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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 20 (1936)

Issue: 10. (October)

First Page: 1357

Last Page: 1371

Title: Evidence of Recent Movements Along Faults of Balcones System in Central Texas

Author(s): Frank Bryan (2)


The so-called Balcones fault system of central and eastern Texas is an interesting regional phenomenon. It is peculiar in that it is more a system of grabens than a fault system proper. There is reason to believe that it is the surface expression of a comparatively recent, deep-seated, uplifting movement. Archeological finds suggest that there has been considerable movement in certain sections within the last 3,000-5,000 years. There is some evidence which suggests that the uplifting movement is still actively alive. It is believed that the faults of this system have not been a constructive cause of the accumulation of oil into the pools they border. Rather, it is believed that the faults have been destructive.

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