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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 56 (1972)

Issue: 3. (March)

First Page: 646

Last Page: 646

Title: Progress in Applying Potential Fields to Sedimentary Section: ABSTRACT

Author(s): M. D. Quigley

Article Type: Meeting abstract


In 1964 a major oil company research laboratory set up a long-range program to improve the usefulness of potential field surveys in reconnaissance exploration. Investigations of field techniques, instrumentation, and interpretation were parts of the long-range program. The results of the program include the adaptation of the helium magnetometer to an air-borne instrument, improved location and data density control, and innovations of interpretation methods.

Specific application of gravity and magnetics to particular exploration problems is used to show that positive definition of subsurface structure can be resolved when proper field techniques and interpretation procedures are used. Exploration Surveys Inc. has incorporated these developments and procedures into its surveys with surprising results. The high sensitivities and location controls now possible allow a direct comparison of gravity and magnetics surveys. The comparisons lead to the determinations of lithologies, depositional environments, and age relations, as well as the delineation of subsurface structure.

Given highly sensitive data and accurate location control, the interrelation of gravity and magnetic anomalies can be used by the geophysicist and the geologist to eliminate many of the ambiguities normally attached to the interpretation of potential fields.

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