro Kuroda, Shunichi Watanabe, Kenji Ueda

Case Insights Highlighting the Maximum Production Pad of Shale Gas in China

Meng Wang, Mingguang Che, Wei Jiang, Meng Fan, Yun Jiang, Yonghui Wang, Xin Wang, Guangyou Zhu

Case Study and Sensitivity Analysis of Borehole Breakout in the Cooper Basin, Australia

Ruizhi Zhong, Aideel Azman, Ray Johnson Jr., Zhenjiang You, Lan Nguyen

CO2 Immiscible Flooding Technology Policy Research in Normal Pressure Tight Oil Reservoir: A Case Study of Honghe Chang 8 reservoir in South Ordos Basin

Ting Xu

Combined Application of Unsupervised and Deep Learning in Absolute Open Flow Potential Prediction: A Case Study of the Weiyuan Shale Gas Reservoir

Lian Wang, Yuedong Yao, Kongjie Wang, Caspar Daniel Adenutsi, Guoxiang Zhao

Continuous Gas Lift Technology Using a Proprietary HDCNG Well Unloading System

Matthew Mason, Daria Korobchuk, Alex Wood, James Tauchnitz

Design and Analysis of Improved Swelling and Degradable Diverting Agent for Multistage Hydraulic Fracturing

Keito Ikebata, Tomoki Onishi, Kenji Furui, Shusaku Mandai, Yasuhiro Hirano, Yuya Kanamori, Bessie Psihogios, Ryosuke Taniguchi

Determining the Correlation Between Vicker's Microhardness and Young's Modulus of Coal

Sanjib Mondal, Sijin Qian, Micah Nehring, Zhongwei Chen

Dilatancy and the Mean Normal Stress: Unconventional Concepts Needed for Leak Assessment of Tubular Connections

Gang Tao, Malcolm A. Goodman

Drilling Optimization in Geothermal Exploration Wells Using Enhanced Design of Conical Diamond Element Bit

Aly Rasyid, Ramadhan Yoan Mardiana, Kurniadi Budiono, Bonar Noviasta

Effect of Errors in Initial Pressure Measurement on Rate-Transient Analysis in Unconventional Reservoirs

Himanshu Shekhar Jha, Aaditya Khanal, W John Lee

Effect of Relative Permeability on Modeling of Shale Oil and Gas Production

Hamid Behmanesh, Chris R. Clarkson, S. Hamed Tabatabaie, Louis Mattar

Effects of Stress Contrast on Hydraulic Fracturing Optimisation and Treatment Design for Tight Sandstone Reservoirs

Sadegh Asadi, Ahsan Jamil, Naveen Nathesan, Ashvin Avalani Chandrakant, Latief Riyanto, Fairus Azwardy Salleh

Environmentally Friendly Corrosion Inhibitors from Leaf Extracts

Jun Hong Clarence Ng, Tariq Almubarak, Hisham A. Nasr-El-Din

Evaluation of a Superior Shale EOR Application in the Eagle Ford Shale

Kiran K. Venepalli, Robert A. Downey, James C. Erdle, Jack Nohavitza

Experimental and Numerical Study on Mechanical Performance of Titanium Drill Pipe in Severe Doglegs

Yisheng Mou, Hao Yu, Zhanghua Lian, Qiang Zhang, Yuheng Tuo

Experimental Study of Coal Directional Sorption-Induced Strain Under Different Temperatures

Yixiao Huang, Zhang Shi, Thomas Flottmann, Dan Kuznetsov, Victor Rudolph, Christopher Leonardi, Zhongwei Chen

Experimental Study on the Proppant Transport in Rough Fractures by Clean Water Fracturing

Bo Wang, Xintong Li, Chunyan Zhao, Yachao Bai, Jian Wang, Jian Liu, Xiaodong Hu

Factors Affecting Methane Adsorption and Storage in Black Shales of Varying Maturity and Kerogen Type

Izhar Ul Haq, Eswaran Padmanabhan, Javed Akbar Khan, Zulqarnain Sajid

Field Applications of Flow-Back Profiling Using Distributed Temperature Data

Yilin Mao, Caroline Godefroy, Michel Gysen

Flowing Material Balance and Decline Curve Analysis: A Hybrid Approach for Better EUR and Decline Profile Predictions for CSG Wells

Gerardo E. Guillen Falcon

Formation Evaluation Based on Anisotropy Derived Logging Curve Normalization in Shale Gas Horizontal Wells of China

