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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Wyoming Geological Association

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Allen Lake

Tim McCutcheon

Allen Lake East

Tim McCutcheon, JoAnn True

Big Hollow

A.M. Woods

Big Medicine Bow

A.M. Woods

Big Medicine Bow South

C. K. Adams

Bolton Creek

A.M. Woods

Borie Field

Ronald G. Brown


Ralph W. Specht, JoAnn True


D. H. Stiles, JoAnn True

Chalk Bluffs

Kurt J. Blust, Shane True

Chapman Draw

Charles S. Wolff, Jeff Stahley, JoAnn True


Craig W. Cheevers, Scot M. Strathouse, JoAnn True


Wallace W. Stewart, JoAnn True

Chug Springs

Klint Hutton, H. E. Hutton, JoAnn True

Cooper Cove

Robin P. Diedrich, JoAnn True

Dale North

Mark Milliken

Diamond Dome

Thomas M. Hoar, JoAnn True

Diamond Ranch

William S. Victor, Shane True


Scott Strathouse, JoAnn True

Dutton Creek

R. Shamlian, JoAnn True

Dutton Creek, North

Richard J. Sheppy

Elk Mountain

Tim McCutcheon

Flat Land

D. M. Herring, JoAnn True

Frontmatter: Se Wyoming Oil and Gas Fields Symposium Laramie, Hanna and D-J Basins

Oil, Gas Field Committee Wyoming Geological Association

Golden Prairie

Alan Laferriere, JoAnn True


Ralph W. Specht, JoAnn True

Herrick Dome

Deborah Deibler Steele, JoAnn True

Horne Brothers

Tim McCutcheon

Horne Valley

D. Taylor Seamount, Jr., Tim McCutcheon, JoAnn True

Horse Creek

Ramsay A. Barrett, Fred Crockett, JoAnn True

Horseshoe Ridge

D.M. Herring, Amber L. Robbins

Lindbergh (Lindberg)

Janice Patterson-Wittstrom, JoAnn True

Lindbergh East

Mark Milliken

Little Laramie

Craig S. Alexander, JoAnn True

Little Medicine Bow

Timothy J. McCutcheon

Muddy Creek

D. Taylor Seamount, Jr., JoAnn True

Oil Springs

D. E. Straka, JoAnn True


Julia Lemaster, Lynette D. W. George


Lynette D. W. George, JoAnn True

Pass Creek

Elizabeth Cerates Strathouse, Timothy J. McCutcheon

Pine Bluffs

Roger Carpenter, Graeme Finley

Pine Bluffs South

Roger Carpenter, Graeme Finley

Platte River Bend

Julia Lemaster, Ron Carlton


Alison B. Doyle, JoAnn True

Poverty Ditch

Dave Ryan, JoAnn True

Quealy Dome

Eric C. Potter, JoAnn True

Rex Lake

A.M. Woods

River Bend

David Wm. Harris, JoAnn True

Rock River

WGA Field Symposium Committee, Shane True

Seven Mile Field

Ronald G. Brown


Ronald G. Brown

Simpson Ridge

Elizabeth Cerates Strathouse, JoAnn True

Spindle Top North

Mary Ann Dyka


Donald F. Cardinal, JoAnn True


A.M. Woods


Jeff Zacharakis-Jutz, JoAnn True


Mark Milliken