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Unconventional Resources Technology Conference (URTEC)

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3-D Geomechanical Modeling for Field Development of a Colombian Shale Play

Leonardo Arias Medina, Azra N. Tutuncu

3D Driven Rock Quality Mapping and Landing Target Selection in the Wolfcamp Formation: A Case Study on How to Combine Geologic, Geophysical, and Engineering Data to Produce Better Well Results, Midland Basin, Texas

Aaron Fisher, F.X. O'Keefe, Chris Niedz, Brian Wehner, Nick Kramer, Paul Heuermann, Scott Patrick

A Cationic Friction Reducer Fully Compatible with Produced Water

Lingjuan Shen, Shafeeq Khan, David Heller, Dan Fu

A Collaborative Study on DFIT Interpretation: Integrating Modeling, Field Data, and Analytical Techniques

Mark McClure, Vidya Bammidi, Craig Cipolla, Dave Cramer, Lucas Martin, Alexei Savitski, Dave Sobernheim, Kate Voller

A Comparative Study of Organic Richness and Maturity Impact on Anisotropic Geomechanical Properties in Shale Reservoirs

Azra N. Tutuncu, Binh Bui

A Data-Driven Modeling Methodology to Support Unconventional Reservoir Development Decisions: Application to the STACK Play in Oklahoma

Mac Burton, Sebastien Matringe, Trevor Atchison, Marion Houser, Andrew Munoz, Mo Taing

A Direct Method for Short-Term Forecasting of Multi-Phase Production Rates Using Flowback Data

Matthew R. Jones, Thomas A. Blasingame

A Dynamic Fractal Permeability Model for Heterogeneous Coalbed Reservoir Considering Multiphysics and Flow Regimes

Jianwei Tian, Jishan Liu, Derek Elsworth, Yee-Kwong Leong, Wai Li, Jie Zeng

A Geomechanical Approach for Evaluating Hydraulic Stimulation in Complex Stratigraphies

William Dershowitz, Hooman Hosseinpour, Mark Cottrell

A Geomechanics-Driven Facies Model to Reconcile Production, Inform Completion Strategies, and Determine Landing Zones in the Green River Basin

Joel Mazza, Jesse Havens, Torrey Mullen

A High-Frequency NMR Investigation of Eagle Ford Shale Cores

Jyoti Swarup Singh Kanwar, Azra Tutuncu, Yuan Yang

A Methodology for Selecting Optimal Pipe Rocking Regimes during Slide Drilling

Ian Rostagno, Michael Yi, Pradeepkumar Ashok, Eric van Oort, Ben Potash, Chris Mullin

A Methodology for Unstructured Damped Stress Inversion of Microseismic Focal Mechanisms

Bing Q. Li, Jing Du

A Methodology to Quantify the Volume-of-investigation in DFIT Design for Shale Gas Wells

Zhiming Chen, Hongyang Chu, Xuefeng Tang, Lingyu Mu, Peng Dong, Jiali Zhang, Haoshu Chen

A Methodology Using Triple-Combo Well Logs to Quantify In-Place Hydrocarbon Volumes for Inorganic and Organic Elements in Unconventional Reservoirs, Recognizing Differing Reservoir Wetting Characteristics—An Example from the Niobrara of the Denver-Julesburg Basin, Colorado

Michael Holmes, Antony Holmes, Dominic Holmes

A New Approach to Controlling Barite Scaling in Unconventional Systems

Adam D. Jew, Qingyun Li, David Cercone, Gordon E. Brown Jr., John R. Bargar

A New Method for Production Forecasting: Predictive Analytics vs. Conventional Methods in the Montney

Melanie R. Popp, Alex M.D. Renaud, Joshua WY. Lee

A Novel approach to Monitor Proppant Consolidation during Hydraulic Fracturing using Dynamic Measurement: Experimental Study

Mohammad H. Alqam, Adnan H. Al-Makrami, Edwin T. Caliboso

A Novel Enhanced Oil Recovery Approach to Water Flooding in Saskatchewan’s Tight Oil Plays

Mojtaba Kiani, Tzu-Ping Hsu, Alireza Roostapour, Mahdi Kazempour, Eric Tudor

A Novel Non-Destructive and Rapid Cleaning Method for Intact Ultra-Low Permeability Rocks

Andreina Guedez, William Mickelson, Samuel Aldin, Deepak Gokaraju, Abhijit Mitra, Akshay Thombare, Robert Patterson, Munir Aldin

A Pore-Scale Mechanistic Investigation of Shale Gas Condensate at Near Saturation Pressure on Fluid Flow in Shale

Shu Pan, Jingsheng Ma, Julian Youxiang Zuo, Nejib Hamed

A Powerful and Practical Workflow for a Naturally Fractured Reservoir with Complex Fracture Geometries from Modeling to Simulation

Feng Xu, Xianbing Li, Yiwen Gong, Cheng Lei, Xiangling Li, Wei Yu, Jijun Miao, Yutao Ding,

A Rapid Evaluation Technique of Sweep Efficiency for Tight Oil Reservoirs Recovered with Gas Flooding

Lingyu Mu, Xinwei Liao, Xiaoliang Zhao, Jingtian Zhang, Jiandong Zou, Hongyang Chu, Xiongtao Shang

A Set of Successful Chemical EOR Trials in Permian Basin: Promising Field and Laboratory Results

Mehrnoosh Moradi Bidhendi, Mahdi Kazempour, Uwana Ibanga, Duy Nguyen, Justin Arruda, Mike Lantz, Cooper Mazon

Abiotic Transformation Kinetics of Surfactants used in Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid

Brandon McAdams, Lauren Burrows, J. Alexandra Hakala

Accurate Pore Size Measurement Via NMR On Unconventionals

Draga Veselinovic, Michael Dick, Derrick Green

Accurate Rock Mineral Characterization with Nuclear Magnetic Resonance

Haijing Wang, Boqin Sun, Zheng Yang, Scott Seltzer, Marcus Wigand

Advanced Flowback in the Powder River Basin: Securing Stimulation Investments

Mario Campos, Dmitriy Potapenko, Katharine Moncada, Jayanth Krishnamurthy

Advanced Simultaneous Formation Evaluation and Completion-Oriented Rock Classification in the Midland Basin Using Integrated Analysis of Well Logs, Core Measurements, and Geostatistical Data

Ameneh Rostami, Archana Jagadisan, Laura M Hernandez, Zoya Heidari, Bill Fairhurst, Inessa Yurchenko, Svetlana Ikonnikova, Scott Hamlin

An Advanced Nanopermeameter: Transformation from a Point-by-Point Method to the Direct Measurement of Permeability-Pressure Function

Hui-Hai Liu, Huangye Chen, Jilin Zhang, Gary Eppler

An Artificial Intelligence Decision Support System for Unconventional Field Development Design

Naser Tamimi, Shirin Samani, Mohsen Minaei, Farshad Harirchi

An Effective Physics-Based Deep Learning Model for Enhancing Production Surveillance and Analysis in Unconventional Reservoirs

Yuewei Pan, Ran Bi, Peng Zhou, Lichi Deng, John Lee

An Efficient Method for Modeling Discrete Fracture Networks in Geomechanical Reservoir Simulations

Ashish Kumar, Kaustubh Shrivastava, Ripudaman Manchanda, Mukul M. Sharma

An Efficient Three-Dimensional Multiphase Particle-in-Cell Model for Proppant Transport in the Field Scale

Shaowen Mao, Zhi Shang, Seunghwan Chun, Jiawei Li, Kan Wu

An Experimental Investigation of Proppant Transport in High Loading Friction-Reduced Systems Utilizing a Horizontal Wellbore Apparatus

Faraj A. Ahmad, Jennifer L. Miskimins

An Experimental Investigation of the Anisotropic Dynamic and Static Properties of Eagle Ford Shales

Yang Wang, De-Hua Han, Luanxiao Zhao, Abhijit Mitra, Samir Aldin

An Integrated Deep Learning Solution for Petrophysics, Pore Pressure, and Geomechanics Property Prediction

Ehsan Zabihi Naeini, Sam Green, Marianne Rauch-Davies

An Integrated Machine Learning Framework for Optimizing Unconventional Resources Development

Hui Zhou, Benjamin Lascaud

An Integrated Pore-Scale Characterization Workflow for Hydrocarbon Gas Huff-and-Puff Injection into the Lower Eagle Ford Shale

Sherifa Cudjoe, Reza Barati, Robert Goldstein, Jyun-Syung Tsau, Brian Nicoud, Kyle Bradford, Amanda Baldwin, David Mohrbacher

An Integrated Workflow to Detect and Avoid Shallow Karst Drilling Hazards in the Delaware Basin

Phuong Hoang, Khalid Soofi, Patrick Boyle, Benjamin Lascaud

An Integrated, Multiscale Geomodel of the Northern Delaware Basin

Robin Dommisse, Xavier Janson, Frank Male, Buddy Price, Simon Payne, Andrew Lewis

