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The AAPG/Datapages Combined Publications Database

AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 50 (1966)

Issue: 3. (March)

First Page: 626

Last Page: 626

Title: Computers Simplify Log Applications: ABSTRACT

Author(s): J. J. Maricelli

Article Type: Meeting abstract


Modern exploration methods generate large quantities of information about each well drilled. Much of the Previous HitdataNext Hit obtained are pertinent for subsurface studies. However, in order for the petroleum geologist to take full advantage of the information, he must correlate and consolidate the various Previous HitdataNext Hit from seismic studies, drilling, sampling coring, wireline logging, etc. It is here that electronic computation offers the greatest potential for geologic studies.

Various forms of computers are now used for automatic well-site processing of Previous HitdataNext Hit from electric well logs. Simple forms of computers apply automatic corrections for borehole and environmental effects. Others convert the basic measurements to a more convenient form. For Previous HitexampleNext Hit, density values and neutron log counting rates each may be converted, during the logging operations, to equivalent limestone-porosity values. Such Previous HitfieldNext Hit-recorded logs of porosity simplify well-site interpretations of lithology and formation-fluid content.

More sophisticated recorder-computers are used at the well-site to record logs on tape and to merge and compute Previous HitdataNext Hit from separately recorded surveys. The logs thus produced enable a rapid and thorough reconnaissance of all formations logged.

The tapes of digital log values offer several important advantages over the customary optical records. For Previous HitexampleNext Hit, information on magnetic tapes may be transmitted rapidly via telephone and microwave circuits. In addition, the taped logs provide a rapid input for office-based, high-speed, electronic computers.

The speed and flexibility of general purpose computers permit even more complex correlations and applications of well Previous HitdataNext Hit. Such computers offer a wide variety of combinations of information and, at the same time, enable presentation of results in forms best suited for application. In addition, information from sources other than electric logs may be incorporated.

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