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Welcome to the new Datapages Archives

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Influence of Geological Factors on Longitudinal Seismic Velocities

B. B. Weatherby , L. Y. Faust

Effect of Moisture Upon Velocity of Elastic Waves in Amherst Sandstone

W. T. Born, J. E. Owen

Recent Developments in Gravity Prospecting on Gulf Coast

Olaf F. Sundt

Prediction of Overhang at Barbers Hill, Chambers County, Texas: A Study in Quantitative Calculations from Torsion-Balance Data

Donald C. Barton

Effect of Anisotropy on Apparent Resistivity Curves

Sylvain J. Pirson

Study of Structure of Suwa Basin Near Kyoto, Japan, by Torsion Balance

M. Matsuyama, Y. Fujita, H. Higashinaka

Deep Electrical Prospecting

J. C. Karcher , Eugene McDermott

Normal Geothermal Gradient in United States

C. E. Van Orstrand


Roy E. Dickerson, W. H. Butt

The Geology of the Edison Oil Field: ABSTRACT

E. B. Noble, W. D. Kleinpell

The Geology of the Mountain View Oil Field: ABSTRACT

Kenneth L. Gow

The Vertebrate Paleontology of the Sespe Formation: ABSTRACT

Chester Stock

The Origin of Glauconite: ABSTRACT

Wayne Galliher

A Trip Across Arabia: ABSTRACT

J. O. Nomland

The Organic Content of Some Tertiary Formations in California: ABSTRACT

Parker D. Trask

Progress of the State Geologic Map of California: ABSTRACT

Olaf P. Jenkins

The Oligocene Problem: ABSTRACT

Hubert G. Schenck

The Geology of Santa Rosa Island: ABSTRACT

Graham B. Moody

Geology of the Transverse Ranges: ABSTRACT

R. D. Reed, J. S. Hollister

Discussion of Miocene History and Faunas: ABSTRACT

Robert M. Kleinpell

Comparison between the Structure of Intrusive Igneous Domes and Oil Domes: ABSTRACT

Robert Balk

The Vaqueros in the Temblor Range: ABSTRACT

L. M. Clark, Alex Clark

What is the Vaqueros Formation of California and is it Oligocene?: ABSTRACT

Hubert G. Schenck

Discussion of Correlation Chart, Southwest Texas: ABSTRACT

Ed. W. Owen

The Relationship of the Vicksburg Group to the Formations which overlie it in Mississippi: ABSTRACT

Henry V. Howe

The Corpus Christi Structural Basin as Mapped by Salinity Data: ABSTRACT

W. Armstrong Price

Symposium on the Government Wells Field, Duval County: ABSTRACT

J. B. Whisenant, John Trenchard, Kenneth H. Crandall, E. C. Rach

Geology of a Portion of the Tertiary of Northeastern Mexico: ABSTRACT

J. Laird Warner

Claiborne Possibilities of the Laredo Area: ABSTRACT

Frith C. Owens, Wm. F. Calohan

The Cole Field, Webb County, Texas: ABSTRACT

Richard T. Short