Analysis and Interpretations of Pressure Data from the Hydraulic Fracturing Test Site (HFTS)

Tianyu Li, Weichun Chu, Paul A. Leonard

Analysis of a Drained Rock Volume: An Eagle Ford Example

Kevin T. Raterman, Yongshe Liu, Logan Warren

Analytical and Numerical Studies of Sand Erosion in Electrical Submersible Pump (ESP) Systems

Saúl Gómez Díaz de Bonilla, Her-Yuan Chen

Analytical Approach for Injectivity Profiling Through Warm-Back Analysis in Multilayer Reservoirs

Refaat Hashish, Mehdi Zeidouni

Analytical Model to Estimate the Fraction of Frac Hits in Multi-well Pads

Oscar M. Molina

Anisotropic Borehole Stability Analysis for the UK's First Horizontal Shale Gas Well in the Bowland Basin

Huw Clarke, Hamed Soroush

Anomalous Diffusion or Classical Diffusion in an Anomalous Reservoir? Evaluation of the Impact of Multi-Phase Flow on Reservoir Signatures in Unconventional Reservoirs

Christopher Clarkson, Bin Yuan, Zhenzihao Zhang, Farshad Tabasinejad, Hamid Behmanesh, Hamidreza Hamdi, Dave Anderson, John Thompson, Dylan Lougheed

Anomalous Fluid Distribution Due to Late Stage Gas Migration in a Tight Oil and Gas Deltaic Sandstone Reservoir

Per Kent Pedersen

Application of Artificial Intelligence for Depositional Facies Recognition - Permian Basin

Randall Miller, Skip Rhodes, Deepak Khosla, Fernando Nino

Application of Assisted History Matching Workflow to Shale Gas Well Using EDFM and Neural Network-Markov Chain Monte Carlo Algorithm

Sutthaporn Tripoppoom, Wei Yu, Kamy Sepehrnoori, Jijun Miao

Application of Machine Learning for Production Forecasting for Unconventional Resources

Cheng Zhan, Sathish Sankaran, Vincent LeMoine, Jeremy Graybill, Didi-Ooi Sher Mey

Application of Miscible Ethane Foam for Gas EOR Conformance in Low Permeability Heterogeneous Harsh Environments

Mohamad Salman, Konstantinos Kostarelos, Pushpesh Sharma, Jae Ho Lee

Application of Raman Spectroscopy in Investigating the Effect of Source and Temperature on the Maturity of the Organic Matter Exposed to Hydrocarbon Gas Injection

Sherifa Cudjoe, Reza Barati, Craig Marshall, Robert Goldstein, Jyun-Syung Tsau, Brian Nicoud, Kyle Bradford, Amanda Baldwin, David Mohrbacher

Applied Petroleum Source Rock Evaluation and High-Resolution Sequence Stratigraphy of La Luna Formation, Venezuela: Integrating for Finding the Unconventional Sweet Spots

Andreina Liborius, Roger Slatt, R. Paul Philp

Applying Rate Transient Analysis (RTA) to Assist Fracturing Technique Selection in Unconventional Wells in Saudi Arabia

Jose Rueda, Jose Valbuena, Ali Al-Momin, Nayef Al-Mulhim

Assessing Drainage Dynamics in the Eagle Ford Using Produced Water Geochemistry

Jason Jweda, Travis Deptola, Ben Gross, Eric Michael, Kristie McLin, Robert Hofer

Assessing The Stratigraphic Variations In Geomechanical Properties Of The United Kingdom Bowland Shale Using Wireline And Seismic Data: How Could These Guide The Placement Of Lateral Wells?

Iain Anderson, Jingsheng Ma, Xiaoyang Wu, Dorrik Stow, John R. Underhill

Assessment of Improved Oil Recovery by Osmotic Pressure in Unconventional Reservoirs: Application to Niobrara Chalk and Codell Sandstone

Ozan Uzun, Hossein Kazemi

Assessment of the Reliability of Reserves Estimates of Public Companies in the US and Canada

Diana Gomez, W. John Lee, Duane McVay

Automated Surface Measurements of Drilling Fluid Properties: Field Application in the Permian Basin

Sercan Gul, Eric van Oort, Chris Mullin, Doug Ladendorf

Azimuthal Gamma Imaging and Continuous Inclination Applications to Spatial and Stratigraphic Wellbore Placement in the Southern Midland Basin

Christopher Viens

Bayesian Probabilistic Analysis to Quantify Uncertainties in Hydraulic Fracture Geometry - Application to Laminations and their Impact on Fracture Height

Mohit Paryani, Ahmed Ouenes

Bulk Data Sharing Process Improves Collaboration and Saves Time While Increasing Trust in Data Accuracy

Philip Neri

Calibration of Double-Ended Distributed Temperature Sensing System for Production Logging

Ge Jin, Kyle Friehauf, Baishali Roy

Case History Study of Seismic-Driven 3-D MEM Calibrated with 1-D MEMs and Petrophysics in Arkoma Basin, Oklahoma

Vivek Swami, Julio Tavares, Vishnu Pandey, Tatyana Nekrasova, Dan Cook, Jose Moncayo, David Yale

Cenomanian Shilaif Unconventional Shale Oil Potential in Onshore Abu Dhabi, UAE

Pierre Van Laer, Karl Leyrer, Magdalena Povstyanova, Muhammad Zeeshan Baig, Gennady Makarychev, Hassan Al-Marzooqi

Characterization of Subsurface Bedding-Parallel Shear Fractures and Their Influence on Shale Gas Enrichment in Wufeng-Longmaxi Formation, SiChuan Basin, China.

Li-Wei Jiang, Yong He, Dong-Chu Shu, Wei Niu, Feng Pan, Yue Wang, Kai-Xuan Li, Hai-Peng Zhao, Yu Tang

Characterizing Quartz Phases in the Meramec and Osage of the STACK Region Using X-Ray Diffraction

Haleigh Howe, Brittany Hollon, Rose Schulze, Mark King, Nathan Rasmussen

Chemical Blend-CO2 Huff-n-Puff for Enhanced Oil Recovery in Shales

Tongzhou Zeng, Chammi S. Miller, Kishore K. Mohanty

Cloud-Based ROP Prediction and Optimization in Real-Time Using Supervised Machine Learning

Kriti Singh, Sai Sharan Yalamarty, Mohammadreza Kamyab, Curtis Cheatham

CO2-Shale Reactivity at the Matrix-Fracture Interface

Sean Sanguinito, Patricia Cvetic, Angela Goodman, Barbara Kutchko, Sittichai Natesakhawat

Combined Inversion Recovery and CPMG NMR Interpretation Method for More Accurate Quantification of Liquid Saturations in Organic Rich Mudstones

Robert Krumm, James Howard

Comparative Laboratory Scale Reservoir Study on Geomechanical Property Alterations Arising from Osmosis Pressure Distribution Within Clay Rich Shales

Olawale Adekunle, Azra N. Tutuncu

Compositional Controls on Micro-Scale Fluid Distribution in Tight Rocks: Examples from the Montney Formation (Canada)

David Cronkwright, Amin Ghanizadeh, Chris DeBuhr, Chengyao Song, Hanford Deglint, Chris Clarkson, Omid Ardakani

Compositional Tracking of a Huff-n-Puff Project in the Eagle Ford

Mathias Carlsen, Curtis Whitson, Mohamad Majzoub Dahouk, Bilal Younus, Ilina Yusra, Erich Kerr, Jack Nohavitza, Matthew Thuesen, John Drozd, Ray Ambrose, Stian Mydland

Comprehensive Study of Elasticity and Shear-Viscosity Effects on Proppant Transport Using HFVRs on High-TDS Produced Water

Mohammed Ba Geri, Ralph Flori, Huosameddin Sherif

Confined Behavior of CO2/Hydrocarbon System in Nanopores of Tight and Shale Rocks

Xiaohu Dong, Huiqing Liu, Keliu Wu, Yishan Liu, Jiaji Qiao, Yanling Gao, Zhangxin Chen

Confinement Facilitates Wetting Liquid Slippage through Mixed-wet and Heterogeneous Nanoporous Shale Rocks

Dian Fan, Wendong Wang, Amin Ettehadtavakkol, Yuliang Su

Continuous Mineral Mapping of Core Using Hyperspectral Imaging: Example from the Upper Cretaceous Austin Chalk Marathon 1 Robert Todd Core, Central Louisiana

Tobi Kosanke, Robert G. Loucks, Toti Larson, James Greene, Paul Linton

Continuous Mineralogical Characterization of the Bakken-Three Forks Formations: New Geological Insights from Hyperspectral Core Imaging

Brigette A. Martini, Jerome Bellian, David Katz, Lionel C. Fonteneau, Ronell Carey, Mary Guisinger, Stephan H. Nordeng