Hai Jie Zhang, Jun Wei Pu, Ling Song Qin, Tong Tong Luo, He Fa Yao

Fracture Geometry Measurements by Analyzing Multiwell Communications

Sofya Sizova, Roman Korkin

Fracture Monitoring to Investigate Well Interference and Improve Shale Well Production Performance, A Case Study

Shabnam Marouf, Mazher Ibrahim, Matt Sinky, Thomas Johnston, Joseph Becerril, John Noynay

From Outcrop to Subsurface: Unlocking Fractured Basement Reservoir in New Venture Area

Laurent Souche, Anugrah Pradana, Merza Media Adeyosfi, Joko Sosiawan Trikukuh

From Petroleum System Evaluation to Geomodeling, Production Forecasting and Reserves Determination in Unconventional Reservoirs

Cristhian F. Aranguren Silva, Antonio Ch. S. Gomes, Roberto Aguilera

Gasification Chamber Evolution and Recovery Performance of Underground Coal Gasification in Deep Coal Seam: A Numerical Simulation Study

Bin Zhao, Xiaohu Dong, Liangliang Jiang, Shanshan Chen, Yanpeng Chen, Zhangxin Chen

Geomechanical Analysis of Injection and Withdrawal on Underground Natural Gas Storage in Mondarra Field, Western Australia

Jorge Ivan Ruiz Gastelum

Impact of Crossflow Among Fractures in Multiply Fractured Horizontal Wells in Unconventional Reservoirs

Yawen Liu, Iraj Ershaghi

Impact of Heterogeneities on Sorption Capacities of Potential Paleozoic Gas Shales from Western Peninsular Malaysia

Ibad Muhammad Syed, Eswaran Padmanabhan

Improving Net Pay Estimation by Identification of Producing Oil Water Contact POWC in Heterogenous Carbonates

Aman Arora, Steven Henderson, George B. Asquith

Improving Tight Oil Reserves Forecast Using 3-Segment Decline Curves Analysis in a Peruvian Northwest Basin

Leonardo Mogollón, Joseph Sinchitullo, Joel Cahuas

Influence of Sediment Properties on Low-Frequency Electric-Joule-Heating Process in Class 1 Hydrate Deposits

Ermeng Zhao, Jian Hou, Yunkai Ji, Lu Liu, Yongge Liu

Innovative Analysis of Treatment Well Data Determines Cluster Efficiency, Assesses Fracture Complexity, and Provides Fracture Geometry in Unconventional Reservoirs

Lucas Wesley Bazan, Bruce Roman Meyer, Van Phi Tran

Innovative Stimulation Process for Sustainable Unconventional Resource Development

Roman Bilak, Kerry Kristiansen, Guowei Xia, Maiy Latif, Eduard Marika

Integrated Analysis of Acoustic Images and Shear Wave Anisotropy Used for Geomechanical Modelling in a Tight Sand Oil Reservoir

Saikat Das, Viet Hoang Nguyen, Sadegh Asadi, Naveen Nathesan, Ahsan Jamil, Hilarion Milan, Ashvin Avalani Chandrakant, Fairuz Azwardy Salleh

Integration of Pressure-Transient and Fracture Area for Detecting Unconventional Wells Interference

Mazher Ibrahim, Matt Sinkey, Thomas Johnston, Shabnam Marouf, John Noynay, Joseph Becerril

Introducing Iterative Ensemble Kalman Smoother to History-Matching Horizontal Coalbed Methane Wells

Rubakumar Sankararaj, Sylvain Ducroux, Dan Kuznetsov, Fengde Zhou

Investigating Effects of Water Blockage on Oil Recovery Factor by Using Surfactant into Completion Fluid – Wolfcamp Formation

Ahmed GH Mansour, Talal Gamadi, Otman Algadi, Hossein Emadi

Investigation and Field Application of Ultra-High Density Fracturing Technology in Unconventional Reservoirs

Fanhui Zeng, Yu Zhang, Jianchun Guo, Su Diao, Wenxi Ren, Bintao Zheng

Key Properties are not Well Represented by Means: Spatial Asymmetry in Coal Seam Gas Reservoir Modelling

Sebastian Hoerning, Iain Rodger

Learnings on Fracture and Geomechanical Modeling from the Hydraulic Fracturing Test Site in the Midland Basin, West Texas

