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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Wyoming Geological Association

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Basement Backthrusts and Thin-Skinned Detachments in Gooseberry Field, Western Bighorn Basin, Wyoming

Peter H. Hennings, Richard C. Hager

The Discovery of a Nearly Complete Allosaurus from the Jurassic Morrison Formation, Eastern Bighorn Basin, Wyoming

Brent H. Breithaupt

Discovery of Enigma Field Washakie County, Wyoming

Walter K. Arbuckle, Elliott A. Riggs

Evidence for Right-Oblique-Slip on a Northern Segment of the Big Trails Fault System, Southern Big Horn Mountains, Wyoming

Alan J. Ver Ploeg, Phillip L. Greer

Fourbear Field: An Eocene Laccofold, Western Bighorn Basin

Donald S. Stone

Geology and Au-Cu-Ag Skarn and Replacement Mineralization in the New World District, Park County, Montana

Todd W. Johnson

Geology and Mineralogy of the Devil Canyon/Little Mountain Area, Northern Big Horn Mountains, Wyoming

Gretchen Hurley

Industrial Minerals and Radioactive Minerals of the Bighorn Basin

Ray E. Harris

Kinematics of the Eastern Flank of the Beartooth Mountains, Montana and Wyoming

Patrick James O'Connell

Late Pleistocene Air Temperatures in the Bighorn Basin, Wyoming: Inferences from Periglacial Ice-Wedge Casts and the Numerical Modeling of Near-Surface Ground Temperatures

Nick Visser, Henry P. Heasler, Brainerd Mears Jr.

A Local Chronostratigraphy for the Morrison Formation, Northeastern Bighorn Basin, Wyoming

James E. Swierc, Gary D. Johnson

Petroleum Geology of the Bighorn Basin, North-Central Wyoming and South-Central Montana

J. E. Fox, G. L. Dolton

Placers and Paleoplacers of the Bighorn Basin

W. Dan Hausel, William H. Graves

Reconaissance of Radon in Soil-Gas and Water in Yellowstone National Park

Cheryl Jaworowski, J. C. Case, L. Larsen, G. M. Reimer, S. L. Szarzi, J. M. Been, B. Crysdale, M. A. Brown, M. Jacobs, R. Martineau, J. Wood

Resources of the Bighorn Basin; 47th Annual Field Conference Guidebook

Charles E. Bowen, Steve C. Kirkwood, Terry S. Miller

Revised Stratigraphy of Eocene Volcanic Rocks in the Lower North and South Fork Shoshone River Valleys, Wyoming

David H. Malone

Sedimentation and Early Diagenesis on the Mississippian Mission Canyon Platform in the Northern Bighorn Basin Region

Mari A. Vice, John E. Utgaard

Silicified Stromotolites, Paleokarst and Diagenetic Overprinting Along Sequence Boundary Beds, Madison/Darwin Contact, Bighorn Basin Wyoming — A Tool for Low-Stand Carbonate Deposystem Investigation?

C. Enzl, J. Trappe, C. F. Vondra

Stratigraphy at the Boundary of the Tensleep Sandstone and Park City/Goose Egg Formations in the Southern Big Horn Mountains and Eastern Owl Creek Mountains, Wyoming

Lucas M. Todd

Structural Interpretation of Sheep Mountain Anticline, Bighorn Basin, Wyoming

Astrid Forster, Anton P. Irmen, Carl Vondra

A Summary of Morrison Formation (Jurassic: Kimmeridgian-Tithonian) Geology and Paleontology, With Notice of A New Dinosaur Locality in the Bighorn Basin (USA)

Cheryl A. Bjoraker, Michael T. Naus

Surface Indications of En-Echelon Closures at the Reservoir Horizons in the Bighorn Basin

Monty E. Hoffman, Raina R. Powell

The Tertiary and Upper Cretaceous Potential in the Bighorn Basin

Curt Talbot

Thermal Effects of Rapid Sedimentation and Uplift on the Maturation of Hydrocarbons in the Bighorn Basin, Wyoming

Henry P. Heasler, Nick Visser, Natalya A. Kharitonova, Ronald C. Surdam

Use of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) For Geological Applications in the Bighorn Basin, Wyoming

Gretchen Hurley, Jodee Cole