Correlation of TOC CoreMeasurements to Wireline Logs across the Delaware Basin

Ian Deighton, Dave Smith, James Keay

Cybersteering: Automated Geosteering by Way of Distributed Computing and Graph Databases in the Cloud

Tristan Arbus, Steven Wilson

Data-Driven Approach to Optimize Stimulation Design in Eagle Ford Formation

Francisco Herrero Clar, Agustin Monaco

Data-driven Approach to Quantify Oilfield Water Lifecycle and Economics in the Permian Basin

Akash Sharma, Ian Thomasset

Decline Curve Analysis in Unconventional Reservoirs Using a Variable Power Law Model: A Barnett Shale Example

Uchenna Odi, Sarah Bacho, Johan Daal

Delaware Basin Horizontal Wolfcamp Case History: HTI Fracture Analysis to Avoid H2S and Extraneous Water Linked to Graben Features

Scott Cook, Mike McKee, Sid Bjorlie

Delaware Basin Horizontal Wolfcamp Case Study: Mitigating H2S and Excessive Water Production Through Isolating Densely Fractured Intervals Correlative to Seismically Mapped Shallow Graben Features in the Delaware Mountain Group

Katarzyna Charzynski, Kristi Faith, Zachary Fenton, Ahmed Shedeed, Michael McKee, Sid Bjorlie, Michael Richardson

Demystifying Data-Driven Neural Networks for Multivariate Production Analysis

Ayush Rastogi, Karn Agarwal, Ely Lolon, Mike Mayerhofer, Oladapo Oduba

Design of High Pressure CO2-in-Mineral Oil Emulsions, CH4-in-Mineral Oil Foams and N2-in-Mineral Oil Foams Stabilized by Novel Oil-soluble Surfactants for Waterless Hydraulic Fracturing and Proppant Transport

Shehab Alzobaidi, Gianfranco Rodriguez, Peter Lemaire, Congwen Lu, Jason Lee, Keith Johnston, Robert Enick

Destructive vs Non-destructive: Establishing an Empirical Relationship between Impulse Hammer and Triaxial Test - Derived Rock Mechanical Properties

Maaruf Hussain, Arqam Muqtadir, Abduljamiu Amao, Khalid Al-Ramadan, Lamidi Babalola

Developing New Soaking Correlation for Shale Gas Wells

Ahmed Farid Ibrahim, Mazher Ibrahim, Pieprzica Chester

Development and Application of a Real-Time Drilling State Classification Algorithm with Machine Learning

Yuxing Ben, Chris James, Dingzhou Cao

Developments Relating Total Organic Carbon Conversion in Unconventional Reservoirs to 3D Seismic Attributes

Nancy House, Janell Edman

Diagnosing Multi-Cluster Fracture Propagation Using Dynamic Poroelastic Pressure Transient Analysis

Puneet Seth, Ripudaman Manchanda, Brendan Elliott, Shuang Zheng, Mukul M. Sharma

Does Depletion Matter? A Child Well Workflow

Dylan Lougheed, Hamid Behmanesh, David Anderson

Drill Bit Geomechanics and Fracture Diagnostics Optimize Completions in the Powder River Basin

Ellen Scott, Claudio Ramos, Eric Romberg

Eagle Ford - Introducing the Big Bad Wolf

Scott Malo, Jimmy McNamara, Nick Volkmer, Ehsan Amirian

Eagle Ford Fluid Type Variation and Completion Optimization: A Case for Data Analytics

Fahd Siddiqui, Ali Rezaei, Birol Dindoruk, Mohamed Y. Soliman

Effect of Nanoparticles and Surfactants on Oil/Water Interfacial Tension: A Coarse-Grained Molecular Dynamics Simulation Study

Chuncheng Li, Hui Pu, Shaojie Zhang, Julia Zhao

Effect of Proppant Design on Production Decline of Shale Wells

Alex Yang, Ryan Carbrey, Artem Abramov, Alexandre Ramos-Peon

Effects of Temperature and Gas Pressurization on the Interpretation of NMR Hydrocarbon Measurements in Organic-Rich Shale

Son T. Dang, Carl H. Sondergeld, Chandra S. Rai

Elastic Mechanical Properties from SEM Imaging in Tight Formations

Joel Walls, Jack Dvorkin, Gabriela Davalos

Elastic Properties of Propped and Unpropped Eagle Ford Shale and 3D-printed Fractured Models Under Iso-static Stress

Suresh Dande, Robert R. Stewart, Michael T. Myers, Lori Hathon, Nikolay Dyaur

Embedded Discrete Fracture Model Assisted Study of Gas Transport Mechanisms and Drainage Area for Fractured Shale Gas Reservoirs

Wei Yu, Kan Wu, Lihua Zuo, Jijun Miao, Kamy Sepehrnoori

Empowering Completion Engineers to Calibrate Petrophysical Facies Models to Hydraulic Fracturing Treatment Responses

Carrie Glaser, Joel Mazza, John Frame

Enhanced Oil Recovery of Shale Oil: A Molecular Simulation Study

Mohammad Kazemi, Ali Takbiri-Borujeni, Jesse R. Hansel, Manuel Valera

Enhanced Reservoir Characterization for Optimizing Completion Decisions in the Permian Basin Using a Novel Field-Scale Workflow Including Wells with Missing Data

Artur Posenato Garcia, Laura M Hernandez, Archana Jagadisan, Zoya Heidari, Brian Casey, Rick Williams

Ensemble Learning: A Robust Paradigm for Data-Driven Modeling in Unconventional Reservoirs

Jared Schuetter, Srikanta Mishra, Luan Lin, Divya Chandramohan

Estimating Reserves and Tracking the Classification of Reserves and Resources Other Than Reserves (ROTR) in Unconventional Reservoirs

Nefeli Moridis, W. John Lee, Valerie Jochen, Wayne Sim, Thomas Blasingame

Estimating Residual Fracture Pore Volume by Analyzing Post-Flowback Water Production: An Eagle Ford Black-Oil Case

Sabbir Hossain, Obinna Ezulike, Hassan Dehghanpour

Estimation of 3D Distribution of Pore Pressure from Surface Drilling Data - Application to Optimal Drilling and Frac Hit Prevention in the Eagle Ford

James Kalinec, Mohit Paryani, Ahmed Ouenes

Estimation of Hydraulic Fracture Height and Pressure Deflation Using a Pulsed Vertical Seismic Profile and a DAS Fiber in the Midland Basin

Robert Meek, Robert Hull, Kevin Woller, Brian Wright, Mike Martin, Hector Bello, James Bailey

Estimation of the Permeability of an Unconventional Formation Core by History-Matching the Saturation with CO2

Zeliang Chen, Xinglin Wang, Guoqing Jian, Leilei Zhang, Pengfei Dong, Philip M. Singer, George J. Hirasaki

Estimation of Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Content of Shale from AVO Inversion: A New Crossplot Approach Based on Zoeppritz Equations

Un Young Lim, Richard Gibson Jr., Nurul Kabir

Evaluating the Ellenburger Reservoir for Salt Water Disposal in the Midland Basin: An Assessment of Porosity Distribution Beyond the Scale of Karsts

Taylor Sanchez, Donny Loughry, Vince Coringrato

Evaluation of Water Hammer Analysis as Diagnostic Tool for Hydraulic Fracturing

Xiang Ma, Fuping Zhou, Jose Alberto Ortega Andrade, Shekhar Gosavi, Damian Burch

Experimental and Mechanism Study of CO2 and Bakken Oil Interactions at Equilibrium and Non-Equilibrium Conditions

Yuhao Yang, Qinwen Fu, Xiaoli Li, Jyun-Syung Tsau, Reza Barati, Shahin Negahban

Experimental and Molecular Insights on Sieving of Hydrocarbon Mixtures in Niobrara Shale

Ziming Zhu, Chao Fang, Rui Qiao, Xiaolong Yin, Erdal Ozkan

Experimental and Numerical Investigation of the Diffusion-Based Huff-n-Puff Gas Injection into Lower Eagle Ford Shale Samples

Qinwen Fu, Sherifa Cudjoe, Reza Barati, Jyun-Syung Tsau, Xiaoli Li, Karen Peltier, David Mohrbacher, Amanda Baldwin, Brian Nicoud, Kyle Bradford

Experimental and Numerical Investigation of the Slippage of a Natural Fracture Resulting from an Approaching Hydraulic Fracture

Lianbo Hu, Behzad Hemami, Ahmad Ghassemi, Spencer Riley, Dan Kahn, David Langton

Experimental and Numerical Study of Shale Oil EOR by Surfactant Additives in Fracturing Fluid

Jiawei Tu, James Sheng

Experimental Investigation of Propped Fracture Conductivity and Proppant Diagenesis

Abhishek Kumar Gupta, Chandra S. Rai, Carl H. Sondergeld

Experimental Investigation on the Application of Biological Enzymes for EOR in Shale Formations

