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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

Wyoming Geological Association

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Characteristic Deposits of Rapidly Aggrading Streams

H. T. Ore

Cretaceous Vertebrate Faunas of Wyoming

John H. Ostrum

Cyclic Sedimentation in the Rock Springs Formation, Mesaverde Group, on the Rock Springs Uplift, Wyoming

John A. Burger

Depositional Dynamics of the Almond Formation, Rock Springs Uplift, Wyoming

Alonzo D. Jacka

Depositional Environment of the Fox Hills Sandstones Near Rock Springs, Wyoming

J. C. Harms, D. B. MacKenzie, D. G. McCubbin

Early Eocene Mammalian Faunas and Their Environment in the Vicinity of the Rock Springs Uplift, Wyoming

C. Lewis Gazin

Early Tertiary Depositional Environments in the Rock Springs Uplift Area

Henry W. Roehler

Fossil Soil at Base of Paleocene Rocks, Southern Rock Springs Uplift, Wyoming

Howard R. Ritzma

Geologic Significance, No. 1 Raeder-Gov't, Dry Mountain Anticline, Moffat County, Colo.

Howard R. Ritzma

Measured Surface Sections of the Almond Formation on the East Flank of the Rock Springs Uplift, Sweetwater County, Wyoming

J. L. Lewis

Oil Shales of the Green River Formation in Wyoming

John Ward Smith, Kenneth E. Stanfield

Orientation and Distribution of Fossils as Environmental Indicators

Heinrich Toots

The Origin and Significance of Ophiomorpha (Halemenites) in the Cretaceous of the Western Interior

John H. Hoyt, Robert J. Weimer

Recognition and Classification of Marginal Marine Environments

D. N. Miller Jr.

Review of Petrographic Criteria for Cretaceous Depositional Environments

Floyd F. Sabins Jr.

Rock Springs and Blair Formations on and Adjacent to the Rock Springs Uplift, Sweetwater County, Wyoming

Robert E. Keith

The Rock Springs Uplift, A History of Mineral Exploration and Exploitation

S. G. Andrew

Sedimentation of Late Cretaceous and Tertiary Outcrops, Rock Springs Uplift; 19th Annual Field Conference Guidebook

R. H. DeVoto, R. K. Bitter

Significance of Inlet Sedimentation in the Recognition of Ancient Barrier Islands

John H. Hoyt, Vernon J. Henry Jr.

Spring Deposits: Surface Expressions of the Henry's Fork Fault, Sweetwater County, Wyoming

Ronald W. Wiegman

Stratigraphy and Petroleum Occurrences, Almond and Lewis Formations (Upper Cretaceous), Wamsutter Arch, Wyoming

Robert J. Weimer

Stratigraphy of the Green River Formation, West of the Rock Springs Uplift

William J. Stuart Jr.

Summary of Pre-Laramide Late Cretaceous Sedimentation in the Rock Springs Uplift Area

Henry W. Roehler

A Summary of Stratigraphy and Paleontology Upper Colorado and Montanan Groups Southcentral Wyoming, Northeastern Utah, and Northwestern Colorado

James H. Smith

Tidal Flat Sedimentation on the Colorado River Delta, Northwestern Gulf of California

Robert Wayne Thompson

Tongues of the Green River and Wasatch Formations in Southeastern Part of the Green River Basin, Wyo.

William C. Culbertson

Wasatch and Green River Formations of the Southwestern Part of the Green River Basin

John C. Lawrence