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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Utah Geological Association

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The Ancestral Rocky Mountain System in Northern Utah

Edgar B. Heylmun

The Back Valleys of Summit and Wasatch Counties: (A Geographic Summary)

H. Bowman Hawkes

The Cambrian Section in the Central and Southern Wasatch Mountains

Christina Lochman-Balk

Ceramic Red Clay Near Henefer, Utah

Bronson Stringham, Harold P. Cahoon

Coalville Anticline, Summit County, Utah

Carl T. Shelley

Devonian Regional Statigraphy in North Central Utah

James E. Brooks

Faults in the Wasatch Range Near Provo, Utah

Arthur A. Baker

Fusuline Correlations: Oquirrh Formation and Durst Group

Walter Sadlick

Geologic Sections from Three Deep Wells, Southwestern Wyoming

Robert B. Schick

Geology of the Diamond Fork Anticline

Frank Neighbor

Geology of the Southern Oquirrh Mountains and Fivemile Pass - Northern Boulter Mountain Area, Tooele and Utah Counties, Utah; Guidebook to the Geology of Utah, Number 14; Frontmatter

Harold J. Bissell, J. Keith Rigby, Paul Dean Proctor, Richard W. Moyle

Geology of the Southern Oquirrh Mountains and Fivemile Pass—Northern Boulter Mountains Area, Tooele and Utah Counties, Utah

Harold J. Bissell, J. Keith Rigby, Paul Dean Proctor


J. Keith Rigby

Geomorphology of the Wasatch-Uinta Mountains Junction

Richard L. Threet

Green River and Lower Uinta Formation Subsurface Stratigraphy in Western Uinta Basin, Utah

M. Dane Picard

Guidebook to the Geology of the Wasatch and Uinta Mountains Transition Area: Tenth Annual Field Conference; Frontmatter

Norman C. Williams

An Historical Sketch of the Area

David E. Miller

Igneous Rocks of the Mercur-Ophir Area

Paul Dean Proctor

Illustrated Sections of Strata Adjacent to the Mississippian-Pennsylvanian Boundary, Western Uinta Mountains

Walter Sadlick

Jurassic Rocks of the Wasatch Range and Vicinity

Wm. Lee Stokes

Late Cretaeous Stratigraphy of the Coalville Area, Utah

Norman C. Williams, James H. Madsen Jr.

Late Devonian Erosional Surface Exposed in the Wasatch and Uinta Mountains

J. Keith Rigby

Mississippian and Pennsylvanian Rocks: Manning Canyon Shale

Richard W. Moyle

Mississippian Stratigraphy of the Central Wasatch and Western Uinta Mountains, Utah

Max D. Crittenden Jr.

North Strawberry Valley Sedimentation and Tectonics

Harold J. Bissell

Ordovician Regional Relationships in North-Central Utah and Adjacent Areas

Lehi F. Hintze

Paleontological Exploration and Dating of the Early Tertiary Deposits in Basins Adjacent to the Uinta Mountains

C. Lewis Gazin

Park City Mining District

Clark L. Wilson

Pennsylvanian System: Oquirrh Formation

Harold J. Bissell

Permian Stratigraphy and Oil Potential, Wyoming and Utah

T. M. Cheney, R. P. Sheldon

Precambrian Rocks of the Uinta-Wasatch Mountain Junction and Part of Central Utah

Robert E. Cohenour

Results of Pre-Cretaceous Exploration in the Overthrust Belt of Southwestern Wyoming

K. L. Cochran

Review of Geology of Northestern Utah and Southwestern Wyoming

A. J. Eardley

Road Logs

John B. Boyd, William B. Travers, Vic Smith, Thomas W. Bilhorn, John M. Kelley, N. C. Williams, A. J. Eardley, Walter E. Sadlick

The Slab Canyon Anticline

Donald W. Lewis

Stratigraphic Distribution of Charophyta and Nonmarine Ostracods

Raymond E. Peck

Stratigraphy of the Fivemile Pass and North Boulter Mountains Quadrangles

Harold J. Bissell

Stratigraphy of the Southern Oquirrh Mountains: Lower Paleozoic Succession

J. Keith Rigby

Stratigraphy of the Triassic Sequence in the Wasatch and Uinta Mountains

W. Frank Scott

Structural Geology—Broad Canyon - Fivemile Pass Areas

Paul Dean Proctor

Structural Setting of Fivemile Pass and Northern Boulter Mountains Area

Paul Dean Proctor

Structural Setting of the Mercur-Ophir Areas

J. Keith Rigby

Structure of the West Portal — Soldier Summit Area, Wasatch, Carbon and Duchesne Counties, Utah

Paul T. Walton

Upper Most Cretaceous and Lower Tertiary Rocks of the Fossil Basin

Joshua I. Tracy Jr., Steven S. Oriel

Upper Paleozoic Succession

Harold J. Bissell

Utah Geological Society Log Book

Water Resources

J. Neil Murdock