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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 43 (1959)

Issue: 5. (May)

First Page: 1095

Last Page: 1095

Title: New Approach to Dipmeter Computation: ABSTRACT

Author(s): Theodor H. Braun, George Y. Wheatley

Article Type: Meeting abstract


The Superior Oil Company has developed a simple electrical network analog instrument to calculate dip and strike from the Schlumberger continuous dipmeter logs. A new version of this instrument is described that is designed specifically for the CDM-P (poteclinometer) logs and it can be used with hole deviations of up to 36°.

Every control on this instrument corresponds with one of the recorded parameters of the dipmeter log. It is thus easy to see the effect of any one parameter on the resolved dip and strike. The instrument requires no elaborate training in procedure, is portable, and can therefore be used at the well site if necessary, to make on-the-spot decisions about further drilling operation after a dipmeter log has been run.

The rapidity with which the computations can be made also permits a larger number of levels to be computed. This frequently results in more accurate information and a considerable saving in computation expense.

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