Xinghui Liu, Yunhui Tan, Amit Singh, Robert Waddle, Kurt Hilarides, David Forand, Baosheng Liang, Shahzad Khan, Margaretha Rijken

Machine Learning Models for Predicting the Rheology of Nanoparticle-Stabilized-CO2-Foam Fracturing Fluid in Reservoir Conditions

Toluwalase Adeola Olukoga, Yin Feng

Methods to Optimize Recovery in Horizontal Wells with Multi-Stage Hydraulic Fractures by Avoiding Conformance Issues

Shubham Mishra, Christopher Fredd, Dean Wilberg, Umur Yanbollu

Modelling and Economic Analyses of Graded Particle Injections in Conjunction with Hydraulically Fracturing of Coal Seam Gas Reservoirs

Vanessa Santiago, Ayrton Ribeiro, Raymond Johnson Jr., Suzanne Hurter, Zhenjiang You

Modified Higher-Order 3D Displacement Discontinuity Method for Prediction of Fracture Propagation

Serhii Kryvenko, George Julius Moridis, Thomas Alvin Blasingame

Multivariate Based Analysis of Methane Adsorption Correlated to TOC and Mineralogy Impact from Different Shale Fabrics

Sayed Ameenuddin Irfan, Nadiah Mohd Azli, Firas A. Abdulkareem, Eswaran Padmanabhan

Novel Methods to Overcome Micro-Seismic Limitations in Estimating Hydraulic Fracture Geometry in Unconventional Reservoirs

Shubham Mishra, Vinil Reddy

Numerical Evaluation of Bulk Geomechanical Properties of Fractured Coal with Changing Net Effective Stress Conditions

Travis R. Mitchell, Ruizhi Zhong, Ray Johnson Jr., Christopher R. Leonardi

Numerical Investigation of Post-Production Gas Flow Mechanisms in Coal Seams

Mohammad Sedaghat, Philip Hayes, Andrew Garnett

Numerical Solution of Proppant Transport and Distribution in Tortuous and Uneven Fractures

Bingyang Bai, Tianbo Liang, Mengchuan Zhang, Bingrui Luo

On Causes of Partial Cement Deficiency at Doglegs and its Impact on Casing Failure; An Integrated Modeling Approach

Hao Yu, Arash Dahi Taleghani, Zhanghua Lian

Optimising Drilling and Completions Performance by Applying Core and Physics-Based Models to Drilling Data

Stacy McWhorter, Carl Merkt, Stephen Drylie, Feiyan Chen, Todd Duplantis, Kristopher Farmer

Optimization of Improving Liquids Recovery from Duvernay Shale Condensate Reservoirs

Guicheng Jing, Zhangxin Chen, Gang Hui

Outlier Detection Techniques Help Us Identify and Remove Outliers in Production Data to Improve Production Forecasting

Himanshu Shekhar Jha, Hafiz Mustafa Ud Din Sheikh, W John Lee

Physics-Constrained Deep Learning for Production Forecast in Tight Reservoirs

Nguyen T. Le, Roman J. Shor, Zhuoheng Chen

Quantifying Capillary Trapping on Ultimate Coal Seam Gas Recovery: A Laboratory Study

Yiran Zhu, Zhang Shi, Huilin Xing, Shuai Gao, Zhongwei Chen

Real-Time Applications for Geological Operations: Repeatable AI Use Cases

Alfio Malossi, Davide Baldini, Federica Ferrari, Arcangelo Di Palo, Ada Crottini, Chiara Marini, Cesare Ursini

Research and Practice on Enhancing Recovery of Tight Sandstone Gas Reservoirs in Kelasu Gas Field, Tarim Basin

Guoxin Li, Jun Tian, Xiaowen Duan, Haijun Yang, Yongliang Tang, Haibin Bi, Cehngze Zhang, Chenggang Xian, He Liu

Reservoir-Profile-Update Rate and its Quantitative Superiority of Evaluating Reservoir Description Accuracy While Drilling

Botao Chang

Resin-Based Nanocomposites Coated Proppants as Scale Inhibitor Carrier and Slowly Releasing Container

Ali Aref Ali Alzanam, Ali Samer Muhsan

Shale Shrinkage Transition Induced by the Matrix-Fracture Equilibrium Time Lag: A Neglected Phenomenon in Shale Gas Production

Jie Zeng, Jishan Liu, Wai Li, Yee-Kwong Leong, Derek Elsworth, Jianchun Guo

Simultaneous Property Modifications for History-Matching Thousands of CSG Wells Efficiently

