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Volume: 24 (1940)

Issue: 9. (September)

First Page: 1663

Last Page: 1675

Title: New Zone in Cook Mountain Formation, The Crassatella Texalta Harris--Turritella Cortezi Bowles Zone

Author(s): H. B. Stenzel (2)


With the aid of persistent bentonite beds, it is feasible to trace and correlate a portion of the Cook Mountain formation in East Texas. The correlations possible are so detailed that individual beds can be recognized over a distance of more than 30 miles. These beds compose the Hurricane marine lentil of the lower Landrum member in the Cook Mountain formation.

The stratigraphic significance of this lentil is enhanced by the discovery of a new fossil zone. This zone is characterized by Crassatella texalta Harris and Turritella cortezi Bowles. This newly discovered zone is traceable beyond the confines of East Texas and allows correlation with corresponding portions in the Cook Mountain of the Rio Grande embayment and Louisiana.

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