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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Utah Geological Association

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Application of Air and Gas Drilling in the Southeast Uinta Basin and Surrounding Areas

E. E. Loman

Ashley Valley Oil Field, Uintah County, Utah

C. E. Johnson

Bituminous Sandstones in the Uinta Basin

Robert E. Covington

A Brief History of Early Mineral Exploitation in the Uinta Basin

Robert E. Covington

Cambrian of the Uinta Mountains

Richard A. Robison

Chinle Formation and Glen Canyon Sandstone in Northeast Utah and Northwest Colorado

F. G. Poole, J. H. Stewart

Coal in the Uinta Basin, Utah

Elmer M. Schell

Cretaceous Stratigraphy and Facies Patterns — Northeastern Utah and Adjacent Areas

Lyle A. Hale, Fred R. Van De Graaff

The Dinosaur Quarry

Theodore E. White

Distribution and Quality of Oil Shale in the Green River Formation of the Uinta Basin

W. B. Cashion

An Earth’s-Crust-Displacement Measuring Project

Clifford G. Bryner

Geologic Aspects of the Strawberry Aqueduct and Associated Features — Central Utah Project

Lloyd Calder

Geology of the North Half of Soldier Summit Quadrangle, Utah

G. V. Henderson

Geomorphology of the Uinta Basin — a Brief Sketch

Ray E. Marsell

Guidebook to the Geology and Mineral Resources of the Uinta Basin: Utah’s Hydrocarbon Storehouse. Thirteenth Annual Field Conference; Frontmatter

Edward F. Sabatka

Historical Development of Oil and Gas Production in Utah’s Uinta Basin

Paul W. Burchell

Late Cretaceous and Early Paleocene Conglomerates along the Margin of the Uinta Basin

Paul T. Walton

Lithology and Petrography of the Weber Formation, in Utah and Colorado

H. J. Bissell


New Methods of Mining and Refining Gilsonite

George R. Kilborn

Oil-Content Correlations of Green River Oil Shales, Uinta and Piceance Creek Basins

H. D. Curry

Oil Yields and Properties of Green River Oil Shales in Uinta Basin, Utah

John Ward Smith, Kenneth E. Stanfield

Penetration Chart of the Oil and Gas Fields of the Uinta Basin and the Uncompahgre Uplift, Utah

Petrology of the Nugget-Navajo Sandstone at Outcrops Near Hanna, Utah, and Dinosaur National Monument

Robert B. Kayser

A Problem in Petroleum Leasing — Liquid Vs. Semi-Solid

Robert G. Pruitt Jr.

Relation of Stratigraphy and Structure to Gas Production in the San Arroyo and East Canyon Fields, Utah

G. W. Horton, W. C. Gere

Relationship of Crude Oils to Depositional Environment of Source Rocks in the Uinta Basin

N. Wood Bass

Road Logs

M. J. “Todd” Davis, Ronald C. Bartley, John J. Schneider

The Rock House-Rainbow Field

Edwin B. Isbell

San Francisco Phosphate Deposit in the Uinta Basin

Duncan L. King Jr.

Some Observations on Stratigraphy and Paleoecology of the Carmel and Twin Creek Formations in the Uinta Mountains

J. Keith Rigby

Southern Termination of the Wasatch Range

Wm. Lee Stokes

Structural Behavior of Utah

Lehi F. Hintze

A Summary of Current Techniques for Processing Green River Oil Shale

Harold W. Sohns

Tectonic History of the Uinta Basin, Utah

John C. Osmond

Tertiary Fresh-Water Ostracoda of the Uinta Basin and Related Forms from Southern Wyoming, Western Utah, Idaho, and Nevada

F. M. Swain

Uinta Basin Prehistory

C. Melvin Aikens

The Wasatch Fault in Weber and Davis Counties

Walter R. Buss, Dallas Peterson

Wasatch Fault of the South-Central Wasatch Mountains

H. J. Bissell

The Wasatch Fault Zone in North Central Utah

Ray E. Marsell

The Wasatch Fault Zone in North Central Utah; Guidebook to the Geology of Utah, Number 18; Frontmatter

H. J. Bissell, W. R. Buss, Clifford G. Bryner, R. E. Marsell, W. L. Stokes

The Wasatch Fault Zone in Salt Lake County

Ray E. Marsell

Wasatch Formation of the Uinta Basin

Ernest E. Murany