Shadi Salahshoor, Sergio Gomez, Mashhad Fahes

Experimental Study of Fracture Permeability With or Without Proppants on Vaca Muerta Gas Shale

Kun Su, Martin Santacoloma, Sebastian Estrada, Pierre Barlet, Hamid Pourpak

Experimental Study of Proppant Transport in Complex Fractures with Horizontal Bedding Planes for Slickwater Fracturing

Troy Chun, Zhuo Zhang, Shaowen Mao, Kan Wu

Experimental Study of the Phase Behavior of Hydrocarbon Fluids in Porous Media at Atmospheric and Elevated Pressures

Teresa Regueira, Diego R. Sandoval, Erling H. Stenby, Wei Yan

Facies-Calibrated Petrophysical and Geocellular Property Modeling Using Data Analytics and Multi-Point Statistics in the Delaware Basin, USA

Margaret Lessenger, Tad Gladczenko, James Hardt, Matt Houston

Far-Field Proppant Imaging Offsetting Depletion: A STACK Case History

Kyle Haustveit, Mouin Almasoodi, Wadhah Al-Tailji, Souvik Mukherjee, Terry Palisch, Rusty Barber

Faster Tight Oil Decline Rates Could Mean Growing Project Spend and More Deals

Ryan Dunman, Robert Clarke

Fault Risk Assessment Using Quantitative Structural Geology Techniques

Nathan Eichelberger, William B. Hawkins

Fiber Optic Sensing-Based Production Logging Methods for Low-Rate Oil Producers

Ge Jin, Kyle Friehauf, Baishali Roy, Jesse J. Constantine, Herbert W. Swan, Kyle R. Krueger, Kevin T. Raterman

Field Pilots of Unconventional Shale EOR in the Permian Basin

Xiaochun “Jacob” Jin, Michael Pavia, Michael Samuel, Subhash Shah, Rixing Zhang, James Thompson

Field-Wide Equation of State Development

Bilal Younus, Curtis H. Whitson, Ahmad Alavian, Mathias L. Carlsen, Sissel Ø. Martinsen, Kameshwar Singh

First Ever Polymer Flood Field Pilot to Enhance the Recovery of Heavy Oils on Alaska's North Slope—Polymer Injection Performance

Samson Ning, John Barnes, Reid Edwards, Kyler Dunford, Kevin Eastham, Abhijit Dandekar, Yin Zhang, Dave Cercone, Jared Ciferno

Flow Regimes-Based Decline Curve for Unconventional Reservoirs: Generalization to Anomalous Diffusion and Power Law Behavior

Vincent Artus, Olivier Houzé, Chih-Cheng Chen

Flow Regulation in Horizontal Wells: Evaluating a Tailpipe System Designed to Optimize Artificial Lift Performance in Horizontal Wells

Natasha Dye, Dave Kimery, Courtney Gallo

Formation Stabilization: Is Bigger Better in Cationic Polymers?

Denise N. Benoit, Kristina Henkel-Holan, Michele Brown, Ron Morgan, Mike McCabe

Frac Hit Prevention and Engineered Treatment Design in the Permian Basin Using In-Situ Stress from 3D Seismic

Michael Shoemaker, James Hawkins, John Becher, Veronica Gonzales, Sandeep Mukherjee, Reza Garmeh, David Kuntz

Fracture Analysis Before and After Hydraulic Fracturing in the Marcellus Shale Using the Mohr-Coulomb Failure Criteria

Kaitlin Evans, Randy Toth, Tobi Ore, Jarrett Smith,Natalia Bannikova, Timothy Carr, Payam Kavousi Ghahfarokhi

Fracture Modeling for Cap Rock Integrity and Completion Evaluation in Produced Water Re-injection Wells

Suat Bagci

Fracture Surface Area Estimation from Main Hydraulic Fracture Treatment Pressure Falloff Data

Tong Zhou, Guoqing Liu, Fengxia Li, Yuanzhao Li, Christine Ehlig-Economides

Fully 3-D Simulation of Diagnostic Fracture Injection Tests with Application in Depleted Reservoirs

Shuang Zheng, Ripudaman Manchanda, HanYi Wang, Mukul M. Sharma

Gas Injection EOR in Eagle Ford Shale Gas Condensate Reservoirs

Reza Ganjdanesh, Wei Yu, Mauricio Xavier Fiallos, Erich Kerr, Kamy Sepehrnoori, Raymond Ambrose

Gas Relative Permeability and Evolution During Water Imbibition in Unconventional Reservoir Rocks: Direct Laboratory Measurement and a Conceptual Model

Sheng Peng

Geochemical Modeling of Iron (Hydr)oxide Scale Formation During Hydraulic Fracturing Operations

Qingyun Li, Adam D. Jew, David Cercone, John R. Bargar, Gordon E. Brown Jr., Katharine Maher

Geochemical Perspectives on Cuttings-Based Chemostratigraphy and Mineral Modeling in the Delaware Basin, Texas and New Mexico

Harold D. Rowe, Pukar Mainali, Michael Nieto, John D. Grillo, Harry B. Rowe Jr.

Geochemical, Mineralogical, and Lithological Linkages in a Thick, Early Permian, Siliciclastic Succession, Midland Basin, West Texas, USA

Helen Hammon, Timothy Prather, Harry Rowe, Pukar Mainali, Mei Matheny, Robert Krumm

Geomechanical Effects on IOR in the Bakken Formation

Sheng Yang, Linyang Zhang, Xinran Yu, Zhangxing Chen

Geomechanical, Geological, and Engineering Controls of Hydraulic Fracturing

Gang Han, Kirk Bartko, Uno Mutlu

Geophysical Monitoring with Seismic Metamaterial Contrast Agents

Quin R. S. Miller, H. Todd Schaef, Satish K. Nune, Ki Won Jung, Jeffrey A. Burghardt, Paul F. Martin, Matthew S. Prowant, Kayte M. Denslow, Chris E. Strickland, Manika Prasad, Mathias Pohl, Piyoosh Jaysaval, B. Peter McGrail

Haynesville Midstream: Capacity Constraints and Differential Pressures

Stephanie Kainz, Jen Snyder, Amber McCullagh, Thomas Kirk-Pearson

Height Growth in Layered Unconventional Reservoirs: The Impact of Formation Moduli, Interfaces and In-situ Stress

Qian Gao, Ahmad Ghassemi

Heterogeneity of STACK/SCOOP Production in the Anadarko Basin, Oklahoma—Geochemistry of Produced Oils

Carl Symcox, R. Paul Philp

High Performance Fracturing Fluid Diverters with Broad Spectrum Applicability

Daniel Dreyer, Pious Kurian, Thomas Hu, Peng Tonmukayakul, Ronald Calaway, Clint Hodges, Kevin Peoples

High Resolution Fluid Tracking from Verticals and Laterals Using Subsurface DNA Diagnostics in the Permian Basin

Luke Ursell, Michael Hale, Eli Menendez, John Zimmerman, Brian Dombroski, Kyle Hoover, Zach Everman, Joanne K. Liu, Hasan Shojaei, Elizabeth M. Percak-Dennett, Thomas Ishoey

High-frequency (20 MHz) NMR and Modified Rock-Eval Pyrolysis Methods as an Integrated Approach to Examine Producibility in Kerogen-Rich Source-Reservoirs

Humberto Carvajal-Ortiz, Thomas Gentzis, Harry Xie

High-resolution Measurements of Elasticity at Core Scale. Improving Mechanical Earth Model Calibration at the Vaca Muerta Formation.

