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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Utah Geological Association

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Aeromagnetic and Gravity Profiles Across the Uravan Area, Colorado

H R. Joesting, P. Edward Byerly

Archeology of Southeastern Utah

Alice Hunt

Arches National Monument

Bates E. Wilson

The Burro Canyon-Dakota Contact in the Mt. Peale No. 1 Quadrangle, Western Colorado and Eastern Utah

William D. Carter

Cambrian Stratigraphy of Eastern Utah

Christina Lochman-Balk

Charophytes as a Guide to Distinguishing between Lower Cretaceous and Upper Jurassic Continental Sediments in the Subsurface

James G. Mitchell

Colorado National Monument, Past and Present

Dwight L. Hamilton

Correlation Chart, East Central Utah

Albert F. Sanborn, John D. Hill, Dwight E. Arnold

Cottonwood - Harley Dome Area, Grand County, Utah

William E. Keebler

Cross-section of Upper Cretaceous Rocks

Vard H. Johnson

Early Tertiary Ostracode Zones of Uinta Basin

F. M. Swain

Gem Collecting Localities in Southeastern Utah

Eugene Luckemeyer, Kenneth Stewart

Geology and Economic Deposits of East Central Utah; Frontmatter

James A. Peterson

The Geology and Uranium Deposits of the Lisbon Valley Anticline, San Juan County, Utah

M. A. Lekas, H. M. Dahl

Geology of Parts of Northwestern Utah; Guidebook to the Geology of Utah, Number 11; Frontmatter and Road Log

A. J. Eardley, Clyde T. Hardy

Geology of Promontory Range

Richard H. Olson

Geology of Rozel Hills

Loren W. Slentz, A. J. Eardley

Geology of the Bituminous Sandstone Deposits Near Sunnyside, Carbon County, Utah

Clifford N. Holmes, Ben M. Page

Geology of the Eastern Part of the Raft River Range, Box Elder County, Utah

Clarence E. Felix

The Hill Creek Area

D. F. Miller

History of Exploration for Oil and Gas in Box Elder County, Utah, and Vicinity

Frank S. Peace

History of Exploration in Southeastern Utah

George H. Hansen

Jurassic Strata of Southeastern Utah and Southwestern Colorado

Lawrence C. Craig, Dayton D. Dickey

The Little Grand Fault and the Green River Nose, Emery and Grand Counties, Utah

Dorsey Hager

Mineral Associations in the Continental-Type Uranium Deposits of the Colorado Plateau and Adjacent Areas

John W. Gruner

Mineral Development on Public Lands of the United States

Douglas E. Henriques

Nature and Origin of Paradox Basin Salt Structures

Wm. Lee Stokes

Pacific Northwest Pipeline - the Scenic Inch

Howard H. Walters

Penetration Chart of Oil and Gas Fields in Utah

John N. Dahm, Wm. B. Douglass Jr., C. E. White

Pennsylvanian and Permian Stratigraphy of the Paradox Salt Embayment

George Herman, Seymour L. Sharps

Physiography of East Central Utah

Walter R. Buss

Precambrian Rocks of the North-Central Colorado Plateau

E. M. Shoemaker

Road Logs

J. A. Peterson, K. G. Smith, P. R. Peterson, R. L. Liscomb, J. B. LaFevers, J. M. Dahm, J. F. Harvey, D. A. Preston

San Arroyo Bar-X Area, Grand County, Utah and Mesa County, Colorado

Arthur E. Owen, George W. Whitney

Some Notes on the Cretaceous Faunas of Eastern Utah and Western Colorado

Philip J. Katich

Some Upper Devonian-Mississippian Problems in Eastern Utah

Walter Sadlick

Stratigraphy of the Book Cliffs in East Central Utah

Ward O. Abbott, Robert L. Liscomb

Structure of the North Salt Valley-Cisco Area, Grand County, Utah

Paul T. Walton

Tectonic History of the Ancestral Uncompahgre Range in Colorado

Clifford N. Holmes

Tertiary Mollusks of Central Utah

A. La Rocque

Tertiary Stratigraphy of the Goose Creek District, Cassia County, Idaho, and Adjacent Parts of Utah and Nevada1

W. J. Mapel, W. J. Hail Jr.

Triassic Strata of Southeastern Utah and Southwestern Colorado

John H. Stewart

Uranium Deposits in the Morrison Formation of the San Rafael River District

Edward L. Clark, Isadore Million

Woodside Anticline, Emery County, Utah

John C. Osmond