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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 48 (1964)

Issue: 4. (April)

First Page: 535

Last Page: 535

Title: Devonian Paleoecology of Northeastern Alberta: ABSTRACT

Author(s): D. M. Loranger

Article Type: Meeting abstract


Shallow, epicontinental seas of Middle and Upper Devonian time in Alberta contained abundant microfauna and megafauna which can be used to interpret the environment at the time of deposition. Enough variation exists to differentiate supralittoral, littoral, sublittoral, arid lagoonal, humid lagoonal, and epineritic environments. A series of paleoecological maps for the Middle and Upper Devonian in northeastern Alberta illustrates the detailed paleogeographic history. The transitional boundary between the Givetian and Frasnian stages is explored and a contact postulated that is considerably higher stratigraphically than previously indicated. This paleoecological approach should be equally applicable to similar problems in any area and for almost any geological period.

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