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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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Utah Geological Association

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The Chloride Mass-Balance Approach for Estimating Recharge from Precipitation in Cedar Valley, an Alluvial Basin in Iron County, Southwestern Utah

James L. Mason

Development of Concepts of Regional Ground-Water Flow in the Part of the Great Basin in Eastern Nevada and Adjacent California and Western Utah – a Review

Joseph S. Gates

Ground-Water Development in Utah and Effects on Ground-Water Levels and Chemical Quality

Joseph S. Gates

Ground-Water Protection Issues in Cedar Valley, Iron County, Utah

Sue A. Finstick

The Ground-Water Reservoir as Long-Term Carryover Storage: Cedar Valley, Iron County, Utah

Ben Everitt

Ground Water in Utah – Resource, Protection, and Remediation; Frontmatter

Lawrence E. Spangler

Hydrogeology of Government Creek Basin, Dugway, Utah, with a Recommended Practical Approach to Ground-Water Management in Arid, Saline Regions of the Great Basin

Jeffrey Fitzmayer, David Larsen, David Braxton, Ed Staes

Isotopic Characterization of Ground Water in Salt Lake and Cache Valleys, Utah

Thomas E. Lachmar, Jeff W. Gadt, J. Mike Robinson

Permeability Distribution Within a Fine-Grained Lacustrine Delta, Late Pleistocene Lake Bonneville, Northern Utah

David R. Lemons, Marjorie A. Chan

Results of Tracer Investigations in the Empire Canyon Area, Park City, Utah

Ann Tillia

The Role of Geology in Increasing Utah’s Ground-Water Resources from Faulted Terranes – Lessons from the Navajo Sandstone, Utah, and the Death Valley Flow System, Nevada-California

Peter D. Rowley, Gary L. Dixon

Source of Ground Water to Locomotive Springs, Southeastern Curlew Valley, Box Elder County, Utah

Robert Q. Oaks Jr.

Sources of Ground Water Used for Public Supply in Salt Lake Valley, Utah, and Relation to Water Quality

Susan A. Thiros, Andrew H. Manning

Unraveling Uncertainties in Delineating Ground-Water Protection Areas in Fractured Rocks: Case Studies in the Navajo Sandstone and Twin Creek Limestone, Grand and Summit Counties, Utah

Van King, Todd Jarvis, Shawn Willsey

Updated Conceptual and MODFLOW Ground-Water Models of Cache Valley, Utah and Idaho

Thomas E. Lachmar, Barry Myers, J. Mike Robinson

Utah Geological Association Ground-Water Field Trip Road Log

Carl Kendell, Charles Payton, David Christiansen, Roger Bon

Water Budget Estimates for the Powder Mountain Region, Cache and Weber Counties, Utah: Methods and Proper Use of Ground-Water Recharge Estimations

Van F. King