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Volume: 19 (1935)

Issue: 1. (January)

First Page: 37

Last Page: 57

Title: Effect of Anisotropy on Previous HitApparentNext Hit Previous HitResistivityNext Hit Curves

Author(s): Sylvain J. Pirson (2)


The anisotropic character of the sedimentary formations is a fact which has been so far generally overlooked in the interpretation of Previous HitresistivityNext Hit curves. The purpose of the present article is to indicate the normal distortion of the Previous HitresistivityNext Hit-depth curves for non-homogeneous horizontal stratified conditions. Two cases are investigated, namely where the anisotropies of the individual layers are the same and where they assume different values. The amount of error made in the accepted methods of interpretation is also indicated. The writer proposes a method of interpreting three-layer Previous HitresistivityTop curves when due allowance is made for the anisotropic conditions of the ground.

A practical case illustrates the method.

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