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AAPG Bulletin


Volume: 65 (1981)

Issue: 5. (May)

First Page: 936

Last Page: 937

Title: Regional Upper Devonian Wabamun Lithofacies Computer Maps, Alberta: ABSTRACT

Author(s): Peter W. Hay

Article Type: Meeting abstract


Regional distribution of lithology, fossils, and porosity within the Upper Devonian Wabamun Formation is summarized on ten maps covering Alberta and northeast British Columbia. The 2,600 data points on each map were derived from the Constrat digital lithology file and were contoured using Union Oil's Calgary 370/138 computer. The maps were made to outline regional lithofacies and biofacies environments and to pinpoint porosity pinch-out plays.

Maps displayed include: Wabamun isopach, net-feet dolomite, ratio of net dolomite to limestone, net anhydrite, porosity isopach, good oil shows, bioclast isopach, pellet isopach, crinoid isopach, and average particle size.

Interpretation of these maps defines four distinct depositional environments within the Wabamun: (1) a shallow shelf in southern Alberta that has interbedded dolomite and anhydrite with negligible porosity development; (2) a north-trending porous dolomite funnel or channel running up the 5th meridian; (3) a shallow-water basinal environment in central Alberta, characterized by abundant porous dolomite pods


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(pinnacle reefs?) in a pelletal and bioclastic limestone; and (4) a deep-water basin in northern Alberta and British Columbia, with tight crinoidal limestone.

These maps are a first step in basin analysis, and also outline possible traps for further evaluation. Preparation of such regional percentage maps is virtually impossible without computer assistance.

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