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Utah Geological Association

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Introduction to Landslides of the Wasatch Front Region

Rebecca L. Hylland, Kimm M. Harty

The Application of a Non-Inundation Approach of Paleoflood Hydrology for the Assessment of Extreme Flood Hazards on the Ogden River, Utah

D.A. Ostenaa, D.R. Levish

Brief History of Bureau of Reclamation Investigations in the Wasatch Front Region and Annotated Bibliography of Relevant Reports

Daniel E. Grundvig

Closure of Gold Heap Leach Facility at Barrick Mercur Mine, Tooele County, Utah

Glenn M. Eurick, Lori C. Robison

Construction on Soft Clay Using Wick Drains and Preload - A Case History

Russell L. Owens

Crawford Mountains, Northeastern Utah: History of an Abandoned Phosphate Mining District

Joseph L. Methner, Mark R. Mesch

Delineation of Protection Areas Around Olsens Spring, Mantua Valley, Box Elder County, Utah

Mark E. Jensen, Mike Lowe, Larry Spangler, Michael Wireman

Description and Quantification of the Ground-Water Basins of the Wasatch Front, Utah, 1904-1994

Joseph S. Gates

Dilemmas in Regulating Debris-Flow Hazards in Davis County, Utah

Jeffrey R. Keaton

Engineering Geology for Design of the Kern River Pipeline at the Wasatch Fault Crossing, Davis County, Utah

Jeffrey R. Keaton

Engineering Geology of Jordanelle Dam and Reservoir Bonneville Unit, Central Utah Project, Utah

Gary Dow

Environmental & Engineering Geology of the Wasatch Front Region; Frontmatter

William R. Lund

Environmental and Engineering Geology of the Wasatch Front Region 1995 Utah Geological Association Field Conference September 23, 1995 Road Log

Daniel Horns, Norman Evenstad, Louis Amodt, Genevieve Atwood, Bill D. Black, Michael Hylland, Jeffrey R. Keaton, William R. Lund, Kyle Rollins, Bruce Vandre

Flooding Hazards Associated with Great Salt Lake

Genevieve Atwood, Don R. Mabey

G.I.S. Applications in the Northern Wasatch Front Pre-Fire Hazard Risk Assessment Davis and Weber Counties, Utah

Norman C. Evenstad, Robert C. Rasely

Geologic Hazards Information: Availability and Technology Transfer Through Public Outreach and Education

Sandra N. Eldredge, Robert D. Carey, Gary E. Christenson, Janine L. Jarva, Susan J. Nava, Edith (Deedee) H. O’Brien

Geomorphic Investigation and Failure History of the Liquefaction-Induced North Ogden Landslide Complex, Weber County, Utah

Kimm M. Harty, Mike Lowe

Geomorphology and Failure History of the Earthquake-Induced Farmington Siding Landslide Complex, Davis County, Utah

Mike Lowe, Kimm M. Harty, Michael D. Hylland

Geophysical and Geochemical Data to Map Ground-Water Contamination-Utah County, Utah

Alvin K. Benson, Kelly L. Payne, Melissa A. Stubben

Gilbert’s Vanishing Deltas: A Century of Change in Pleistocene Deposits of Northern Utah

Marjorie A. Chan, Mark R. Milligan

History of the Utah Geological Association, 1985-1994

Ted Arnow

Hydrogeology and Water Quality of the Lincoln Point-Bird Island Area, Utah Lake, Utah

L.E. Spangler, R.L. Baskin, W.F. Holmes

Hydrogeology of Recharge Areas of the Principal Aquifers Along the Wasatch Front and Adjacent Areas, Utah

Paul B. Anderson, David D. Susong

Hydrogeology of Western Wasatch County, Utah, with Emphasis on Recharge-Area Mapping for the Principal Valley-Fill Aquifers in Heber and Round Valleys

Mike Lowe

An Integrated Geophysical Analysis of Shallow Faulting in the Wasatch Fault Zone Near Springville, Utah County, Utah

Alvin K. Benson, Nathan Brett Mustoe

Integrating Geophysical and Trench Data to Analyze Shallow Faulting in the Wasatch Fault Zone Near Provo, Utah County, Utah

Alvin K. Benson, Nathan Brett Mustoe, James N. Carver

Landslide Hazards of Western Wasatch County, Utah

Michael D. Hylland, Mike Lowe

Large Earthquakes on the Salt Lake City Segment of the Wasatch Fault Zone – Summary of New Information from the South Fork Dry Creek Site, Salt Lake County, Utah

Bill D. Black, William R. Lund, Bea H. Mayes

Mapping Liquefaction Hazards in the Wasatch Front Region: Opportunities and Limitations

Jeffrey R. Keaton, Loren R. Anderson

Nitrate Contamination of the Moroni, Utah Municipal Water Supply and Hydrologic Control on Nitrate Contamination

Daniel M. Horns

Pliocene and Quaternary Volcanism in the Northern Great Salt Lake Area and Inferred Volcanic Hazards

David M. Miller, John K. Nakata, C.G. Oviatt, William P. Nash, Donald W. Fiesinger

Pre-Disaster, Multi-Hazard Mitigation Planning Workshops for Communities

Robert D.Carey

The Problem of the Random Earthquake in Seismic Hazard Analysis: Wasatch Front Region, Utah

James C. Pechmann, Walter J. Arabasz

Quaternary Faulting in the Stansbury Fault Zone, Tooele County, Utah

Jennifer M. Helm

The Rainbow Imports Landslide - A Window for Looking at Landslide Mechanisms within the Ogden River Landslide Complex, Weber County, Utah

Bruce C. Vandre, Mike Lowe

Reclamation of Abandoned Mine Openings Along the Wasatch Front

Louis A. Amodt

Reverse Faulting in the Borrow Area of Little Dell Dam, Salt Lake County, Utah

Brian A. Bryant, Carl E. Cole

Rockfall Hazard Probabilistic Risk Analysis: A Case Study, Ogden Canyon, Utah

Craig V Nelson

Seismic Analysis Using a Geographic Information System: An Application to Dam Safety

Joe Borgione

Seismic Hazard Evaluation of the Magna Tailings Impoundment

Ivan Wong, Susan Olig, Robert Green, Yoshi Moriwaki, Norm Abrahamson, Dale Baures, Walter Silva, Paul Somerville, Dick Davidson, Joergen Pilz, Bob Dunne

Seismotectonic Setting and Recurrence of Large Earthquakes in the Wasatch Front Region, Utah

Suzanne Hecker

Slope Design Procedures at the Bingham Canyon Mine

Z. M. Zavodni, S. D. Ericksen

Transport and Fate Modeling at a Gasoline Fueling Facility: Tools to Demonstrate Natural Attenuation of Benzene

Robin D. Jenkins

Using Interval Resistivity Data to Help Detect Ground-Water Contamination as a Function of Space and Time — A Case Study, Provo, Utah

Alvin K. Benson, Melissa A. Stubben