Anton Padin, Gilles Pijaudier-Cabot, Alain Lejay, Hamid Pourpak, Jean-Philippe Mathieu, Atef Onaisi, Gregory Boitnott, Laurent Louis

Highly Productive Zones Characterization through an Integrated Electrofacies-Core Workflow in Vaca Muerta Formation, Neuquen Basin, Argentina

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Horizontal Targeting Strategies and Challenges: Examples from the Marcellus Shale, Appalachian Basin, USA

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How Organic Carbon Content and Thermal Maturity Affect Acoustic Properties (and Ultimately Seismic Response) in a Shale Gas/Oil Formation: Woodford Shale, Permian Basin

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HPHT Horizontal Multistage Completion Operations Planning and Execution

Jubran Mohammed, Kenechukwu Ufondu, Ramon Rodriguez Rico, Kurt Keam

Huff-and-Puff Enhanced Oil Recovery in the Liquids-Rich Portion of the Montney: Applications for Gas Condensates

Jose A. Rivero, Majid M. Faskhoodi, Giselle Garcia Ferrer, Herman Mukisa, Alexey Zhmodik

Hydraulic Fracture Modeling and Innovative Fracturing Treatment Design to Optimize Perforation Cluster Efficiency, Lateral Placement, and Production Results in a Mancos Shale Gas Appraisal Well

Samuel French, Ivan Gil, Kay Cawiezel, Chengwu Yuan, Ahmed M. Gomaa, David Schoderbek

Hydraulic Fracturing Stimulation Monitoring with Distributed Fiber Optic Sensing and Microseismic in the Permian Wolfcamp Shale Play

Vikram Jayaram, Robert Hull, Jed Wagner, Shuang Zhang

Identification and Quantification of Parasequences Using Expectation Maximization Filter: Defining Well Log Attributes for Reservoir Characterization

Saurabh Sinha, Raj Kiran, Javier Tellez, Kurt Marfurt

Imaging Microcrystalline Quartz in a Sandstone Reservoir to Understand the Formation of Microcrystalline Quartz in the Wolfcamp A Siliceous Mudstones, Southern Delaware Basin

Marsha French, Jacquie Colborne

Impact of Geology and Geomechanics on Stimulated Rock Volume and Productivity in a Multi-Landing Zone Development: A Case Study on the Vaca Muerta

Roberto Wagner, Hamid Pourpak, Sandrine Vidal-Gilbert, Sonny Parsonage

Impact of Natural Fracture Induced Elastic Anisotropy on Completion and Fracturing Design in Different Shale Reservoirs

Emre Can Dundar, Aymen Alhemdi, Ming Gu

Impact of Natural Fractures on the Shape and Location of Drained Rock Volumes in Unconventional Reservoirs: Case Studies from the Permian Basin

Aaditya Khanal, Kiran Nandlal, Ruud Weijermars

Impact of Parent Well Depletion on Stress Changes and Infill Well Completion in Multiple Layers in Permian Basin

Anusarn Sangnimnuan, Jiawei Li, Kan Wu, Stephen A. Holditch

Impact of Polymer or Surfactant Flooding on Permafrost Stability

Dongmei Wang, Shane Namie, Chunxiao Li

Impact of Pore Pressure on Modeled Hydraulic Fracture Geometry and Well Spacing in the East Duvernay Shale Basin, Canada

Farhan Alimahomed, Eric Wigger, Matthew Drouillard, Gabriel Garcia Rosas, Christen Kolbeck

Impact of Thermal Maturity on Water Production in Organic-Rich Mudrocks

Archana Jagadisan, Laura M. Hernandez, Zoya Heidari

Implementing an Integrated Production Surveillance and Optimization System in an Unconventional Field

Diego Molinari, Sathish Sankaran, Dave Symmons, Michael Perrotte, Edward Wolfram, Ilsa Krane, Jichao Han, Neha Bansal

Improving Field Development Decisions in the Vaca Muerta Shale Formation by Efficient Integration of Data, AI, and Physics

Hector Klie, Arturo Klie, Adolfo Rodriguez, Jorge Monteagudo, Alejandro Primera, Maria Quesada

In Situ Logs of Gas Composition of CO2-ECBM Trial in Buchanan County, Virginia, with Downhole Reservoir Raman System

Grant A. Myers, Alec Cookman, Nino Ripepi

Industry-First Hydrocarbon-Foam EOR Pilot in an Unconventional Reservoir: Design, Implementation, and Performance Analysis

Amit Katiyar, Pramod D. Patil, Neeraj Rohilla, Pete Rozowski, Jay Evans, Tim Bozeman, Quoc Nguyen

Innovative Deep Autoencoder and Machine Learning Algorithms Applied in Production Metering for Sucker-Rod Pumping Wells

Peng Yi, Xiong Chunming, Zhang Jianjun, Zhang Yashun, Gan Qinming, Xu Guojian, Zhang Xishun, Zhao Ruidong, Shi Junfeng, Liu Meng, Wang Cai, Chen Guanhong

Integrated Approach to Assess Storage and Productivity Potential of a Frontier Unconventional Shale Oil Play in a Rift Basin, Lower Barmer Hill Formation, Barmer Basin, India

Sandipan Dutta, Utpalendu Kuila, B.N.S. Naidu, Raj Kumar Yadav, John Dolson, Arpita Mandal, Soumen Dasgupta, Premanand Mishra, Pinakadhar Mohapatra

Integrated Geomechanical Interpretation of Hydraulic Stimulation Operations Using Distributed Vibration Sensing

Michael Williams, Joel Le Calvez, Colin Wilson, Adrian Rodriguez-Herrera

Integrated Natural and Hydraulic Fracture Modeling: A Permian Basin Wolfcamp Case Study

Fadila Bessa, Vinay Sahni, Shunhua Liu, Jiasen Tan, Manfred Frass, James Kessler

Integrating Elemental Concentration Logs and Electrical Images Logs to Map Sedimentary Facies Distribution for Black Shale: A Case Study from WuFeng-LongMaxi Shale in SiChuan Basin, China

Xing Liang, Gao-Cheng Wang, Feng Pan, Yun Rui, Yue Wang, Lei Zhang, Jue Mei, Kai-Xuan Li, Hai-Peng Zhao

Integrating Geostatistical Modeling with Machine Learning for Production Forecast in Shale Reservoirs: Case Study from Eagle Ford

Alexander Bakay, Jef Caers, Tapan Mukerji, Yan Dong, Arnulfo Briceno, Devery Neumann

Integration of Microfacies Analysis, Inorganic Geochemical Data, and Hyperspectral Imaging to Unravel Mudstone Depositional and Diagenetic Processes in Two Cores from the Triassic Shublik Formation, Northern Alaska

Katherine J. Whidden, Justin E. Birdwell, Julie A. Dumoulin, Lionel C. Fonteneau, Brigette A. Martini

Interpreting Inter-Well Poroelastic Pressure Transient Data: An Analytical Approach Validated with Field Case Studies

Brendan Elliott, Ripudaman Manchanda, Puneet Seth, Mukul M. Sharma

Intra-Well Interference in Tight Oil Reservoirs: What do We Need to Consider? Case Study from The Meramec

Mouin Almasoodi, Ravi Vaidya, Zulfiquar Reza

Investigation of Micro-Seismicity and Permeability Evolution in Shale Fractures During Stimulation

Zhi Ye, Ahmad Ghassemi

Investigation of Time-series Clustering to Forecast Wells with a Short Producing Life

Reza Khaksarfard, S. Hamed Tabatabaie, Louis Mattar

Is It in the Water? Elucidating Mineral Scale Precipitation Mechanisms on Unconventional Production String Components

Justin Mackey, James Gardiner, Barbara Kutchko, Meghan Brandi, James Fazio, J. Alexandra Hakala

Kerogen-Bitumen-Porosity Nexus: Insights from Multi-Basinal Collocated SEM-Optical Light Petrography

Shaina Kelly, Michelle Johnston, Bernard Lee, Richard San Martin

Khalij Al Bahrain Basin: An Emerging Uncoventional Play of the Middle East

Yahya Alansari, Ahmed Alrumaidh, Ahmed Fateh, Ali Shehab

Laboratory Investigation of CO2 Injectivity and Adsorption Potential Within the Bakken Formation

Steve A. Smith, Bethany A. Kurz, James A. Sorensen, Christopher J. Beddoe, Blaise A.F. Mibeck, Alexander Azenkeng, Steven B. Hawthorne, Charles D. Gorecki

Laboratory Investigation of Leakoff During Hydraulic Fracturing into Bedding Interfaces

Bradley C. Abell, Pengju Xing, Andrew Bunger, Egor Dontsov, Roberto Suarez-Rivera,

Laboratory Studies of Rich Gas Interactions with Bakken Crude Oil to Support Enhanced Oil Recovery

Steven B. Hawthorne, James A. Sorensen, David J. Miller, Charles D. Gorecki, John A. Harju, Gordon Pospisil

Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS): An Emerging Spectroscopic Technique for Shale Rock Characterization

Jinesh Jain, Daniel Hartzler, Dustin McIntyre, Johnathan Moore, Dustin Crandall

Leak Detection in Wet Natural Gas Transportation Within Hilly Terrain Pipelines

Taylor Lunger, Hamidreza Karami

Learnings from the Hydraulic Fracturing Test Site (HFTS) #1, Midland Basin, West Texas - A Geomechanics Perspective

Shugang Wang, Yunhui Tan, Anusarn Sangnimnuan, Shahzad Khan, Baosheng Liang, Peggy Rijken

Let's Combine Well Testing and Logging: A Pre- and Post-Frac Gas Shale Case

Antoine Jacques, Benoit Brouard, Sivaprasath Manivannan, Pierre Berest, Vincent Jaffrezic

Leveraging Regional Geology and Sequence Stratigraphic Concepts at Field and Reservoir Scales: Building More Reliable Earth Models Under Sparse Data

Kate C.S. Evans, Jeffrey M. Yarus, Elham Mohsenian, Jose Montero, Jiazuo Zhang,, Alex Bromhead

