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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 52 (1968)

Issue: 9. (September)

First Page: 1832

Last Page: 1832

Title: Pelahatchie Field--Mississippi Giant?: ABSTRACT

Author(s): Previous HitHaroldTop E. Karges

Article Type: Meeting abstract


Pelahatchie field in Rankin County, central Mississippi, was discovered in 1962 with the completion of a well in the Early Cretaceous Mooringsport Formation. This discovery led to further step-out drilling for Early Cretaceous objectives and resulted in the establishment of production in the Paluxy, Rodessa, Sligo, and Hosston. The Early Cretaceous reservoirs are undersaturated and appear to have tilted water tables with no significant closure. A deep Smackover (Late Jurassic) test at Pelahatchie field in search of H2S gas resulted in the discovery of high-pressure, high-volume oil production from a basal Smackover sandstone after finding CO2 gas in the Buckner and upper Smackover.

The Pelahatchie structure appears to be quite large, with little or no fault complications. The highest development of structural closure is in the Late Jurassic Cotton Valley Formation and is very prominent in the older Smackover. This field should prove to be one of Mississippi's largest.

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