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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 47 (1963)

Issue: 2. (February)

First Page: 356

Last Page: 356

Title: Sediment and Structure in the Deep Basin of the Gulf of Mexico: ABSTRACT

Author(s): Maurice Ewing, John Ewing, Charles Drake

Article Type: Meeting abstract


Underway seismic reflection measurements have been made almost continuously since January, 1961, on expeditions of Columbia University's Research Vessel VEMA. Reflection profiles reveal the sedimentary layers down to a strong, rough-surfaced reflector which is assumed to be basement. These profiles display, in the deep basin of the Gulf of Mexico, buried structures which are believed to be salt domes. The sedimentary layers revealed in the Gulf of Mexico are discussed and hypotheses are offered about the geological history of the region and the possible means by which salt domes could emerge in deep oceanic basins.

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