Lithologically Controlled Pore Pressure Prediction and Geomechanical Modeling Using Probabilistic Multivariate Clustering Analysis and an Expert System

Alan A. Curtis, Eric Eslinger, Randy Nickerson, Siva Nookala, Francis Boyle

Machine Learning Applied to 3-D Seismic Data from the Denver-Julesburg Basin Improves Stratigraphic Resolution in the Niobrara

Carolan Laudon, Sarah Stanley, Patricia Santogrossi

Machine Learning for Estimating Rock Mechanical Properties beyond Traditional Considerations

Yiwen Gong, Mohamed Mehana, Ilham El-Monier, Feng Xu, Fengyang Xiong,

Machine Learning Regressors and their Metrics to predict Synthetic Sonic and Brittle Zones

Ishank Gupta, Deepak Devegowda, Vikram Jayaram, Chandra Rai, Carl Sondergeld

Making Frac Hits History with Computational Physics

David Cotrell, Tobias Hoeink, Sachin Ghorpade, Elijah Odusina

Making the Connection Between Conventional and Unconventional

Nabeel Masood, Omar Ishteiwy, William Dawson, Stevanus Kurniadi, Martin Rylance, Sultan Al Harrasi,, Daniel White

Marcellus Shale Energy and Environmental Laboratory (MSEEL) Results and Plans: Improved Subsurface Reservoir Characterization And Engineered Completions

Timothy R. Carr, Payam Kavousi Ghahfarokhi, BJ Carney, Jay Hewitt, Robert Vagnetti

Maximizing Asset Value by Full Field Development—Case Studies in the Permian Basin

Hongjie Xiong, Raja Ramanthan, Khang Nguyen

Measurement of Gas-Oil Relative Permeability in Unconventional Rocks

Shreerang S. Chhatre, Amy L. Chen, Muhammed Al-Rukabi, Daniel W. Berry, Robert Longoria, Kyle B. Guice, Daniel R. Maloney

Mechanistic Analysis of Shale Permeability Evolution Data

Rui Shi, Jishan Liu, Derek Elsworth

Mesozoic Unconventional Potential of the Burgos Basin, Mexico

Grant Zimbrick, Michael Dolan

Micromodel Study of the Impacts of Fracture Connectivity and Wettability on Matrix Sweep Efficiency

Yujing Du, Ayaz Mehmani, Ke Xu, Matthew Balhoff, Carlos Torres-Verdin

Microseismic Bedding-Plane Slip Theory— [Requires] a Very Slippery Slope or a Very Large SHmax

Orlando J.Teran, Michael P. Thornton

Modeling and Analysis of Proppant Transport and Deposition in Hydraulic/Natural Fracture Networks

Dharmendra Kumar, Ahmad Ghassemi

Modeling Dense-Arrays of Hydraulic Fracture Clusters: Fracture Complexity, Net Pressure and Model Calibration

Varahanaresh Sesetty, Ahmad Ghassemi

Modeling Frac-hits Using Dynamic Microseismicity-Constrained Enhanced Fracture Regions

Peyman M. Moradi, Doug Angus

Modeling Mineralogy and Total Organic Carbon (TOC) from X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) Elemental Data for Improved Formation Evaluation in the Powder River Basin

Nicole R. Hart, Michael C. Dix, Pukar Mainali, Harold D. Rowe, Austin Morrell, Mei Matheny

Modeling the Effect of Maturity on the Elastic Moduli of Kerogen Using Atomistic Simulations

Abishek Kashinath, Michael L. Szulczewski, Ali H. Dogru

Models for Headspace Isotope and Compositional Analysis: Gas in Place, Permeability and Porosity Prediction and Completions Planning

Sheng Wu, Andrew Sneddon

Modified Fetkovich Type Curve Enhances Type Well Construction for Horizontal Wells with Multiple Fractures

Alexander C. Eleiott, W. John Lee, Nefeli Moridis

Monetizing Growing Permian Basin Supply: A Holistic Midstream Approach to Understanding Potential Bottlenecks

Eugene M. Kim

Monitoring Hydraulic Fracture Flowback in the Permian Basin Using Surface-Based, Controlled-Source Electromagnetics

Drew Jones, Chester Pieprzica, Oscar Vasquez, Justin Oberle, Peter Morton, Santiago Treviño III, Mark Hickey

Multi-Resolution Grid Connectivity-Based Transform for Efficient History Matching of Unconventional Reservoirs

Hyunmin Kim, Feyi Olalotiti-Lawal, Akhil Datta-Gupta

Multi-Scale Integration of Mudstone Properties in Interbedded Reservoirs, Insights into Additional Criteria for Evaluating Unconventional Reservoirs: Examples from the Duvernay Formation (Alberta, Canada) and the Woodford Shale (Oklahoma, USA)

Henry Galvis-Portilla, Daniela Becerra-Rondon, Per Kent Pedersen, Roger M. Slatt

Multigeneration Section Development in the Wolfcamp, Delaware Basin

Raj Malpani, Farhan Alimahomed, Cyrille Defeu, Larrez Green, Adnan Alimahomed, Laine Valle, David Entzminger, David Tovar

Multilaterals: An Unconventional Approach to Unconventional Reservoirs

David Wilcox, Stefano Cappiello, Mauricio Sevilla, Eric Shafer, Greg Gill, Ian Kress, Nestor Sanchez

Multiphase Production Data Analysis for Shale and Tight Reservoirs Using the Diffusive Diagnostic Function

Yanbin Zhang, Changdong Yang, Jincong He, Zhenzhen Wang, Jiang Xie, Xian-Huan Wen

Natural Fracture Characterization in the Wolfcamp Formation at the Hydraulic Fracture Test Site (HFTS), Midland Basin, Texas

Julia F. W. Gale, Sara J. Elliott, John Z. Li, Stephen E. Laubach

Naturally Occurring Isotopic Tracers Provide Insight into Hydraulic Fracturing Flowback and Horizontal Well Clean-Up Dynamics

Patrick Travers, Ben Burke, Aryn Rowe, Stephen Hodgetts, Michael Dolan

New 4¾-in. High-Resolution Ultrasonic Borehole Imaging for Unconventional Reservoir Evaluation

Peng Li, Jonathan Lee, Ahmed Taher, Richard Coates, Rodney Marlow

New Low-Density Cement Technology Overcomes Limitations for Improved Well Design in the Williston Basin

Brandon RoIlins, Travis Lauer, Andrew Jordan, Lucas Albrighton, Matthew Spirek, Roderick Pernites

NMR Signature and Quantification of Bitumen in Unconventional Source Rocks

Stacey Althaus, JinHong Chen, David Jacobi, Joshua Brothers

NMR Wettability Index Measurements on Unconventional Samples

Michael Dick, Dragan Veselinovic, Derrick Green, Aimee Scheffer-Villarreal, Ronald Bonnie, Shaina Kelly, Kathleen Bower

Novel Oil Flow Enhancement Chemistry for Unconventional Formations Evaluated and Optimized by Cutting-Edge Methodology

Elizabeth Cambre, Ali Abedini, Xinyue Zhang, Kirstie Boyle, Edward Hughes

Novel Wettability Modifiers for Improved Oil Recovery in Tight Oil Reservoirs

Mingyuan Wang, Gayan A. Abeykoon, Francisco J. Argüelles Vivas, Ryosuke Okuno

Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Estimation of Petrophysical Properties and Evaluation of Hydrocarbon Huff-and-Puff Gas Injection in Lower Eagle Ford Shale Oil Samples

Sherifa Cudjoe, Iman Oraki, Reza Barati, Jyun-Syung Tsau, Chi Zhang, Brian Nicoud, Kyle Bradford, Amanda Baldwin, David Mohrbacher

Numerical Investigation of Key Factors on Successful Subsequent Parent Well Water Injection to Mitigate Parent-Infill Well Interference

Ning Li, Kan Wu, John Killough

Numerical Investigation of Water Blockage in Secondary Fractures and Apparent Permeability Modeling in Shale Gas Production

Chuanyao Zhong, Juliana Y. Leung

Optimization of Coalbed Methane Multi-Lateral Drilling in the San Juan Basin via Wellbore Stability Modeling and Data Analytics

Juan Escobar Gomez, Heather LaReau, John Hornbuckle, Jesse Melick, David Schoderbek

Optimizing Completions in Tank Style Development

Peter Kaufman, Mark McClure, Nick Franciose, Sean Owens, Fabiano Srur, David Russell

Optimizing Perforating Schemes to Achieve Uniform Proppant Distribution

Matt Fry, Adam Altieri

Optimizing Proppant Placement in Rough-Walled Rock Fractures

Min Zhang, Maša Prodanović

Optimizing Unconventional Completion Designs: A New Engineering and Economics Based Approach