Andrew Dean, Gizat Aibassov, Saikat Mazumder

Social Licence Applied to Well Abandonment

Richard Milne Lightfoot

Statistical Process Control for Early Detection of Progressive Cavity Pump Failures in Vertical Unconventional Gas Wells

Suren Indrajith Rathnayake, Mahshid Firouzi

Stress-Dependent Two-Phase Flow in Coal Cleats

Zhang Shi, Yixiao Huang, Yiran Zhu, Yixiang Gan, Zhongwei Chen

Study on Diagnosis Model of Shale Gas Fracture Network Fracturing Operation Pressure Curve

Ran Lin, Zhenhua Wang, Lan Ren, Jinzhou Zhao, Tingxue Jiang

The Comprehensive Investigation of the Improvement of Shale Formation Property in High Pressure Air Injection

Yibo Li, Xiang Lin, Zhiwei Gao, Haibin Shen, Yu Peng, Zhenglan Li, Jinzhou Zhao

The Determination of Stress Reorientation in Shale Gas Reservoirs with Complex Natural Fracture Distribution

Jia He, Yanli Pei, Kamy Sepehrnoori

The Effective Process Parameters of CO2 Adsorption on Peninsular Malaysia Shale Samples

Asmau Iyabo Balogun, Firas Ayad Abdulkareem, Sayed Ameenuddin Irfan, Eswaran Padmanabhan

The Impact of Anisotropic Mechanical Properties on Stimulation and Wellbore Stability in the Beetaloo Basin, Northern Territory, Australia

J Adam Donald, Thomas J. Neville

The Influence of Formation Dip Angle on Buoyancy-Induced Gas Migration During Coal Seam Gas Production

Mohammad Sedaghat, Des Owen, Philip Hayes, James Underschultz, Suzanne Hurter, Andrew Garnett

The Influence of Infill Well-Caused Fracture Interference on Shale Gas Production and Recovery: A Comprehensive Numerical Simulation Study

Sidong Fang, Hao Xiong, Baohua Wang, Liqiang Ma, Xiang Rao, Yonghui Wu

The Role of Diffusion in Primary and Enhanced Oil Recovery from Fractured Unconventional Reservoirs

Olufemi Olorode, Hassan Amer, Harun Rashid

The Study on 3D Geomechanical Modeling Improves Horizontal Well Drilling Performance in Tight Oil Reservoir

Yong Wang, Haijun Luan, Chuanyi Tang, Dong Zhao, Wei Zhou, Dan Zhou, Liming Lian, Lei Zeng, Bo Yu, Bo Dong, Xiao Yang

The Study on 3D Geomechanical Modeling Improves Horizontal Well Drilling Performance: A Case Study from Junggar Basin, China

Zhidong Yang, Xubin Zhao, Liang Huang, Jiasheng Deng, Wei Zhou, Shen Ding, Liming Lian, Wangda He, Hao Yu, Peng Xie, Xiao Yang

Ultra-Deep Resistivity 3D Inversion Reveals Third Dimension of Faulted Turbidite Sand, Deepwater Sabah, Malaysia

Keng Hung Kok, Sze Fong Kho, Subashini Paramanathan, Angelina Jia Hui Ting, Valsan Vevakanandan, Anna Numpang, Doreen Dayah, Roslan Mokhtar, Mohd Nazmi Othman

Unconventional CO2 Storage

Julie K. Pearce, Syed S. Raza, Kim A. Baublys, Phil J. Hayes, Mahshid Firouzi, Victor Rudolph

Unlocking the Potential of Challenging Tight Oil Reservoirs Using a Novel Approach in the Egyptian Eastern Desert

Amr Hegazy, Emad Abdel Hakim, Mohamed Farouk, Hesham Badran, Omar Barghash, Khaled Saleh

Using Machine Learning for Geosteering During In-Seam Drilling

Ruizhi Zhong, Ray L. Johnson Jr, Zhongwei Chen

Using Simplified Data Analytics for Defining Optimum Well Completions Early in the Life of a Shale Oil Play

Vello A. Kuuskraa, Brett Murray

Wellbore Stability Analysis of Horizontal Drilling in Bowen and Surat Coal Seam Gas Wells

Ruizhi Zhong, Christopher R. Leonardi, Travis R. Mitchell, Ray L. Johnson Jr.