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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 64 (1980)

Issue: 8. (August)

First Page: 1283

Last Page: 1283

Title: Devonian Shale Exploration Rationale Tested in Northeast Tennessee: ABSTRACT

Author(s): Claude S. Dean, Laverne B. Cobb

Article Type: Meeting abstract


Devonian shale exploration rationales are characterized by some geologic fracture-creating mechanism, for natural fracture systems are essential to natural gas production, even with advanced stimulation technology. One rationale predicts intense fracturing in the shale wherever proximally associated with the major thrust faults of the Appalachian Valley and Ridge province. Gruy Federal No. 1 Grainger County, TN (DOE EGSP-TN9), tested this rationale. The well penetrated the Saltville thrust fault (stratigraphic throw over 10,000 ft or 3,048 m) and encountered 720 ft (220 m) of Devonian-Mississippian Chattanooga Shale in the lower plate. A total of 220 ft (67 m) of core was extracted from the most highly organic intervals of the shale, and a full suite of wire-line logs was run. Widespread and locally intense fracturing observed in the core and evidenced by the logs vindicates the exploration rationale. By the time this paper is presented the well will have been stimulated and the well test results will be available.

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