Stephen Schubarth, Russell Chabaud, Stephen Holditch

Origin of Shale Gases from Around the World: Implications for Exploration

Alexei V. Milkov, Giuseppe Etiope

Outcrop to Subsurface Reservoir Characterization of the Mississippian Sycamore/Meramec Play in the SCOOP Area, Arbuckle Mountains, Oklahoma, USA

Benmadi Milad, Roger Slatt

Part 1: Empirical Workflow for Predicting Infill Performance in the Marcellus

Adam Chin, Adam Staruiala, Hamid Behmanesh, David Anderson, Christopher Alonzo, David Jones, Saul Rivera Barraza, Leo Lasecki, Kyle McBride

Permeability Enhancement in Gas Shale Due to Nitrogen Flooding

Brandon Schwartz, Derek Elsworth

Permian Produced Water: Impact of Rising Handling Costs and Larger Water Cuts on Wolfcamp Growth

Ryan Duman

Petroleum Geology of the Turner Sandstone, Finn-Shurley Field, Powder River Basin Wyoming

Stephen Sonnenberg

Petroleum System Analysis Using Unconventional Gas Geochemistry: Examples from the Montney Play of Western Canada

Tristan Euzen, Neil Watson, Jean-Yves Chatellier, Andy Mort, Xavier Mangenot

Petrophysical Evaluation of Geomechanical Data in a Horizontal Well to Predict Problem Stages Using Process Zone Stress

Taylor Levon, Carrie Glaser

Petrophysical Rock Typing in Unconventional Shale Plays: The Niobrara Formation Case Study

Asm Kamruzzaman, Manika Prasad, Stephen Sonnenberg

Pore Pressure Estimation in Complex Lithologies: A Novel Approach in Delaware Basin Wolfcamp

Andy Popielski

Pore-Pressure Prediction in the Permian Basin Using Seismic Prestack Inversion

Colin Sayers, Lennert den Boer

Pore-Scale Study of Non-Aqueous Foam for Improving Hydrocarbon Miscible Flooding in Water-Sensitive Tight Oil Formations

Chao-Yu Sie, Quoc P. Nguyen

Post-Fracture Pressure Decay: A Novel (and Free) Stage-Level Assessment Method

Michael Sullivan, Behnam Zanganeh, Austin Springer, Christopher Clarkson

Powder River Basin Production Review from 2011 Through 2018: How Refinements in Completions and Operations Have Led to Increasing Production in the Upper Cretaceous Formations of Campbell and Converse Counties, Wyoming

Jason Kegel, Ted Mirenda, Nathan Lenz, James Keay, Cian O'Reilly

Practical Reservoir Simulation for Small Development Teams - Customizing Stimulation Designs by Landing Zone in the Midland Basin

Tony Tran, Ryan Miller, Bradley Pottebaum, Bryan McDowell, Alan Yoelin, Lee Steinke

Probing Impact of Chemical Diagenesis on the Evolution of Migration Pathways in Unconventional Resources Using Multi-Physics Multi-Scale Modeling: Woodford Shale

Yuliana Zapata, Kathryn N. Garrett, Richard D. Elmore, Zulfiquar Reza

Process-Based Microfluidics: Tools for Quantifying the Impact of Reservoir Quality on Recovery Factor

Lucas Mejia, Ayaz Mehmani, Matthew Balhoff, Carlos Torres-Verdin

Production Diagnostic Type Curves for Performance Evaluation: An Extension of the Universal Type Curve Approach

Krunal Joshi, Vivek Muralidharan, Depesh Patel

Production Effects From Frac-Driven Interactions in the Southeastern Midland Basin, Reagan County, Texas

Bryan McDowell, Alan Yoelin, Bradley Pottebaum

Production Fractionation and Efficiency Indicators from Phase Snapshots

Brian Horsfield, Nicolaj Mahlstedt, Eric Michael, Neil McMahon, Mark Tobey

Production Modeling for Velocity String Applications in Unconventional Wells

Suat Bagci, Tina Chang

Properties Upscaling in Porosity Systems with Under-resolved Features Using Image-Based Rock Physics

Shawn Shuang Zhang, Alan P. Byrnes, James J. Howard

Proppant Placement in Perforation Clusters in Deviated Wellbores

Min Zhang, Chu-Hsiang Wu, Mukul Sharma

Quantification of Dynamic Sand Settling Velocity in High-Viscosity Friction Reducers and Correlation with Rheology

Y. Thomas Hu, Chris Popeney, Chad Gilmer, Pious Kurian

Quantifying Hydraulic Fracture Height Reduction in the Presence of Laminations and Weak Interfaces—Validation with Microseismic Moment Tensor Inversion in the Montney Shale

Matthew Ng, Nicholas Umholtz, Chad Hammerquist, Jian Wang, Yamina Aimene, Ahmed Ouenes

Quantifying the Impacts of Competitive Water Adsorption of Kerogen and Clay Minerals on Wettability of Organic-Rich Mudrocks

Archana Jagadisan, Zoya Heidari

Quantifying the Induced Stresses During Stacked, Multi-Stage, Multi-Well Completions, to Define Stimulation Sequencing and Optimize Pad Productivity

Roberto Suarez-Rivera, Egor Dontsov, Bradley Abell

Quantifying Total Apparent Hydraulic Fracture Conductivity and Its Significant Degradation from Systematic Bottom-Hole Pressure Measurements in Permian Wells

Lang Zhan, Adenike Tokan-Lawal, Phillip Fair, Robert Dombrowski, Xin Liu, Veronica Almarza, Alejandro Girardi, Zhen Li, Robert Li, Martin Pilko, Noah Joost

Quantitative Evaluation of Recovery Mechanisms for Huff-n-puff Gas Injection in Unconventional Reservoirs

B. Todd Hoffman, David Reichhardt

Quasi-dry CO2 Fracturing - A New Breakthrough of Liquid CO2 Fracturing

Liang Jin, Yan Zheng

Raman Spectroscopy Based Maturity Profiling of the Vaca Muerta Formation, Neuquén Basin, Argentina

Alberto Ortiz, Bastian Sauerer, Jean-Paul Lafournère, Pablo Saldungaray, Wael Abdallah

Rapid Development of a Smart Stimulation Fluid Additive

Antonio Recio III, Kristina Henkel-Holan, Denise Benoit

Rapid Modeling of Injection and Production Phases of Hydraulically Fractured Shale Wells Using the Fast Marching Method

Jaeyoung Park, Atsushi Iino, Akhil Datta-Gupta, Jackson Bi, Sathish Sankaran

Real Time Target Optimization and Geosteering Multi-Well Case Study Utilizing Onsite While-Drilling XRD, XRF, and Mass Spectrometry, Niobrara and Codell Formations, DJ Basin

Anne Grau, Robert Sterling, Ryan King, Gbenga Yemidale

Regional Geologic Characterization of the Grayburg-San Andres Reservoir for Salt Water Disposal Management, Midland Basin, Texas

Tawnya Wilson, Michael Handke, Donny Loughry, Lowell Waite, Brandon Lowe

Regional Sands and the Possible Impacts on Friction Reducer Performance

Matthew Sinkey, Michael Thompson, Caleb Drennon

Reservoir Characterization of the Bone Spring and Wolfcamp Formations, Delaware Basin, Ward County, West Texas

April Bievenour, Stephen Sonnenberg

Reservoir Facies, Depositional Processes, and the Implications on Reservoir Characterization of the Wolfcamp A, Texas Delaware Basin

Jacqueline Colborne, Stephen Sonnenberg

Reservoir Fluid Data Acquisition Using Advanced Mud Logging Gas in Shale Reservoirs

Tao Yang, Ibnu Hafidz Arief, Martin Niemann, Marianne Houbiers

Resonance Frequencies in Passive Recordings Map Fracture Systems: Eagle Ford and New Albany Shale Examples

Charles Sicking, Jan Vermilye

Rigorous Modeling of Salt Transport During Frac, Shut-in, and Flowback to Constrain Hydraulic Fracture/Reservoir Property Estimates

Zhenzihao Zhang, Christopher Clarkson, Jesse Williams-Kovacs, Bin Yuan, Amin Ghanizadeh

Robust 3D Modeling of Hydraulic Fracture Propagation in Naturally Fractured Reservoirs

Amirhossein Kamali, Ahmad Ghassemi

Salt Water Disposal Modeling of Dakota Sand, Williston Basin, to Drive Drilling Decisions

Saptaswa Basu, Ted Cross, Sergey Skvortsov

Saturation Isn’t What It Used to Be: Towards More Realistic Petroleum Fluid Saturations and Produced Fluid Compositions in Organic-Rich Unconventional Reservoirs

Andrew Pepper, Stephanie Perry, Lara Heister

Scale-Dependent Correlation to Improve Water Saturation and Permeability Estimates in Unconventional Reservoirs

Abdelrahman Kotb, Shannon L. Eichmann, Mita Sengupta

Sedimentologic and Stratigraphic Controls on Reservoir Sweet Spots in Wolfcamp 'A,' Howard County, Midland Basin

