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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 44 (1960)

Issue: 7. (July)

First Page: 1246

Last Page: 1246

Title: Credit for Discovery: ABSTRACT

Author(s): Tom Culbertson

Article Type: Meeting abstract


The "basis for location," as used by the A.A.P.G Committee on Statistics of Exploratory Drilling, is inadequate and misleading for any true evaluation of exploratory efforts, and should it be discontinued.

The publication of case histories of typical discoveries, compiled by experienced and representative geologists in each oil and gas district, is proposed as a means of improving our statistical system, and giving proper credit to various exploratory methods, thereby promoting more effective exploration for oil and gas reserves.

The purpose of this paper is to appraise the meaning and use of the statistical column "basis for location." It is also the purpose of this paper to prove that "basis for location" as a statistical classification is inadequate, in its present form, for presenting the geological viewpoints, is unsatisfactory for evaluating our exploration and development efforts, and should be omitted from our annual development papers. It is proposed that committees be appointed in each hydrocarbon producing district to compile annual records in the form of case histories of discoveries, for the purpose of correcting present inadequacies in the classification and improving our exploratory efforts.

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