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Wyoming Geological Association

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Big Horn Basin Tectonics (Leaning on Full and Frequent Quotes from W. T. Thom, Jr.)

John R. Fanshawe

The Big Horn Hot Springs at Thermopolis, Wyoming

Creighton A. Burk

Boysen Dam

Jorn Dowling

Cambrian and Ordovician Stratigraphy Around the Southern Big Horn Basin, Wyoming

Horace D. Thomas

Frontier Formation Along the Eastern Margin of the Big Horn Basin, Wyoming

L. D. Hunter

The Frontier Formation of Wyoming

John A. Masters

Gebo Field, Hot Springs County, Wyoming

E. C. Mees, G. F. Bowers

The Geology of the Bonanza Pool,2 Big Horn County, Wyoming

R. Garvin Berry Jr.

Hamilton Dome Field, Hot Springs County, Wyoming

Inclined Water Levels

H. E. Summerford

The Madison Group (Mississippian) of the Big Horn and Wind River Basins, Wyoming

M. E. Denson Jr., Norman S. Morrissey

Marine and Evaporite Facies of Permian and Triassic Strata in the Southern Part of the Big Horn Basin and Adjacent Areas, Central Wyoming

Harry A. Tourtelot

Natural Gas as a Source of Elemental Sulfur

James G. Crawford

Northwest Lake Creek Field, Hot Springs County, Wyoming

John R. Miller, Chester C. Stiteler

Paleozoic Formations of the Big Horn Basin, Wyoming

T. F. Stipp

The Phosphoria Formation of Southern and Southeastern Big Horn Basin Big Horn, Hot Springs, and Washakie Counties, Wyoming

Karl W. Frielinghausen

Physical Properties of Sands in the Frontier Formation, Big Horn Basin, Wyoming

O. C. Baptist, W. R. Smith, F. S. Cordiner, S. A. Sweeney

Preliminary Lithofacies Study of the Phosphoria Formation Big Horn Basin, Wyoming

Walter P. Ketterer, R. P. Swirczynski

Report on Worland Field, Wyoming

John S. Wold

Results of Some Heavy Mineral Studies in the Big Horn Basin, Montana and Wyoming

Marcellus H. Stow

Resume of the Oil and Gas Structures in the Southern Portion of the Big Horn Basin

H. E. Summerford

Sand Creek Field, Washakie County, Wyoming

L. E. Harris

Sedimentary Record of Cenozoic Orogenic and Erosional Events, Big Horn Basin, Wyoming

Franklyn B. Van Houten

Slick Creek Oil Field, Washakie County, Wyoming

L. E. Harris

Southern Big Horn Basin, Wyoming; 7th Annual Field Conference Guidebook

Robert W. Spalding

Structural Features of the Big Horn Basin Rim

W. T. Thom Jr.

Summary of Mesozoic Stratigraphy, Big Horn Basin, Wyoming

George R. Downs

Tensleep Formation of the Big Horn Basin

R. S. Agatston