Alyssa N. Flotron, Evan K. Franseen, Robert H. Goldstein

Seismic Monitoring of Hydraulic Fracturing Activity in the Wolfcamp Shale of Midland Basin, Texas

Abhash Kumar, Hongru Hu, Alex Bear, Richard Hammack, William Harbert

Seismic Reflection Imaging with Active Sources and Microseismic Events Recorded on Horizontal DAS Cables

David Langton, Dan Kahn, Brian Fuller

Seismic Reservoir Characterization of the Bone Spring and Wolfcamp Formations in the Delaware Basin with Efforts at Quantitative Interpretation - A Case Study

Satinder Chopra, Ritesh Kumar Sharma, James Keay

Seismically Driven Estimation of Stress Rotation and Anisotropy and Its Impact on Well Performance

Chip Story, Vikram Sen, Mike Perz, Nicholas Umholtz, Ahmed Ouenes

Selection of Logging-While-Drilling Measurements for Geosteering of Horizontal Wells in Unconventional Reservoirs

Joseph Gremillion, Mike Flowers, Nicholas Tvrdy, Michael Okoro, Zachary Newnam

Semi-Quantitative SEM Analysis of the Vaca Muerta Formation and Its Impact on Reservoir Characterization, Neuquen Basin, Argentina

Federico Gonzalez Tomassini, Langhorne (Taury) Smith, Maria Jimena Rodriguez, Diego Kietzmann, Ignacio Jausoro, Maria Alejandra Floridia, Mariano Cipollone, Alberto Caneiro, Bernarda Epele, Nicolás Santillán, Federico Medina, Guillermina Sagasti

Shale Gas Well Production Optimization using Modified RTA Method - Prediction of the Life of a Well

Seunghwan Baek, I. Yucel Akkutlu, Baoping Lu, Shidong Ding, Wenwu Xia

Shallow Velocity Model Building Considerations for Prestack Depth Migration in Unconventionals

Mike Perz, Josef Heim, Candace Bruins

Simulating Production from Complex Fracture Networks: Impact of Geomechanics and Closure of Propped/Unpropped Fractures

Shuang Zheng, Ashish Kumar, Deepen Gala, Kaustubh Shrivastava, Mukul Sharma

Simulating the Life of Hydraulically Fractured Wells Using a Fully-Coupled Poroelastic Fracture-Reservoir Simulator

Ripudaman Manchanda, Shuang Zheng, Deepen Gala, Mukul M. Sharma

Source(s) of Produced Water in the Permian Delaware Basin, West Texas: A Geochemical Analysis

L. Taras Bryndzia, Amie M. Hows, Ruarri J. Day-Stirrat, Anton Nikitin, Ozkan Huvaz

SRV Characterization and Optimum Lateral Well Spacing Study of a Two-well Pad in the Midland Basin

Jaeyoung Park, Candra Janova

Standardizing Offset Pressure Characterization for Infill Completion in Unconventional Reservoirs

Justin Mayorga, Erica Coenen

Starting Development in an Unconventional Play in Argentina: The Road to First FID

Holger Mandler, Yvonne Gonzalez, Ed Kruijs, Patricio Fita

Statistical Analysis of Unconventional Well Productivity Drivers with Particular Focus on Child Well Impact: Permian Delaware Example

Alexandre Ramos-Peon, Artem Abramov

Stratigraphic Architecture of the Bone Spring Formation (Leonardian), Delaware Basin, New Mexico and Texas: An Interim Report

David L. Carr

Stratigraphic Partitioning and Distribution of Reservoir Attributes Within the Late Devonian Duvernay Formation, Western Canada Sedimentary Basin

Anna M. Thorson, Stacy C. Atchley, John A.W. Weissenberger, David W. Yeates, Elisabeth G. Rau

Stress Inversion using Microseismic Moment Tensors in the Vaca Muerta Shale

Yunhui Tan, Sergio Cuervo, Sahil Malhotra, Shugang Wang

Subseismic Fault Identification Using the Fault Likelihood Attribute: Application to Geosteering in the DJ Basin

Ron Harris, Kyle Bracken, Bill Miller, Steve Angelovich, Thomas O'Toole

Successful Downhole Microfracture, and PVT-Quality Formation Fluid Sampling from an Unconventional Reservoir

Jairo Corredor, Erek Hutto, Farrukh Hamza, Rohin Naveena-Chandran, Bill Grieser

Successful Implementation of High Viscosity Friction Reducers from Laboratory to Field Scale: Middle Bakken Case Study

Mohammed Ba Geri, Abdulaziz Ellafi, Bruce Ofori, Ralph Flori, Huosameddin Sherif

Tailoring Completion Design to Reservoir and Geologic Quality Changes Across the Uinta Basin

Tee Suan Ong, Joshua Reamer, John Lassek, Mark Quakenbush

Textural Characteristics of Shale Deformations, and Associated Distribution Models: Implications for Shale Reservoir Fluid Flow

Jim Buckman, Gary Couples, Helen Lewis

The Effect of Microwave Irradiation on Coal for Enhanced Gas Recovery of Coalbed Methane

Jingyi Zhu, Zhaozhong Yang, Xiaogang Li, Yang Li

The Effect of Surface-Gas Interaction on Mean Free Path for Gases Confined in Nanopores of Shale Gas Reservoirs

Yanling Gao, Keliu Wu, Sheng Yang, Xiaohu Dong, Zhongliang Chen, Zhangxing Chen

The Effects of the Maness Shale on Eagle Ford Water Production

Richard A. Denne, Samantha Patterson

The Impact of Fracture Surface Area to Rock Volume Ratio on Spontaneous Imbibition in Tight Rocks

Wattana Chaisoontornyotin, Abdelhalim I. A. Mohamed, Shixun Bai, Samuel Asante Afari, Vahideh Mirchi, Antonio Recio III, Megan Pearl, Mohammad Piri

The Influence of Micro-Fabric Heterogeneity on Sheared Rock Properties

Dustin Crandall, Magdalena Gill, Johnathan Moore, Sarah Brown, Paige Mackey

The Sensitivity of Well Performance to Well Spacing and Configuration—A Marcellus Case Study

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Time-Lapse WAW VSP Imaging of an Unconventional Reservoir Using DAS Fiber Optics

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Tracer Eluting Proppants for Shale Fracturing

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Two Inversion Case Studies from the SCOOP and STACK Area of Oklahoma

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Ultrafast Hydraulic Fracturing Model for Optimizing Cube Development

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Uncertainties in Step-down Test Interpretation for Evaluating Completions Effectiveness and Near Wellbore Complexities

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Understanding 3-D Distribution of Organic-Rich Units in the Vaca Muerta Formation

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Understanding Dynamic Production Contribution from Hydraulically Fractured Middle Bakken and Three Forks Wells in the Williston Basin, ND Using Time-Lapsed Geochemistry

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Understanding the Impact of Sampling Resolution on the Efficacy and Utility of Elemental Datasets in the Delaware Basin

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Understanding the Spatial Geological Heterogeneity of the Delaware Basin from Pre-Stack Seismic Inversion

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Unraveling the Secrets of the Eaglebine

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Unsupervised Machine Learning Applications for Seismic Facies Classification

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Use of Petroleum Geochemical Data to Assess the Presence of Conventional Migrated Oil in Produced Shale Oil—Example from the Midland Basin

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Using a Metamodel-Based Approach for Optimization of Stimulated Rock Volume Geometry, Hydrocarbon Production, and Related Field Development Costs

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Using Solvent Extracts to Estimate the Amount of Producible Oil in Cores Selected from the Lower Eagle Ford Formation

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Vaca Muerta Unconventional Oil Study—Insights from Organic Geochemistry

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Variability in Results from Mineralogical and Organic Geochemical Interlaboratory Testing of U. S. Geological Survey Shale Reference Materials

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Visualization of Pore Connectivity Using Mercury Injection Capillary Pressure Measurements, Micro X-ray Computed Tomography, and Cryo-Scanning Electron Microscopy

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Water/Oil Displacement by Spontaneous Imbibition Through Multiscale Imaging and Implication on Wettability in Wolfcamp Shale

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Well Spacing Optimization in Shale Reservoirs Using Rate Transient Analytics

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What Do Hydraulic Fractures Look Like in Different Types of Reservoirs: Implications from a Series of Large-Scale Polyaxial Hydraulic Fracturing Experiments from Conventional to Unconventional

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Why Most Models Fail: The Importance of Blind Validation

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Workflow Development and Sensitivity Investigation of Offset Well-to-Well Interference Through 3-D Fracture Modeling and Reservoir Simulation in the Denver-Julesburg Basin

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Workflow for Nonlinear AVO Inversion to Estimate Seismic Anisotropy and Geomechanical Properties of Shale

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X-Ray Fluorescence and Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy for Advanced Rock Elemental Analysis

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