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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Wyoming Geological Association

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Amos Draw Field: A Diagenetic Trap Related to an Intraformational Unconformity in the Muddy Sandstone, Powder River Basin, Wyoming

Sarah K. Odland, Penny E. Patterson, Edmund R. Gustason

Applications of Surface Geochemical Techniques for Mapping Methane Associated with Near-Surface Coal Deposits: Abstract

Walter R. Merschat

Bentonite Mining In The Black Hills Region

Eldon L. Allison Jr.

Depositional and Tectonic History of the Lower Cretaceous Muddy Sandstone, Lazy B Field, Powder River Basin, Wyoming

Edmund R. Gustason

Eastern Powder River Basin — Black Hills; 39th Annual Field Conference Guidebook

Robin P. Diedrich, Mary Ann K. Dyka, W. Roger Miller

Exploration and Development History of Shippy Field: A Minnelusa Formation Wildcat Fringe Discovery

Ralph W. Specht

Geologic and Seismic Models, Muddy Sandstone, Lower Cretaceous, Bell Creek-Rocky Point Area, Powder River Basin, Montana and Wyoming

Robert J. Weimer, Claudia A. Rebne, Thomas L. Davis

The Geology and Metal Resources of the Black Hills Uplift, Wyoming

W. Dan Hausel, Wayne M. Sutherland

Geology and Production History of the Uranium Deposits in the Northern Black Hills, Wyoming – South Dakota

William L. Chenoweth

Geology of the Northern Portion of the Simons' Ranch Anticline, Crook County, Wyoming, with Special Reference to the Depositional History of the Upper Minnelusa Formation (Permian, Wolfcampian)

James E. Martin, A. Glenn Motes III, James E. Fox

Gold Deposits in the Black Hills, South Dakota

Colin J. Paterson, Alvis L. Lisenbee, Jack A. Redden

Gravity and Magnetic Models of the Tomahawk Diatreme, Northern Black Hills, South Dakota

D. D. Everson, W. M. Roggenthen

Igneous-Related Structures of the Southeastern Bear Lodge Dome, Crook County, Wyoming

Alvis L. Lisenbee, James E. Martin

Industrial Minerals in Northeastern Wyoming

Ray E. Harris

The Integration of Hydrodynamics and Stratigraphy, Muddy Sandstone, Northern Powder River Basin, Wyoming and Montana

D. A. Smith

Integration of Stratigraphic High Resolution Dipmeter Data into the Development of the Minnelusa "B" Sand Reservoir in Hawk Point Field, Campbell County, Wyoming

Steven D. Jorgensen, Susan W. James

Laramide Paleogeographic Evolution of the Eastern Powder River Basin, Wyoming and Montana

David Seeland

North Glo Field: A Minnelusa Discovery Resulting from the Integration of the Stratigraphic-Seismic Method with Subsurface Geology

Daniel K. Allan, R. Randy Ray

Peat Forming Wetlands and the Thick Powder River Basin Coals

James E. McClurg

Petrography, Sedimentology, and Geochemistry of the Wyodak Coal, Wyodak, Wyoming

Fredrick J. Rich, Russell K. Dorsett, Craig R. Chapman

Possible Strike-Slip Components on Monoclines at the Powder River Basin–Black Hills Uplift Margin

George W. Shurr, Ivan W. Watkins, Alvis L. Lisenbee

Powder River Basin Discoveries 1981–1988

J. L. de Vries, D. M. Mullen

Prediction of Sandstone Geometry in the Upper Cretaceous Shannon Sandstone in the Northern Powder River Basin

George W. Shurr, Charles L. Nelson, John T. Jenkins Jr.

Regional Pennsylvanian and Permian Tectonic Movements and Their Effect on Correlation of Upper Paleozoic Strata in the Powder River Basin and Black Hills: Abstract

Edwin K. Maughan

Relationship Between Groundwater Flow and Uranium Mineralization in the Chadron Formation, Northwest Nebraska

Thor W. Gjelsteen, Stephen P. Collings

Sedimentology, Petrography, and Paleocology of the Cambria Coal, Weston County, Wyoming

Fredrick J. Rich, Timothy A Pish, Gregory W. Knell

Tectonic History of the Black Hills Uplift

Alvis L. Lisenbee

Thrust Faulting: Southern Margin Powder River Basin, Wyoming

D. L. Blackstone Jr.